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Konami Readying Castlevania Collection For Wii?

Posted by Damien McFerran

Listen to them - the children of the net. What rumours they make

This is probably one to file under “rumour” for the time being but we’ve gotten wind from an anonymous source that Konami is currently working away on a Castlevania collection, which apparently will be released on the Wii and Sony PSP this year.

Details are predictably sketchy but it would appear that the disc-based compendium will feature all of the 8-bit and 16-bit instalments, and may even include the 32-bit Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

SotN is already available on Sony’s portable machine as part of Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles, but the Wii release would mark the highly-esteemed title’s debut on Nintendo hardware. Rondo of Blood – which is expected on the Virtual Console soon – is also thought to be a possibility.

Sadly our source – who obviously wishes to remain nameless at this point in time – is under the impression that it is unlikely that the two Nintendo 64 games will feature on the collection. The three GBA adventures – and the trio of monochrome Game Boy titles – are also likely to be absent.

With the Hideo Kojima-helmed series reboot Castlevania: Lords of Shadow currently in production it would seem that Konami is keen to exploit the groundswell of attention surrounding its evergreen franchise in as many ways as possible, and a compilation of all the classic titles would certainly fit the bill.

The aforementioned 360 and PS3 action title is due for launch sometime in 2010, and we’d imagine that this collection - if it truly exists at all - will either coincide with that date or serve as a bite-sized (ahem) taster for those gamers unlucky enough to have never experienced the Belmont Saga previously.

When we’re able to get official confirmation we’ll naturally let all you lovely people know.

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pixelman said:

Ooo, that'd be neat. Really hope SotN gets put on there, since I've never had a chance to play it. The 8-bit and 16-bit instalments seem almost pointless since we already have them on the Virtual Console, though.



Firkraag said:

If SotN get's re-released that will be all I need to buy this disc. Make it happen Konami!



Damo said:

SotN getting re-released isn't actually that much of a big deal - like I said, it's already part of the PSP collection and it's also on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. Still, it would crown a quality collection.



Rapadash6 said:

Hmm, I don't know what to say about this. Three years ago I would've been stoked but now, four Castlevania virtual console purchases later, this could be a tough sell. I have three versions of SotN already (the original disc, PSP and PS3 versions) so I would only really be swayed if it included the extra area's found in the Saturn version of the game, which were never included in any of the updated releases. Also, how well these are emulated would make or break the purchase for me. On another note, if this is the ONLY way to get the original version of Rondo of Blood, possibly translated, then I'll have no choice but to purchase it, of course.



blackknight77 said:

It would be cool if it had SOTN. That is really the game I need. The other games are already on the VC (or soon to be) so I don't need those.



Draaknar said:

I would likely drool all over myself if Konami made this happen. I have held off on the VC content so far so i would definitely buy it.



Shiryu said:

I'd buy that for a dolla! Oki, maybe a few more... €uros, even! Hope this turns out to be true!



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

Great news! I hope they include the already released (on VC) parts but this time in the best possible version (uncensored + 60 Hz for PAL territories), please.

"Symphony of the Night" would be irrelevant to me since it's already out on Xbox Live and PSN.



Terra said:

I hope this is true. I was planning to get the games off the VC but this would be great. If true, I do hope that the N64 games are in it. I know they supposedly aren't that great but to see them at least would be nice



Mike1 said:

This isn't that exciting to me. I own Castlevania on the GBA, Castlevania 2, 3, and 4 on the VC. I can play Rondo of Blood on my PSP, and I own SOTN when it was originally released. Plus, the N64 games I already own on the N64.

Strange that Castlevania Bloodlines (the only Castlevania game I don't own) isn't mentioned.



The_Fox said:

Well, the story says:
"Details are predictably sketchy but it would appear that the disc-based compendium will feature all of the 8-bit and 16-bit instalments"
I can only assume that would include Bloodlines.



darklinkinfinite said:

I personally hope this is true. Granted, I do own every Castlevania game except Ecclesia and Judgement, but I'm a sucker for a good compilation. I also hope that if it does happen that the two N64 games are included since they're my two favorites in the series.

And shortly afterward, I hope to hear Square announce a Final Fantasy collection with all its 8 and 16-bit iterations (including Mystic Quest >_>)



Firkraag said:

Not everyone has a 360 / PS3 you know. I know they're released for those systems, but that hardly helps me now does it?



motang said:

If it's going to have Symphony of the one purchase for me!



romulo said:

Since I already have Castlevania III and Super Castlevania IV for VC, and SoTN for Xbox Live Arcade, I would only buy the collection if the price was really good. With Bloodlines and Chronicles inside, that would be another story...



outrun2sp said:

with no source revealed, hard to believe.

if its true good. They will release proper full speed versions on a disc.



Knux said:

If this is true, this is awesome. I might buy it depending on how many games are on this collection. But, I do have Castlevania:SOTN already on my PS3 and PSP. Still, this is great for gamers who do not have a PS3 or Xbox 360 to play Castlevania:SOTN. It is an AMAZING game.



ReZon said:

As neat as it sounds, I would only buy it if it had Rondo of Blood - I've got all the rest in one format or another.

Neat idea though, as long as it's not $50.



accc said:

Not sure what the point of this is when most of the games included are already on the VC. If they want me to buy it they'd better throw on some more obscure stuff that you can't already get elsewhere, like maybe the Sharp X68000 version (although the PSX remake is available on PSN).



madgear said:

Please let this be true! I've never played Symphony of the Night through properly but it's my fave of the series from what I have played of it. I own it on the Sega Saturn but, unfortunately, that means I can't read the text so I alway just play as Ritcher.

