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DS Follow-Up to Feature Motion Sensor?

Posted by James Newton

Wii design ethos to influence future handheld

Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun recently carried an interview with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, discussing the company's hopes for the year ahead, and he discussed a few very brief titbits about the possible DS successor and its features.

It will have highly detailed graphics, and it will be necessary to have a sensor with the ability to read the movements of people playing.

You may remember the DS receiving a motion sensor plug-in to play Tony Hawk's Motion, so this is hardly uncharted territory for Nintendo, but Mr Iwata reveals little of the possible motions that could be detected, though presumably it would involve iPhone-style accelerometers. The use of the phrase "it will be necessary" is certainly interesting, perhaps indicating titles are already in development for the console, though this could be the accuracy of the translation.

Further interesting soundbites came out of the interview, with Mr Iwata revealing the latest Legend of Zelda game for Wii is due to release this year, a rather exciting prospect considering nobody's actually seen the darn thing yet.


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zemulii said:

Highly detailed graphics eh? Well that's a step in a different direction... If the price is still right, I can't complain .

So we'll probably have Zelda, Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid this year...



y2josh said:

So, this means a new handheld will be anounced this year? I knew it



MrWout said:

I kinda like how u hid that bit of news in the end of an other article. Wasn't expecting to read that at all

I'm pretty interested in what they 're gonna do with the "next" DS because they can't really just drop the touchscreen. But they cant really stop being inovative, just looking at what their last two very inovative consoles did for them.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Yep looks like they a revealing here DS succesor this year.
At least we won't be getting any more DS with extra features shoehorned in or as DS with extra features shoehoned in & then streached out.
I knew they would haves devoloping this thing since the Wii development was finished just that Nintendo didn't have to slow down the develoment of there upcoming portable with the DSi.
Sure unforntally the DSi earned Nintendo a quick buck just that they should just go on with this new system & rely on the DS lites strong sales.



Percentful said:

Oh no...My dad already nags me on putting on my Wiimote's wriststrap, so please do not make him nage me about my DS wriststrap! Well, I would put up with a wriststrap if it meant motion controls! The only thing that would worry me is the hinge if you ever have to snap the system forward. Oh well, might as well just wait and see.



warioswoods said:


No way it will appear this year; 2011 at the earliest, which would be a full 2 years after the DSi release. I'm actually guessing it will be late 2011 or even into 2012 before a successor hits shelves.



siavm said:

@ zemulii

How is it different? Unlike the wii being pretty much gamecube graphics, the ds actually had better graphics than the gba. So better graphics for the next one makes sense.



Chunky_Droid said:

I don't know if Zelda Wii will come out in the West this year though. It certainly sounds like they're further along with it than anybody thought though. Just got Spirit Tracks yesterday so that's exciting enough for me!



Sylverstone said:

Aside from the funny typo, motion control.... I hope it's like the iPhone's but not too sensitive.

And they should keep the DSi features like the camera and DSiWare.



James said:

Titbits is more frequently used in British English, so it's not a typo. Interestingly, it's theorised to have its etymological background from the titmouse and the scraps it would leave behind after eating.



blackknight77 said:

I think they are making a mistake announcing this too soon after the release of DSi and DSi grande. And they should wait another 2 years because the DS system is doing really well.



StarDust4Ever said:

I have one of the first motion sensing games, Kirby's Tilt-and-Tumble!!! It played great on the GBC and the GBA, but man, that was one messed up game trying to play it upside down on a GBA-SP, D'oh!



ToastyYogurt said:

Oh noes! I bought my DSi when it came out last year, and now there announcing a new DS with motion controls? Better graphics is good next step too, as it's at least one thing the PSP beats the DS at.

Oh, well. I'll give it 2 years.

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