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Bit Museum Showcases Nintendo's Pre-Famicom Days

Posted by Sean Aaron

Game developer does video gaming archaeology on YouTube

If you haven't heard of mobile phone and WiiWare game developer Robotube Games, it's possible you may have come across their Bit Museum video series on YouTube, presented by designer Jason Cirillo.

We think they're some of the best gaming videos on the 'net with a special focus on the earliest and oddest gaming consoles ever to see the light of day.

Of special interest to you, dear Nintendo fan, will be the premiere episode that showcased the company's early efforts -- not the Famicom, but the single-game consoles Nintendo made in the late '70s that you've probably never heard of.

Check out this excellent (and humourous) look at the dawn of Nintendo gaming:

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Robotube Games' WiiWare debut Bloktonik is due out this year.


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TwilightV said:

Yeah, toys... hotels... Nintendo did a lot back then. I remember the Racing 112 game was featured in Warioware.



Bankai said:

Nintendo wasn't just a card game company (although, for the record, it still produces hanafuda cards, so it still is a card company).

Nintendo was also involved in everything from taxis to love hotels



StarBoy91 said:

That was a very great video.
I like learning new stuff everyday.
The console version of Breakout looked sweet.



astarisborn94 said:

Very, very interesting to hear. I have heard of most of those console and that they were an card company, but I've never looked up information in depth.



Sean_Aaron said:

The other videos are well worth checking out -- the latest is quite interesting being a table-top using LEDs and a spinning mirror for a display!

Apparently there are others in the pipe -- who would think a game developer would turn out great documentary vids as well?



StarDust4Ever said:

I still have the old Super Mraio Brothers Game-n-Watch, along with Donkey Kong, Bottle Factory, and Cement Factory. There were many others on display at Toys-R-Us, but my mom & dad didn't have a lot of dough back in the 80s, so thats' all I got



SwerdMurd said:

"if you thought...THIS...was Nintendo's first foray...into...the world...of...plastic steering wheels???? .....Noo."

That was amazing.



aaronsullivan said:

Loved this little video. Funny and full of great little historical items. I knew some of these things, but never saw them in pictures or video. Nice.



Sean_Aaron said:

No, I'm pretty sure those machines were only sold in Japan. By the time of their release Atari was selling the cartridge-based 2600 and the Odyssey 2 (subject of the 3rd Bit Museum video) and Fairchild were doing the same, so those machines would have been out-of-date.



TheLonelyGamer said:


There was a microgame in 9-Volt's stage where it was the color tv racing game (I forgot the name of the game) in Warioware Mega Microgame$.

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