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Miis Race to the Finish in Sonic Racing

Posted by James Newton

Fed up with Sonic? Use your own face, then

Whilst Avatar support was confirmed for Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing for some other formats, SEGA has just confirmed you'll be able to use your Mii characters to race through the Wii version.

Mii racers will have an exclusive All-Stars move to tear up the track, giving them a fight chance against all the motorbike-driving martial artists and other opponents.

There's still no official revelation of whether the Wii or DS versions will feature any Nintendo characters a la Banjo Kazooie's appearance on Xbox 360, but if any famous plumbers make an appearance, we'll let you know straight away.


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pixelman said:

Awesome! Too few developers take advantage of Mii support. Seriously considering this one.



Objection said:

I was thinking the same thing, Machu. After all, it has the word "Sonic" in it. /Dodges arrows



Shiryu said:

... I just want a new F-Zero. But unless something goes horribly wrong, I'm picking this up for the Wii.



TwilightV said:

The ESRB rating pretty much seals Ulala's confirmation, so yes, I will buy this next time I can.



Raylax said:

Now we just need a couple of plumbers. Or a particular fellow famous for his FALCON PAAAAWNCH. Although the latter may have a pretty unfair speed.




Boonehams said:

I know everyone is thinking that Mario is probably going to be a racer in it, but it'd be nice if Sumo Digital went with another Nintendo property since the 360 has Banjo and Kazooie (and I'm calling Ratchet & Clank for PS3). F-Zero's Captain Falcon, perhaps? Or Samus? She could turn into a Morph Ball for her All Star move.



Kidpit said:

I think using Miis are perfect . Unhappy that Mario, Captain Falcon, or any other Nintendo character didn't make the cut? Well make them in Mii form (or download one form the Check Me Out channel) and use them in the game.



ChristeriousNinja said:

You'd think since the Xbox has BK plus avatars that we'd get something alongside the Miis, though I would prefer something different from the obvious (I mean he has his own racer). Captain Falcon would be a great choice, though there could be other possibilities like, say, Fox? Could ensure more buyers.



Kid_A said:

Banjo-Kazooie is in the 360 version? It's stuff like that that really makes me wish Nintendo would get Rare back



M00se said:

sega is down they make crap shovelware games so this is a heck no for me.



M00se said:

yeah no foolin but now they make the worst games compared to their old ones. especially sonic hes dead now due to sega, secret rings black knight and unleashed were failures!!!



KeroKero_Cola said:

SEGA isn't so much developing this game, X, Sumo Digital is, and they are also the ones who developed the infamous OutRun games.

Don't be so close-minded. I'm certain this game will rock as Sumo is great at the racing genre.



KeroKero_Cola said:

Oops, that comment was directed towards BB, not X, read the wrong name.

Anywho, to reiterate, just because SEGA's name is on the box does not mean the game will suck. Never assume anything.



Ristar42 said:

The Outrun2 conversions by Sumo on X-Box are excellent, my favorite racers ever (except for Outrun on the Saturn). Here's hoping!



Xkhaoz said:

Hmm, I guess this is fair, but if 360 have Banjo and Avatars, we better get Mario. And I wonder if DS will get any exclusives. And I would think PS3 will get some.



Terra said:

Seeing how the 360 version has Banjo and Kazooie as well as Avatars, I'm sticking to that for now. If they do have a Wii exclusive character as rumored, and it's Mario, then I'll still go for the 360 one. If I want Mario in a racing game, I'll stick to Mario Kart but then he is Nintendo's mascot and a lot more recognizable than who I'd like to see as a Wii Exclusive (Captain Falcon) so it'd be him if anyone. Damm it



brandonbwii said:

Better than nothing I guess. Though the 360 gets Banjo-Kazooie AND Avatar support. Not to mention DLC. I MAY get the Wii version if Wii Wheel control feels tight enough but if not I'm definately looking into 360.



Stuffgamer1 said:

All we know for sure regarding the PS3 version is that it will NOT have Ratchet & Clank (this was confirmed in leaked SEGA/Sony minutes in September). I'm calling Jak & Daxter, or maybe Sly Cooper if they want to get a bit weirder. They'd better have SOMETHING, seeing as everybody else does now.