I'd love to play through the full game as Alucard as it is meant to be played - and if it's on the Wii too that's even better!



xesbeth said:

No Castlevania 64?! NO WAY!!! Without them this compilation is already obsolete.



Objection said:

A budget-priced collection of Castlevania really gets my blood going! (huh? huh? good or bad?)



Betagam7 said:

I would purchase this...on the condition that it gets the NEO GEO collection treatment with extras, unlockables and most importantly the 60hz full speed versions that are absent on the PAL VC releases.

It is a bit of an odd move though, considering the games are presumably shifting well on VC.



Kevin said:

They really should add the GBA ones. That'll definately get me to buy it. But just the ones that are already on the VC and Symphony of the Night is not enough to tempt me to get this game. Stick the GBA ones and the N64 ones and there and then I'll buy it.



QuarterRoy00 said:

I have a feeling they might do updates to all the classics to justify doing a new disc release. Like Mario All-Stars. Updated graphics and music, but same stages and gameplay and all that assorted other whatnot.



MasterGraveheart said:

I'd be happy with the debut of Symphony of the Night. Hope the voice acting and translations get an improvement, though.

If they do reboot Castlevania, I have hopes that Simon Belmont takes center stage again and that Sonja Belmont makes a return to continuity... she was hot, lol.



Supermegaman said:

Considering I have not played any castlevania games besides dawn of sorrow (and thinking about getting castlevania rebirth) this would make me super duper happy



Digiki said:

Let's hope this comes to be, I really need SotN.

It'd also probably give me a reason to replay some of them again



@Damo - so what? just because the other consoles have it does that means that Nintendo users shouldn't?



MisterGiygas said:

Would easily be one of the best compilations ever if true. I'd definitely buy it.

Kinda clashes with the recent rating of Rondo of Blood, though. Assuming it were included that is.



Hawker said:

already have Castlevania 1-4 on the VC, & still have my PS1 disc of SotN, & since it seems that the N64 games won't be on the disc, IF, it's real, I have no reason to buy it.



Adam said:

Holy moly, holy moly. Make it be true, and make it include Symphony of the Night. Couldn't care less about any of the pre-SotN games, but SotN is perfect. If it were on Wii, I could finally part with my PS3 without any hesitation.

However, it seems like an odd move to put this on Wii. You can already download 1-4 and Rebirth. Seems very rumory, even for a rumor.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Adam: Would you REALLY get rid of your PS3 on the grounds of having SotN on Wii? I'm skeptical.

I'm also very skeptical about this collection, at least on Wii. It makes perfect sense on PSP, though. Not that I care, personally. Pre-SotN (and by extention, Rebirth) Castlevania games don't really interest me. Not Metroidy (or non-impossibly-difficult) enough.



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

Yes, Castlevania I - IV are already available on Virtual Console BUT only the censored versions (thanks to Nintendo's long history of censorship). There are also the unsolved problems with 50 Hz games in PAL regions (the PAL conversions of Castlevania games are unfortunately well below average). So an updated re-release of theses games would be great (especially for European Wii owners).



Man_with_a_hat said:

A graphical update would havee been nice, if this is true ofcourse. Also:
"Listen to them - the children of the net. What rumours they make"
What a great reference : )



KarlThomson said:

Collection discs without the full collection really bug me, why not just put EVERYTHING on one disc so that everyone can enjoy the more obscure/hard to find releases. Sigh Konami, I sigh at you.



BlueFlameBat said:

If Sonja Belmont is ever actually put back into the official Castlevania universe, I doubt it will be the same as it was. Maybe she can be Simon's daughter or something.



Blue_Protoman said:

If it had SoTN, I'd buy it day one.

Also, guys, Castlevania 64 is great. (Don't know about the other CV64.) The only bad thing is that the camera is weird, and it's easy to get lost.



DarkEdi said:

i wish the ultimate castlevania collection, no nes and supernes ports only.



edofthe209 said:

I would love this! I've only ever played the xbox 360 demo of SotN and I loved all 15 minutes of it! 8 would have down loaded it then my 360 took a nose dive into the red ring and beyond. This is a really cool idea, in my book. Alas, news this good probably is too good to be true.



edofthe209 said:

Also, I still don't understand why Konami feels that the N64 games are like some horrible mistake that should be swept under the carpet.



Vinsanity said:

That would be awesome, but man, they'd have a heck of a job picking which games to go in. Symphony of the Night is already too widely available if you ask me, on the PSN (for PS3/PSP), in Dracula X Chronicles, and on XBLA. I say put something else on there. All the Nintendo games would be great for a Wii collection; the 3 NES, the 2 SNES, and an improved version of the N64 one (with modern controls, especially for camera, a faster framerate and high res textures) - that would be interesting. Also, the GBA games and Rondo of Blood (the TG16? version everyone talks about) would make great extras. And some video features - maybe hunt down some footage of the cancelled Dreamcast Castlevania - would also be great. A Castlevania Collection could be an amazing title.

Still, not getting excited since it's just a rumor. Plus, I think that collections can either be pretty successful for amounts to a small amount of work (i.e. the Mega Man and Mega Man X collections from Capcom), or still pretty unsuccessful (I think that SNK's Arcade Collection and Metal Slug Anthology weren't nearly as successful as Capcom's Mega Man games...), so who knows if Konami really wants to pursue it? Though it would be smart if 2010 marked them getting really behind rebooting things with the phenomenal-looking PS3 Castlevania from MercurySteam. Forgot what that's called...

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