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Get In The Groove With Kung Fu Funk

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Kicking for the Kung Pow of WiiWare party games

Be patient, young grasshopper, for in time you too will be able to get funky with the best of them.

Yaks will sing, moves will be danced and parties will be had when Stickmen Studios unleashes Kung Fu Funk upon WiiWare.

We've got no screens or a release date outside of "the near future," but what we do have is a press release, artwork and this here video. Ogle them and ponder how badly you want to go all Karate Kid in your living room.

Kung Fu FunkTM To Get Everyone Kung Fu Fighting and Dancing on the Wii™

WiiWare™ Party Game Coming to Nintendo Console in the Near Future

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand – January 25, 2010 – Stickmen Studios, a growing studio focused on casual games for the leading consoles and PC, today announced its next original title, Kung Fu Funk for WiiWare™. Kung Fu Funk takes players back to when martial arts had style, and colors were either vibrant or beige. Players enter the world of big hair and flared pants in this comedy Kung Fu movie styled game.

“Kung Fu Funk is great for parties, anyone who enjoys comedy action, and of course comedy Kung Fu movies,” said Wil McLellan, CEO of Stickmen Studios. “The Wii Remote is the perfect interface for players to experience the fun of being a Kung Fu fighter with the funk.”

Players must first master ancient 70’s moves, using the unique Wii™ motion sensing controls. A training montage of mini-games prepares players for the culmination of Kung Fu Funk, with the final test of skills in the disco dojo showdown. Pricing and release timing for the game will be announced in the coming weeks.

Kung Fu Funk features:

  • 1970’s styled funky Kung Fu mini-games
  • The original 1970’s hit song “Kung Fu Fighting”.
  • Singing Yaks!
  • Comedy Kung Fu moves
  • Up to four player Party mode
    For more Kung Fu Funk game information, please visit:

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User Comments (17)



Odnetnin said:

Gotta get dat Kung Fu Pow!
seriously might download this since it has "kung fu fighting," but only if it's cheap



DK_vs_KK said:

I don't sounds like they're just struggling to find good things to say about it. Singing Yaks? Seriously?

@Odnetnin: If "Kung Fu Fighting" is included, I might have to consider it though!



BulbasaurusRex said:

It specifically calls it a "party game" with minigames, mentions a "disco dojo showdown," and makes no mention of using kung fu to attack opponents. This doesn't look promising. They may have found the worst way to make a video game that focuses on kung fu.



y2josh said:

Wonder why they didn't mention their hit "Dragon Master Spell Caster" in the press release



bro2dragons said:

this could be hilarious... but i have LOW expectations.

still, MLE wasn't very highly regarded, and i love that game just for the humor.



Ren said:

if it's really a rhythm game with 70's music, dancing/kung fu and it's funny and cheap this could be right on. The fun of real kung fu is the extent to which it feels more like dancing than fighting anyway. I'm cautiously optimistic. Fingers crossed.



Noire said:

Everybody was kung fu fightin'?

they fought as fast as lightning, hiya



smithers said:

...this actually looks sorry but from that i cant see this game getting more than 5 stars its pretty pitiful



Phobos said:

Ooooh. Kung Fu Fightin'! I might just download this 'cos it has kung fu in it.

"Ooo, and everybody was kung fu fightin'! They fought as fight as lightning! Though it was just a little bit frightening! They did it with expert timing!" ...Man, I love that song.

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