RonF said:

I don't care much for SEGA characters, what this game will bring to me that I don't have already in Mario Kart?




Well i'll wait for the Reviews to come in 1st before i put my money down for this game. Id quite like to see them use a Nintendo Character in the game if the other systems have their own characters in their.

PS. Add me to your wii friends list and send me a message when you have cheerio.

Wii FC: 0243983415414708



marioman133 said:

Hello I'm new here. They need to put Mario and Yoshi in as a guest character driving a 2 person go cart from Double Dash. There All star would be Mario riding on Yoshi. When he does this he can eithier crash into other drivers or shoot eggs at them when a lock on symbol appears when he gets close enough to them. The person in front drives the car and the person in the back throws the items. I think u should be able to choose who is in the front and back (Mario and Yoshi) before the race. I think they should also let you choose who drives the car in the House of the Dead Couple character.



marioman133 said:

What i don't get if Banjoo first appeared in Diddy's Kong Racing and they later made a spin off starring him, why is his series made exclusively on Xbox 360? Could someone please explain this to me?



marioman133 said:

Yes Miis are confirmed. I enjoy using miis especially in a Mario or Sonic game. The next stop is confirming Mario and Yoshi in Mario's car from Double Dash. See my first comment for more information on how i would make Mario and Yoshi function in this game.



Crunc said:

I'm with those that would prefer characters other then Mario, Yoshi, etc. We've already got them in Mario Kart. Let's see something else. But... that's not how my kids would feel. In fact if it has Mario I'd get the Wii version as that's what they'd like, and if it doesn't have Mario, I'd probably get the 360 version, because then they wouldn't care. Though if the Wii version has better local multiplayer, I'd go with the Wii version. Then again, I prefer abstract Mii's to the more realistic Avatars, so... hmm. Or, of course, none of the above if the reviews aren't so hot.



dgold said:

I like to play myself in games, such as using the Mii character. Mario Kart Wii already features this (your Miis can show up in the crowds in the background too, and even as balloons, statues, and decorations along the track). It could be cool to see this in another racing game with different features.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@marioman133: Welcome to Nintendo Life! Here's a friendly tip: Rather than post four times in a row, you can use the "edit" button on the first post to just add things on. To answer your question from your second post, Microsoft now owns Rare and by extention, Banjo-Kazooie. It is for this reason that those characters (and their games) are Xbox 360 exclusive.

@Crunc: You shouldn't have to worry about the local multiplayer options. Even the PS3 version is supposed to have four-player local gameplay, so there's no WAY that's not an option on 360!
As an aside, I find it amusing that you call the Xbox Avatars any sort of "realistic." Sure, I guess they ARE moreso than Miis, but...they're still really cartoony in their own right. Personally, I'd probably take the Avatars over the Miis. But what I REALLY care about is characters (and control/resolution). At current, I'm leaning towards the 360 version. It's up to Sony to get somebody worthwhile in the PS3 version to change my mind.



marioman133 said:

I'm disapointed that the Sonic wii wheel is not going to be bundled with the game in anywhere but Europe. They hopefullly will at least sell it separately. I thought DK was owned by RARE originally. How come Nintendo owns Donkey Kong today?



marioman133 said:

I keep writing separate comments instead of editing it because i prefer it this way. Let's talk about Sega char that should be in it. Axel (crazy Taxi), Meemee (Super Monkey Ball), Agent G (The House of the Dead), and Agent Michael Ford (The Conduit).Agent G should be in because he has appeared in every House of the Dead Game. Since he is an agent he most likely works for the police. So he should drive in a police car. Axel should appear because he comes from a racing game and he is the main character of Crazy Taxi. Meemee should be in because she is the 2nd main character of Super Monkey Ball and she appeared in Sega Superstar Tennis. Michael Ford should be in it because The Conduit was a memorable game and is a more recent game. Axel drives in a Taxi, Meemee drives in a pink banana car, and Michael Ford drives in a futuristic robotic car. Stuff Gamer1 thanks for answering my question.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Boonehams: Kratos? No. Wouldn't fit in with the SEGA characters. Jak & Daxter could work, or even Nathan Drake (on the grounds that they're making Ryo fit).

@marioman133: Rare NEVER owned DK. Nintendo just had them develop the DK Country and Land serieses, along with DK 64.

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