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Mega Man 10 Robot Masters Unveiled

Posted by Corbie Dillard

The newest bad boys are here!

Capcom has just revealed the 8 robot bosses of their upcoming Mega Man 10 WiiWare release and judging from the pictures, Mega Man fans are in for yet another retro treat.

You can check out the official images and descriptions from Capcom's Unity Blog for a taste of what you can expect from this upcoming WiiWare release.


Sheep Man

Formerly a sheepherding robot. He recently took the unique job of working in the static resistance test division of a circuit board manufacturer after noticing one day static build-up on his wool. But being one that easily gets bored, it seems he is already thinking about changing jobs again. Sheep Man splits up his body into several clouds that attack the ground with static electricity like thunder!


Commando Man

A mine-sweeper robot responsible for removing land-mines by remote detonation of small explosives. He is busy fielding requests for his services from countries worldwide and also enjoys being able to taste oil from all over the world. Commando Man’s attack “Commando Bomb” is an intense blast wave!


Strike Man

A stadium batting-practice robot. He can throw just about any kind of pitch, but gets in a bad mood when he gives up too many hits. He was almost sent back to the factory for maintenance when he hit a batter he didn’t like with a pitch and put him in the hospital. Strike Man makes a big jump and hurls the hard fastball, “Rebound Striker”!


Blade Man

An ancient castle robot guide. He gets his appearance from the fact that the castle’s lord was a serious sword buff. He is well versed in weapons and swords, and once you get him talking on the subject, it’s hard to get him to stop. Some visitors to the castle have been known to just get up and leave while he rambles on. Blade Man moves quickly. Watch out for his sudden approach!


Nitro Man

A stunt robot featured in numerous movies and TV shows. If the director says to do something, there’s not a stunt he won’t do, no matter how dangerous. On a motorcycle, his technique is pure genius. He is also the president of a robot stunt club of which there are 60 members. Nitro Man transforms into a motorcycle! He chases Mega Man at a furious speed!


Pump Man

A wastewater treatment plant purification robot. He looks a little old, but he can control water at will, and launch high-powered water-projectiles. He is quite a clean freak, so it is no wonder that he volunteers his time to blast away graffiti from neighborhood walls. Pump Man can control water at will. His “Water Shield” can block Mega Man’s attack!


Solar Man

An artificial sunlight research facility robot. He has the ability to create ultra-high temperature artificial sunlight. Since he and his coworkers spend so much time cooped up in the lab, he developed his own “Solar Workout” plan which is slowly gaining recognition. Solar Man’s artificial sunlight blocks and absorbs Mega Man’s attack!


Chill Man

Arctic natural observation robot. His primary job is to stop glacial melting caused by global warming. His hobby is photography. He takes pictures of magnificent natural wonders and posts them on the internet to make people aware of the importance of nature. Watch out for his “Chill Spike”, when it strikes Mega Man, he freezes and becomes paralyzed!

Now that we have faces to go along with Mega Man 10, the agony of the wait should prove even more excruciating. We're sure that we're not alone in our intense anticipation of Capcom's newest Mega Man WiiWare release and you can be sure that we'll keep you up-to-date on any news on the subject. Until then, the wait continues...


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grenworthshero said:

I still haven't even gotten Megaman 9, but all the Megaman games are pretty much the same to me, and I already have 1-8, plus Megaman X



TwilightV said:

I love these designs. But... some people claim Capcom took some of the ideas from fan suggestions...

Anyways, really looking forward to it!



y2josh said:

Yeah, 9 and 10 haven't appealed to me. Cool Robot Masters though. I have both Mega Man collections (1 for PS2 and 1 for GC) and I think thats enough Mega for this Man. (ba dump bump)



sugoisabarashi said:

I see that Capcom have continued with their tradition of making more
Generic Fire and Ice based Robot masters.Oh well that's what makes
Mega Man games Classic .



TheKingOfTown said:

Are you kidding? Sheep Man is the one we should watch for. I mean look at him. His eyes are glaring at you, knowing that wool isn't just for show.



Croz said:

This looks awesome, but its just another wiiware game in a long list of games yet to be released. Atleast in the EU anyway.



Rensch said:

Chill Man is an environmental conservation robot? Why would you wanna blast apart a robot that negates the effects of global warming.



Jeroen1 said:

I thought Mega Man 9 was the best in the series so far, even eclipsing 2 & 3, so I'm looking forward to this one to see if they can hold the momentum.



