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DSi XL Gets The Hands-on Video Treatment

Posted by Damien McFerran

Exclusive Nintendo Life moving images contained within

No doubt you've already cast your gaze over Corbie's excellent hands-on impressions of the shiny new Nintendo DSi XL, and as a companion to that feature we've cooked up a little video review of the console, purely because we're nice like that.

Thanks go to the friendly people at Nintendo UK for supplying us with the review unit, as well as a bizarre selection of over-sized objects (including a massive cup, gigantic calculator and huge lollipop) which we assume are intended to illustrate that "bigger is better." Whatever the hidden meaning behind these cool gifts, Nintendo Life technical guru Anthony now has them secreted all over his desk, the lucky tyke.

Anyway, here's the video in all its lurid orange-tinted glory (rule number one of home video production: use proper lighting):

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The DS XL is out now in Japan - where it's know as the LL - and is due for release in the West in March.

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theblackdragon said:

that thing really is gigantic, isn't it? D: i think even if i had the chance to go back and do it all over again, i'd still just get the original DSi, though. if i want a better grip on it, i'll get it a nice, soft, grippable case or something, or maybe a case with handles like i had for my Lite. :3



RedBlueSpot said:

I think the DSi XL looks nice, and I would buy one, if it wasn't for the fact that the 93% larger screen (compared to DS Lite) still has the same screen resolution as the original DSi, or heck, even the original DS Fat.



Sean_Aaron said:

If I was going to have a DSi, this would be it. Love the big screen; especially for writing or practicing Japanese character strokes.



James said:

Hearing Damo's sexy voice again certainly made my equipment get a lot bigger.



GN0LAUM said:

Here here. I agree. This is what I have my eye on in terms of an inevitable upgrade to a DSi unit at some point in the future. The larger screens will be a nice alternative to the DSlite and the fact that it feels more comfortable in your hands is also certainly appealing.



Gavin_Rozee said:

I'd love to get one if I were given the simple ability to transfer my DSiWare purchases.

I'm starting to see why pirates do what they do.



baruch102 said:

_ its huge, i already have a dsi and im not even dissapointed that i didnt wait. this is a not buy for me



sonic_brawler95 said:

If my DSi would ever break, I would invest in one. But I have a lot of DSiware, can't afford a new DS, and it seems too big for me.



Dazza said:

@Prosody wash your mouth out with soap and water young man!

Nice preview Damo. What a lovely bit of kit.




If I didn't already have a dsi I'd go for this one. However, I need the money for games and I have already downloaded ware onto my current dsi, so.....................

It massive for a "hand-held". It also seems a luxury item like the micro was imho



Mr_G said:

Of course its aimed at the older end of the market. Why do you think the screens are so big. so grandma and grandpa can see what they are doing. heck even in the promo video there is the old person sitting at the table while his family help him out. Also you have to think why nintendo is launching a new model cause this is the part of the market they still havent tapped into.



Klapaucius said:

I can read that box... Nintendo Europe sent you a Japanese DSi LL. Does that mean you can connect to the Japanese DSi Ware shop?

I think I'll get myself a DSi LL some time soon... about time I upgraded my ye olde chunky original DS.



Klapaucius said:

Watched the video now.
The pen is obviously to make using the stylus more comfortable for larger hands (and older people, who may have arthritis we assume). Great idea.
Amusing that multi-(English, Japanese and others)-language support isn't built in, as it was with the old DS. Was the DSi LL that you received already set up? When I set up the DSi for my parents it first gave me a choice of my country and language.



TheKingOfTown said:

Wait, didn't you say you wanted to upgrade to the DSi XL because you had the DS Phat, but then you said in the post right after it, you were choosing your country and language for your DSi.



Skrubber said:

Definetly going to get one of those, since i skipped the first DSi! My only problem is the lack of a white color. Guess I'll go for the wine red version instead...

RedBlueSpot@ What you're saying makes no sense. How'd you think the screen would work with a higher resolution? If the amount of pixels weren't exactely 4 times then amount on a normal DS the scaling would look strange. And if upcomming games would actually utilize the higher resolution, they'd require much more hardware capacity.

Personally I don't mind the bigger pixels, it'll just look sweet in 2d games!



mastersworddude said:

This video actually make me want to check it out, im not giving up my trusty ds lite though. (Even though the screen is scratched, mic is broken and L button sometimes stop responding and I have to blow in it to make it work.)



Nintendokid said:

I think you guy's shoudn't get the DSi XL I mean come on likely the DSi XL would be for old people with big hand's & leaving finger mark's on the shell is a disaster.I'm just gonna say wait for the next DSi & don't waste your money on a big handheld system.



y2josh said:

I want this, but due to the fact that DSiWare turns me off so bad I'm going to pass. Already have all I need in my handy dandy notebook... ermmmm I mean DS lite



JimLad said:

It just looked like you had tiny hands and were looking at a normal DSi.



Ren said:

I don't understand what the fuss is about. It's not THAT big. It seems just about right to me for comfortable portable gaming. No one bats an eyelid about lugging a laptop around to have with them since they rarely whip it out on a bus and this is far smaller than that. I don't need to be working mobile so bad that laptops are still too big for me. but just being portable enough for transport is what really matters which this is the perfect size for. It barely looks larger than the original ds phat which is just fine. Thanks for the video it's nice to see it in action, but really just look up the white balance switch, it makes a huge difference to have proper color even in low light. You can even correct it after the fact by adding 'blue' in your editing sofware.



Bugpy said:

im not sure I'd want something that big. I quite like the DSi's size. Although the pen looks nice!



Donatello said:

Once this hits America in 'White' I'm Buying on day one! I left my DS lite at an old friends house a year back and havent seen him since. I'll get it back one day, but I'd rather have this for the larger screens alone(obviously)

And I'm not worried about it being too big, it looks fine if you ask me. Besides I dont game on the go, I game at home so the larger screens is a total must hehe. I'm only worried if the graphics will look worse since the resolution is exactly the same...then again, Corbie said that the bigger screens made DS games look even more beautiful so I'll take his word



Donatello said:

and bluh, I could care less for DSiWare and the Camera...And So what if the DSi or DS XL isn't compatible with GBA do realise that you cant configure the DS buttons for GBA games which can ruin the experience. I tried playing Super Mario Bros Advance on my DS and the button layout ruined it. Anyways, I already have a GBA SP and the DS only makes the image brighter, doesn't enhance the color or anything.

Anyways, what I want(like everybody else does) is a Virtual Console for the DSi/DSi XL. GameBoy, GameBoy Color and GBA games would be fantastic.



Phobos said:

Oh, 'eck, that's big! But I just noticed how flat it is...sorry to say, but I think that means a bigger chance of breakage to it if mishandled. Ah, well.



Donatello said:

If they dont release it in White on launch day i'm not buying it. the White DSi LL looks gorgeous,



WiggleMan said:

If this disappoints me like the DSi, I'm going for DS2. Reason I can't stand the DSi is because I've had two, and the L and R buttons broke on them both.

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