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EA to Release NFL Training Game?

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Not too long ago here at Nintendo Life, we reported the patent of an odd looking American Football peripheral. Well it appears that this strange contraption may come to market with a rumour that EA Sports are to announce an NFL training game this month.

Unlike a traditional Madden game, it is said that NFL Trainer will be some kind of edutainment product that teaches players how to throw the perfect 50 yard pass and coaches would-be Brady’s on their football exercises.

Following the success of various exercise games on the Wii, it could be a real possibility that EA are planning to release such software. Although whether the genre can expand beyond yoga and dancing is a completely different question... would you look to improve your football skills with your Wii?


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Chunky_Droid said:

Images of throwing said football peripheral directly into my TV come straight to my mind on this one



V8_Ninja said:

No, I don't wanna waste my money on EA games that are going to come out every year.



Token_Girl said:

Sweet! I love peripherals! I don't have enough barely useful pieces of plastic laying around! (Seriously though, I thought the point of the Wiimote/motion control was that you didn't need to have more peripherals because the wiimote could do everything).



Firkraag said:

The only way to achieve the level where Brady is at, is not through a Wii game. It's practice, practice and hope you have got some real f***ing talent behind that thick skull of yours.

This has fail written all over it, you'll get as good at football doing this as you'll get fit/strong playing Wii fit, as in not at all.



aaronsullivan said:

Despite all the knee-jerk reactions here, it makes sense to me.

Getting feedback on the problems with your throwing style early could be really beneficial. It keeps bad habits from forming that plague even NFL players. Practice actually HURTS your technique if you keep practicing the wrong way.

There's plenty of motion tracking tech currently used with high level professional athletes to pinpoint areas of potential improvement.

Stats from a system like this could easily go beyond the advice given by random coaches your kids end up with in school.

So... what's the problem with this again?



dizzy_boy said:

next one that EA will do is a rugby trainer.
just the same as american fotball, but without the padding.



Percentful said:

This is like training for the military by playing CoD. In other words, this is a fail.



RevolverLink said:

Maybe EA should send some copies to Buffalo, so the Bills can remember how to play the sport.



brandonbwii said:

Wow, if I didn't loose all faith in EA's Wii products, I'd actually say this sounds interesting.



Thomas_Joseph said:

@ #7: So... what's the problem with this again?

The problem is that 99.9999% of people who own the Wii are not planning on being a QB in the NFL.



Firkraag said:

Tell that to my wii-mote who doesn't pick up half of my waggles. And I stick by my statement about throwing the actual ball will improve you alot more than a Wii game ever will.



XCWarrior said:

Well if they thought Dead Space: Extraction sales were bad, wait til they see the numbers if they make this POS. And I LIKE football games.

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