Chunky_Droid said:

@Rensch: I don't think global warming is as big a problem as people make it out to be, but that's another topic for another time

I want an option to play as the robot masters, that would be freaking sweet!



Supermegaman said:

And I had a hard time waiting before...

@Twilight V your right, they had fans send in suggestions so the bosses would be hip and cool and modern, hence the completly random baseball thing



Adam said:

I'm going to take a wild guess that you should beat Solar Man before Chill Man.



nintendogamerftw said:

Why must we wait until March!? I can't wait anymore.

If I remember correctly, and I do , Ice Man beat Fire Man in the original Mega Man. However, it's all speculation at this point.



Noire said:

lol, I love 'em all, but Strike Man? Now that's just awesome. Baseball-themed Robot Master ftw.



MasterGraveheart said:

These robots look pretty danged awesome.

Oh, quick fun fact for everyone. Blade Man was actually a robot master in a PC version of Mega Man a looooong time ago. It shared a color scheme, but it's head looked similar to a bike helmet and it fired an arch-shaped blade from it's "buster" on it's hand.

...This one looks cooler, though, I think. Swords rule.



HappyHappy said:

Can't wait to beat these guy up, though I happened to notice that their is no female boss this time.



odd69 said:

I think the boss designs are awesome, way better than MM9. I will buy this day one.I am one of those who can't get enough of old school goodness so bring em on.



NotEnoughGolds said:

I figured you were talking about Mega Man 3, and that is indeed the case:
I assume this Blade Man and this game in general will be much better.

And of course, Mega Man 3 wasn't made by Capcom, it was produced by Hi-Tech Expressions and developed by William and Stephen Rozner (but obviously licensed by Capcom for some reason).

The robot masters are always made for some practical purpose and then reprogrammed by Dr. Wily.



Digiki said:

Aside from Commando and Strike Man, I don't like them much.

Blade Man is horrid.



Wardy said:

Pump Man doesn't seem very evil since he cleans up the crime of others. Strike Man sounds like a prick. The screen shots of Solar Man's level look awfully similar to Fire Man's and I'm not just referring to the flaming heads. From some of the new video that is out, this game looks pretty intense. I hope they upped the difficulty from MM9 as it's difficulty was near perfect.



Dezner said:


Too bad it's not Chill Woman instead. Maybe MM11 will have another female robot master.



Sintra4 said:

So...we get a sheep, a tank, a sword, a baseball, a motorcyle, a water-pump, a solar panel, and a rippoff of Mr. Freeze with a race car helmet. The only on that even looks alright is Commando Man. Everyon else either looks gay, wimpy, or mentally retarded.



Crazygamerfreak said:

I am so excited for the release of this game! Getting an inside view on the robot masters just makes me more tempted.



Donatello said:

Chill man looks like a total bad ass. He looks like this games Tornado man face wise. I'm loving these Robot Masterr(especially Sheep man) Nitro, Blade and Chill. Now if only they'd finally release the Official MM10 Soundtrack. I'm DIEING(like everyother MM fan is) to hear the Robot Masters music.

So far we've got the Intro Music, The Title theme music(which is amazing), the Menu Music, Strike Man's(which sounds 'ok' definitly catchy) and an unknown theme(which is also fantastic) which was shown in the trailer. It sounds like a Wily Stage to me, but I have a feeling it might be Nitro man. And as for the 3rd Unknown playable Character, hopefully it's Bass.



Donatello said:

Anyways, this is my most anticipated game for this year, i cant wait!
MM9 was fantastic and in ways superior to MM2



Donatello said:

So based on the Character Descriptions(which were a pretty rad and fun read)....

Sheep Man was a Sheepherder and is never satisfied with his Job.
Commando Man is a Mine Sweeping lug who enjoys the taste of Oil.
Strike Man is a prick.
Blade Man is a 'Sword talking' Rambler
Nitro Man is a Stunt Robot Movie Star
Pump Man is a clean freak
Solar Man is a Researcher
Chill man is supposed to stop Glacial Melting and is a Photographer.

Vedy' Nice. Can't remember what MM9's Robot Masters did, but i'm pretty sure they werent as interesting as these ;p



Capt_N said:

Already saved up @ least 1000 some pts from Christmas for this, & might save up some for it's dlc.

I haven't seen any vids yet, but I don't know about the robot masters this time. I really liked the MM9 bosses. Maybe I'll learn to like 'em... It's still gonna be a great game.



Radio_KJ said:

Does anyone else think Protoman on the box art resembles Lord Zedd from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers?


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