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DSi XL to Hit Europe on March 5th

Posted by James Newton

Big screens a-comin'

We've already told you what we reckon about the new DSi XL and its mammoth screens, but if you live in Europe then you'll get a chance to try it yourself when the console launches on March 5th, 2010.

Nintendo's lovely press department has just sent over the announcement now, although there is no mention of price as yet. It's also continuing the recent spell of DSis launching with pre-loaded software, with Brain Training: Arts Edition and 6-in-1 Dictionary both appearing on the internal memory as if by magic. Anyway, here's the press release:

Get ready to experience your favourite Nintendo DS games like never before – on the big screens and via the wider viewing angle of the Nintendo DSi XL, launching across Europe on 5th March 2010.

Two 4.2 inch screens, which are 93% bigger than the screen on the Nintendo DS Lite, really bring the adventure and action to life. Experience the legendary side scrolling world of New Super Mario Bros or the twists and turns of the Mario Kart circuit in a whole new way. The larger pen-like stylus also makes extended stylus gameplay more comfortable to allow better control; making directing Link around the dungeons of The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, for example, far more natural to play.

The Nintendo DSi XL’s improved wider viewing angle screen also provides a new way for you to enjoy games together with friends and family, making it easier than ever to watch and join in the fun.

The new member of the Nintendo DS family is launching in two colours – wine red and dark brown, with a glossy sheen on top and matt finish on the underside that provides excellent grip when resting on a table or other surface during gameplay.

The new console also comes pre-loaded with two Nintendo DSiWare software: Dr Kawashima’s: Little Bit of Brain Training: Arts Edition and Dictionary 6 in 1 with Camera Function, as well as the Nintendo DSi Browser, which enables you to easily access the internet via a Wi-Fi connection.

The DSi XL will feature the full capabilities of the original Nintendo DSi which launched in Europe in April 2009 enabling you to download games through the Nintendo DSi Shop, create, customise and share photos with friends and family and listen to and play with your music and sounds.

Nintendo DSi XL is the fourth member of the Nintendo DS family which are currently enjoyed by over 100 million people around the world. It features the trademark dual screens and the simple-to-use controls that players have come to love, but will take your gaming experience to a new level.

To truly understand the difference Nintendo DSi XL makes to your favourite games, you need to get your hands on it – get ready to do just that on 5th March 2010, when Nintendo DSi XL is available across Europe.

The countdown begins now!

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SwerdMurd said:

Too big for me...always been a fan of this trend of everything getting smaller....This went in the wrong direction IMO, but will be GREAT for people who don't have great eyesight. I know that's a massive complaint about the Baby Boomer (and older) section of gamers in terms of handhelds--they just aren't bright/large enough....I see the same comment about netbook resolutions




I need the money for games. They should've released this before as one of two options of the "older DSi". You can't transfer dsiware games across from one handheld to another either. So what's the point?

I need my ds lite for my few gba games



tripunktoj said:

i REALLY hope we get different color choices in America, at least the white Japan got, the others are the worst colors I have ever seen in a Nintendo console for launch.



Cipher said:

Happily, I just bought a DSi. I do like the DSi XL but it's not for me.



nix said:

What do i go for red or brown, or wait another 6 months for black and white colour editions or wait another 6 months and the ds discombobulaterboobalater 2 version will be annouced with whistles and bells and mind control and... Damn you Nintendo!! and don't forget
"You got to catch em all!!"



Phobos said:

I find the DSi XL attractive, but I'm sticking with the DSi. Also, I always take black consoles, never any other colour. Did anyone notice it was a white DS Lite next to the XL, not a DSi?



RedBlueSpot said:

The XL doesn't have higher resolution on the screens. So when you blow things up twice the size it will look like someone just vomited on your screen. If you think graphics are a litte lowrez and clumsy right now... then you'll cry, and just maybe you also will stab yourself to death with the extra long convenient stylus, that makes stabbing yourself to death more realistic.



RoyOfTheRovers said:

I have been considering a DS for a while so am very tempted by the XL as I have pretty rubbish eyes and don't commute to work so would only use it when at home and the GF is hogging the tv.

However, with Iwata's recent comments about the features that may or may not be in the next DS, and Michael Pachter predicting a slow year for DS (which I assume would mean a price drop) I wonder if I should wait a bit before investing in one?



Marioman64 said:

well the ONLY way i'd get this is if nintendo could move all my dsiware and stuff over from my current dsi, maybe trade in my dsi for this one with a small fee or something



aaronsullivan said:

It's too big to be portable, but... I don't need a truly portable game system, really. I like the DS for the retro games and the interface.

I HATE that the DS is usually a loner affair. No one can really watch you play so the social aspect of gaming is mostly lost on it. So... I really like the bigger screen. Maybe I can share those games a little better this way.

I'd much rather have a way to hook up to a TV or through the Wii. This could work... I won't have a budget for it until the next DS comes out though.



WesterHive said:

I'm in on this. I still have the DS brick and have been looking to upgrade. I don't take the DS out of the house with me much and when I do it goes in a messenger bag. This seems durable and bright. I know this is geared towards some older demos that can see this better, but I'm digging the big screens that I can take around my apartment.



Yasume said:

I guess I'm in the minority, but I'm getting this on release date (I only have a DS Phat).



Gavin_Rozee said:

Anyone with an original DS or a Lite who wants the XL is making a good decision. Unfortunately, if you're like me and you've bought a considerable amount of DSiWare via your DSi, you're pretty much forced into not buying an XL.



kevohki said:

I never bought a DS or DSi and I still have my GBA if I wanted to dig it out of storage so I'm probably going to purchase the XL. Still up in the air about the first game I'll purchase for it though.



M00se said:

eh, nintendo is just wasting time. how bout those dsi specific game we were promised huh?????



Alfred_ENG said:

My DS was made in 2004. I need a new DS. This maybe it. If it's £99.99 i may get it. I have not bought any DS games for like 3 years. I don't know. Maybe i will wait till christmas. Maybe we will see a new Gameboy.



Starwolf_UK said:

@Gavin Rozee. Amazon is charging £150 and they say the RRP is £160. Kind of what you'ld expect really. Comes with a bit of DSiWare and is bigger therefore slightly more (DSi is RRP £150).

Still I wonder how many people use the Wi-Fi configuration transfer (do Nintenod even remember this exists?) and how feasible making a DSi shop account transfer option would be?



Ren said:

I'm in for one when we get it here. It's a great idea. I don't use my old brick for travel besides being in a bag or on a long distance train, so this is perfect for that, and saves my eyes the strain. Viewing angle is also pretty bad on the brick, I don't know if it got better for the others.
this is great news to me. It's great to be the target market, netflix coming too! Nintendo has me for life.



PerseusJackson12 said:

NMintendo wats the point of making it larger? seriously the DSi came out a year ago and i dont think people will trade in ther normal DSi for a larger one with the same features that will cost more money!



KittyCat55 said:

Look at that difference !!! how can you say that sucks? i know its stupid how they made this one only after a couple of months after the dsi came out.
but look. the graphics is better and its easyier to see bigger screens =

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