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Final Fantasy Creator Working on Last Story for Wii

Posted by Damien McFerran

Nintendo trademark is for a new Mistwalker RPG

Remember that mystifying trademark that Nintendo registered a while back? Turns out it's not the subtitle of the next Mario adventure (as we half-jokingly predicted) but an RPG from the creator of Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi.

Nintendo has confirmed the launch of a new Web site dedicated to the game (alas, in Japanese) which has a logo and little else; the piece of looping music is gorgeous, though.

Sakaguchi's current company Mistwalker has hardly distinguished itself so far, with the company's range of RPGs largely failing to gain the same recognition as his more famous creation.

Still, if Nintendo are helping out then it might just turn out to be a game worth keeping tabs on for fans of Japanese RPGs.

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bro2dragons said:

color me excited. which i think is a sort of teal color with a slight yellowing around the edges



JayArr said:

I need to grow a pimptacular mustache like that.....oh, and cool news.



motang said:

Ohh, this should be interesting. I like the music, I have it playing in the background as I get my morning dose of th web!

@JayArr I had a mustache like that up till end of last year, not very pimpy!



bro2dragons said:

by the way, that is some of the best videogame music i've heard in a long time. fantastic.



pixelman said:

EXCITED. This'll likely be turn-based, and the Wii needs more turn-based RPGs. Yaaaaaaay!



DK_vs_KK said:

I like the music! Other than that, I'm not going to make any judgements until some gameplay footage is released. Looks promising, but I'm not going to get my hopes up. I know how the Crystal Bearers turned out on the Wii...



TwilightV said:

@DK vs KK: That was Square Enix. This is Mistwalker, the company responsible for Blue Dragon.



Noire said:

This is sweet on two levels: 1) a new JRPG (w00t) and 2) no more speculation that it's Golden Sun: The Last Story.

/me is incredibly happy



MarkyVigoroth said:

There really is very little to read there. All I can discover is something about March 2010...

(I can read only a little Kanji...)



Stuffgamer1 said:

Penultimate Illusion; with Altos Tratus! Eat Lead was SOOOO under-appreciated...

Anyway, this looks cool, from the almost-nothing I already know about it. That title/logo combo SCREAMS Final Fantasy like no legitimate non-Final Fantasy product before it!



Adam said:

Even if the game sucks, at least we got that gorgeous melody out of it.

And an excuse to post an image of that rocking mustache.



MrPinguy said:

Last Story? hum...
Could we finally see a true Final Fantasy?
Last one made was like 9 or 10.



Varoennauraa said:

Hironobu Sakaguchi hasn't made anything worthwile to remember lately...but he's still the man, with CV containing Chrono Trigger and FF6. I have high hopes, that have crashed enough times recently. Be careful Sakaguchi and make your new master Piece for this millennium.



mushroomer said:

My last name is Sakaguchi too!!! and my first name shares the ending of Nobu. but the beginning is different. its actually that of a green dinosaur.
Anyways. enough about me. I feel like this is a measly attempt at making another hit RPG.. by copying the name style. If it ends up being Final Fantasy but with a different name, then it might as well just be a FF title. which makes it nothing special but, if they take risks and use the direct line to Nintendo to do things with wii motion plus or the other accessories, then we've got something here.



mushroomer said:

Ive got a cool name for title of an RPG thats better than Last Story.. Deadend Dreams. Always about some boy with dreams that his family and friends always tell him that its a deadend dream. but it ends up saving the world...



AVahne said:

well i was wrong, it's not Project Sora, but its indeed an RPG!
and holy crap its from the creator of Final Fantasy? IT'S GUARANTEED TO BE GOOD THEN!

can't freaking wait, and that music on the site is really gorgeous. whoever the main character is, i hope they end up on the next Smash Bros.



AVahne said:

and i just noticed how similar the names of Final Fantasy and The Last Story are....

the logo looks just like a Final Fantasy logo too. can't freaking wait



Willy105 said:

Despite their technical problems (which is attributed to the 360's disc drive and HD textures), Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey were very well received.

If those technical problems don't show up, this could be a great game.



Croz said:

I havn't played a decent console RPG in ages. Would be cool if this turns out good but i doubt it.



SwerdMurd said:

@Dragoon - ASH was never slated to come out here. It was Japan-only since conception and there's next to no chance it'll come here.



shingi_70 said:


Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon were awesome. But this game better be epic after Cry-On was canceled.



Morpheel said:

Last Story huh?
>20 years from now:
Last Story XXVI to release in september!



AVahne said:

i have a feeling that this game would become yet another competition with Final Fantasy, except more directly since it's made by the creator of Final Fantasy.
ah i guess that while the main series of Final Fantasy will stay on Sony consoles, the main series or maybe the whole franchise of The Last Story will be Nintendo only



brandonbwii said:

Like Final Fantasy was for Squaresoft (now Square Enix), this could mean the final game for Mistwaker if unsuccessful. I believe they were disappointed in the sales of their 360 rpgs, with Cry On being cancelled and now work beginning on new game on an underpowered system.

I hope this is a success for Mistwalker, especially with Nintendo's potential guidance.



RichieTheSignPainter said:

Looks good... I thought Blue Dragon was great but it should hav've been on a nintendo system.... Hopefully this'll be something like that!

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