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Get Your Game Faceez On

Posted by James Newton

DSiWare title revealed, screenshots reveal silliness

We're all for a little visual mischief here at Nintendo Life, so when Neko Entertainment wanted to bend our ear about their upcoming download title Faceez we had a devilish little grin on our collective face. Here's what their press release has to say for itself:

Neko Entertainment, a leading independent video game developer and publisher, announced today the upcoming release of Faceez creative photo suite. Marking Neko Entertainment’s debut into the category and designed exclusively for Nintendo DSiWare™, Faceez allows you to personalise, mix and decorate your photos with a huge range of the funniest accessories and craziest animations to share online with friends.

“Faceez is a fun easy-to-use photo suite that gives users the freedom to customize their photo library, through millions of possible colourful, crazy combinations and share them online with friends”, said Laurent Lichnewsky, Managing Director of Neko Entertainment, “From riotous facial animations that make photos come to life to over 150 accessories that disguise the identities behind them and much more, Faceez will be a unique and universally appealing addition to the DSiWare library in 2010 ”.

Using the Nintendo DSi camera Faceez enables users to change pictures of their friends by mixing, disguising and animating photos into brand new, fun and crazy creations. With over 150 funny accessories including hats, moustaches, glasses and beards to the latest fashionable haircuts, users can create new disguises for the faces behind photos. Faceez also allows users to mix their facial features (eyes, nose, mouth, hair) with those of their friends to create comical results that will have your friends rolling around the floor with laughter.

With Faceez photos literally come to life and with over 65 different animations that can be animated on different parts of the body including arms, legs, eyes and mouth. Photo profiles can also be posed against the backgrounds of the pictures that are captured. New entertaining creations can then be exported and sent to your friends online or posted on social network sites including Facebook.

We're in a generous mood, so we'll overlook the statement that "photos literally come to life" - if that were true this would be the announcement of the century. Take your mind off minor semantic quibbles by checking out the first gameplay footage, embedded below:

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Although there have already been some rather unsuccessful DSiWare camera apps, we still have hopes that this one could have a touch more value in it.

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Morpheel said:

haha looks like a lot of fun xD
hopefully it will turn out not to be trash :3



OsoOto said:

Doesn't look interesting. Better be an 8 star app if I'll even consider it.



V8_Ninja said:




James said:

I wish there were more games with Z on the front as well. This could be Zfaceez. That's an amazing name for a game.



ToastyYogurt said:

Seems like this would amuse me for 20 minutes, then I would put away and only use it once in a while.



brandonbwii said:

That would be hilarious. I actually hope someone does decide to overdo a title like that someday.

I loved the video. I didn't read anything about voice recording though. If it doesn't have that, it's kinda a buzz kill. If it lives up to it's potential, I'd be willing to pay 200, even 500 pts. for it.



Odnetnin said:

Did the video have volume?
"I loved the video. I didn't read anything about voice recording though. If it doesn't have that, it's kinda a buzz kill. If it lives up to it's potential, I'd be willing to pay 200, even 500 pts. for it."



AVahne said:

looks nice, but i don't think i would buy it.

now i wish Nintendo would release more free software



y2josh said:

Reminds me of the word feces, the title of the game I mean, not the way it looks.



BooJoh said:

If it was 200 points and could post pictures to Twitpic, I'd consider it just for that. For what it is, it's just not much more interesting than the built in DSi Photo app.

I'm still waiting for a photo app with the functionality of Mario Paint + photo import/export.

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