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JV Games Announce Dart Rage for WiiWare

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Darts with a unique twist!

JV Games has just announced its newest title Dart Rage will be making its way to WiiWare in late January or early February.

Making use of a pixel-perfect accurate, no-button control system, the game promises to produce a dart throwing experience unlike any other on the service.

You can check out the official Wii Shop Channel description below for a bit more information on the game, along with a group of brand new screenshots showing the game in action.

Grab your Wii Remote and prepare for the ultimate game of darts on the Nintendo Wii!

Dart Rage features the most realistic throwing system available today. You'll never get closer to throwing an actual dart in any video game. With pixel perfect accuracy and no buttons to push, you'll be completely immersed in the game's realism. Dart Rage puts you in the spot light as you compete against friends, the computer, or both.

With 4 great games to choose from including: 301-901, Cricket, Poker, & American (Baseball) darts; Dart Rage has plenty of options to keep the game fresh. There is also a VS mode, where you can compete at the same time in a race to the finish. Rock out to the sizzling soundtrack with a commentator announcing your every shot or miss.

We'll keep you updated on any new development with the title, and we'll have a full review of the game when it hits the WiiWare service.

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IlikeVideoGames said:

Looks like Pub Darts has a new friend, given JV games track record they will both get along just fine.



siavm said:

Seeing how I think throwing darts is boring, I am going to pass on this one.



Objection said:

Another game from JV Games, aren't we lucky? However, this is a simple enough concept that they will hopefully deliver on.



hobbes said:

By the same company that gave us such wonders as Pong Toss and Incoming! ? I think I will pass.



brandonbwii said:

Not them again. There's only so many second chances you can give someone. Kind of like most of us wanted B-plus to succeed with quality content, I just don't think it's going to happen. Besides I played Carnival Games and Warioware darts. If they can't be just as good, preferably better than one of those, then what's the point?



Bigby said:

Sweeet, the screen shots look better then Pub Darts. I would like to see a video but i'm probably picking this up. The review on Pub Darts kind of scared me off.
I've been dying for a good darts game.



Gilzane said:

That's one fancy title. I'll totally get this if my actual dartboard breaks.



Corbs said:

I've held off on buying any dart games. I'm going to see how this one shapes up. Looks and sounds really cool.



Viper6391 said:

Oh goody, another game from JV games. This time it's Darts. Why would you even bother buying this? Wouldn't it be better just to buy your own Dart board?! I agree Amorous Badger, just go to the pub if you really want have a good time playing Darts. Also, as already mentioned you have Darts in Warioware and Carnival Games and there's others, so do we really need a game that's just Darts. At least the game has local multiplayer and the graphics look much better than their previous titles. I really don't see the point in buying this and unless there's something else in this title, then it's probably going to get the same score as Pub Darts which was 4 stars.



brooks83 said:

JV Games redeemed themselves with Christmas Clix. Did you guys already forget about how shocked you were that they made a decent game? Cut them some slack guys.



Porky said:

Christmas Clix is great, hope Dart Rage is just as good.
If this game turns out better than Pub Darts then I feel sorry for whoever wasted points on that and bought this.



rayword45 said:

@brooks83 Agreed. YOu guys have no freaking slack for developers who make ONE damn lousy game. P.S. I played incoming, and it is nowhere near a 1/10. More like a 6/10



Sean_Aaron said:

I'm not getting the "rage" from the description here -- do you attack people with darts?




I'd like a proper wiiware darts game. I wouldn't get it as a retail game though,

There really needs to be a wiimotionplus wii darts game though

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