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Gaijin Games Wants To RUN With Your Art

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Open call for fan art for next TRIP

Want your art to be featured in a popular video game but lack a game job? Well, you might be able to weasel your way in yet as developers Gaijin Games are taking fan art submissions for use in the upcoming fourth series entry, BIT.TRIP RUNNER.

According to Gaijin's Web site, the art in question should be "solid colors that are very blocky and in the BIT.TRIP art style" with a general "4 bit" aesthetic. There's no limit as to how many fan-pieces they'll use as of yet, which sounds like you'd have a good shot so long as it looks decent. And with 50 stages in the game, there's a lot of potential for getting your stuff plastered on the wall.

Pop on over to the Gaijin blog for details on how to enter. Don't forget to check out the latest episode of Nintendo Life's chip/game music podcast NLFM for more details on BIT.TRIP RUNNER.


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Porky said:

So they are going to add stuff from level 1 to 50? Darn I thought this game would be released in Q1



Adam said:

50 STAGES?!?

Oh man, Pix, I really hope you get something in the game. That would be awesome.



Odnetnin said:

RUNNER is officially going to be my first Bit.Trip download.
(/me joins the pixelman fan club.)



hylianhalcyon said:

Wow, 50 stages... /me nearly drowns in saliva

I'm starting to wonder if this is going to cost more than 600 points. Unless they split the length of their average 3 levels into 50 micro-levels, it seems likely it will be a bit longer than the previous games.



SwerdMurd said:

nooo mooore bit trip. Series died right after it started--didnt' anyone get the memo? Maybe if I get this free to make up for the six dollars siphoned from my wallet for the purchase of Void...



Sean_Aaron said:

More Bit.Trip please. I'm fine with a delay for release, I've not explored Void enough (still only played it the one time!).



techno_shaman_ichauk said:

Finally! I've been looking forward to this since they announced VOID months ago... now to see if I can summon the ambition and creativity to make something for it. Probably won't but I'll sure download it in a fast fashion once it goes live.

And yes, we so completely do need more BIT.TRIP. It's one of those that truly makes the Wii worth owning.



Xkhaoz said:

Hmm, yeah. I might try and make something. But I bet pix will get something in there.



Aardvark_Soup said:

4-bit art? That's a strange name. I doubt there has ever been a video game console (or any slightly advanced device) that used a 4-bit CPU. The Atari 2600 for example was an 8-bit console.

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