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Ghostfire Games Announces Rage of the Gladiator Contest

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Win a set of gladiator weaponry!

In celebration of the upcoming release of their Rage of the Gladiator WiiWare title, Ghostfire Games is holding a contest for those who've got what it takes to completely finish the game. All those who finish the game can submit their entry and then a winner will then be chosen from all entrants and will be awarded a beautiful set of gladiator weaponry like the one pictured.

Below is a snippet of the official press release announcing the contest that you can check out for information on the rules and criteria that make up the contest. Good luck to everyone!

This contest is a worldwide race to try to finish the game. Everyone who sends proof that they finished the game within 4 weeks of the game’s release will be considered. A winner will be randomly selected to receive an awesome set of gladiator weaponry! (see attached picture)

In addition to this, the first person to finish in both North America and Europe will get their name into a future game that we create. So this is a chance for people to actually get their name into a video game!

To finish the game, you need to do 3 things:

  • Defeat every boss in the game
  • Defeat them again on Challenge Mode. This is quite challenging since the bosses have all-new powers, abilities, and are fast and tricky.
  • Then on top of that, you need to defeat each of these bosses with a Rank of A or better, which is super tough.

Once you complete this task, you unlock a special move called the “Brutal Victory” which is a 60+ hit move that lets you devastate your opponents.

We estimate that it will take 20-40 hours to do this, depending on how skilled people are.

For more information you can check out our web site,

We'll have more information on Rage of the Gladiator as it becomes available, as well as a full review of the game when it hits the WiiWare service.


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dsandwii said:

too bad i need lost winds2 little tournament over yonder and excitebike oh and harvest moon wiiware



NintenFreak said:

this game looks pretty odd and also looks pretty interesting im still not sure if i'll be getting it.



ghostfire said:

Hey guys -- I'm Ed Roman, CEO of Ghostfire Games and producer for Rage of the Gladiator. Feel free to ask any questions about the game or the contest and I'd be happy to answer them!




Odnetnin said:

I'm still busy with Punch-Out!! at the moment, but if I beat it before this releases, I might be up for it.



greyelephant said:

I was already planning on getting this game and now with this contest announced it makes it all the more interesting.

Let me be the first to sign up for the challenge.



odd69 said:

Wow this keeps getting better and better. Count me in and thanks ghostfire you guys rock.



ghostfire said:

The game has been submitted to Nintendo for approval. It's finished! It might take a few revisions to get through their approval process but we might get lucky and get it right the first time too... we'll see



dsandwii said:

well i will have to get this but i wont be the winner cause i wont have the game till i get harvest moon wiiware and excitebike wiiware and 2 recommended games out of
lost winds 2 or Eduardo the samurai toaster or the magic obelisk or little tournament over yonder



BulbasaurusRex said:

I'll be getting it on the first day, but I know I won't be good enough to get an A rank on every opponent. I doubt I'll even be able to beat Challenge Mode.



dsandwii said:

@ghostfire i know but i was just asking if they shared the price with you but thanks i will get this and helix good games by the way



TwilightV said:

I kinda want to enter this... but the only way of sending things I have now is:

1. Take photo on DSi.
2. Copy from SD card to Wii.
3. Send to Wii friend.



WolfRamHeart said:

Good to know that this game is finished. I just hope that Nintendo is satisfied with the game and approves it for release. I can't wait to play it!



XCWarrior said:

I was teetering on buying this game. This might push me over the edge. That would so sweet to win! And to ghostfire, does the game take the picture for you, or will we have to ourselves?



Hardy83 said:

"Is the gladiator weaponry a virtual gift used in the game or accessories for the Wii?"

LOL That would be AWESOME!



ghostfire said:

@XCWarrior: I recommend using a digital camera or phone camera.
@Malouff: The gladiator weaponry is a set of real-life weapons! They are soft so that you can't injure anyone, but you can use them to beat up your friends safely. They're a load of fun. We have a bunch of similar weaponry in our office and we beat each other up with them all the time What you see in the picture is what we will mail to the winner.



hoodtrix said:

And this is why I love NL none of the other sites I read have this!
@ghostfire/ed: 3 quick questions; first is(sorry for repeating it but i didnt get a response on FB)are you guys planing on DLC for rage like new fights or new arenas? How can anyone even master any spec in the skill tree. The Math is very straight forward in two specs there is are 33pt that can be spent while the third (Offensive) has 34, yet there are only 21 total fights and one of them is your final "boss" fight so only a total of 20 fights can result in gaining points for any spec, basically taking 1.7points needing to be earned after each fight to master any spec. Can you tell us what your "xp/skillpoint" system will be?
last is think you can throw us a snap shot of the prizes?



ghostfire said:


1) There is no downloadable content. You get the entire game in 1 download. I actually think this is an advantage since you don't need to keep re-buying stuff. We've used a lot of compression and other techniques to cram as much as we can into 40MB.

2) You can complete your entire skill tree if you finish the game. Here's how you do it: A) Beat all the bosses in normal mode. B) Beat all the bosses in challenge mode. C) Beat all the bosses in challenge mode with a rank A or better. If you do this, you receive a total of 100 skill-tree points and there are precisely 100 skill-tree points required to complete the tech-tree in the game. Doing this unlocks the "Brutal Victory" ultimate combo. To see the skill tree, visit our web site at (but note that the in-game skill tree varies slightly from that web site due to tweaking/tuning)

3) A picture of the actual weaponry is at the top of this article. That is literally what you will receive!

@LEGENDMAROID: We have submitted the game to both Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe. We anticipate similar release dates. The contest will be fair to both territories.




hoodtrix said:

ty ed. Im shocked to hear the the pic at the top is the same prize. I love foam weapons, having 7yr girl and a 3yr boy using foam axes/swords/shields hell i even picked up a ball&chain mace, gives them a good way to let lose but keep them from killing each other , but the foam weapons dont look that good! Im so down for this game. Im going for it, I just hope i win, im not lucky in random winner contest.



ghostfire said:

@hoodtrix: These weapons actually look and feel great! We have ones that are not as nice in our office and we use them all the time whenever we're bored of developing games

Hope you win!



MTTransplant said:

I was lucky enough to see a preview version of Rage. The thing kicks ass! Nicely done Ghostfire!



ghostfire said:

@dsandwii: Yes, you can play it with the Wii Remote in horizontal mode, vertical + Nunchuk, or vertical + Nunchuk + Wii MotionPlus.



dsandwii said:

i think i might be able to get both if not i will see what the games score was so how long did it take to make this game and helix



Kirk said:

It would probably take me about 20-40 DAYS to complete the game LOL

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