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Zelda Reorchestrated's Ocarina of Time Album Cleaned Up and Ready to Go

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Old and improved!

Soundtracks as good as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's are few and far between. Now over a decade old, those sweeping symphonics sound, on a technical level, a bit aged thanks to the N64's compressed cartridge medium.

Good thing the series has a very talented fanbase with groups like ZREO then, who painstakingly reorchestrate the music from all entries. So painstakingly that they weren't too pleased with the equalization of 22 of the 82 tracks on their Ocarina of Time release, so they went back to do them all over again. And now they're done!

The result is a top-notch trip through original composer Koji Kondo's masterful score sure to poke that nostalgic spot of yours. And you can't argue with free, so make sure to snap this up soon in case Nintendo "asks" them to pull it.


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StarBoy91 said:

I'm sure the new soundtrack's good. The Zelda games always have a great soundtrack.



Klapaucius said:

By the way, if you havn't already got Hyrule Symphony, then you should. Beautiful.
Downloading this now.



MakeMyBiscuit said:

"...Awww. It's not available in stores..."

I don't understand that. As Kachu2142 said, it's FREE! I am also down loading it. They have even included cover art! This is a treu labor of love. Thanks nintendolife for letting us know.




Kid_A said:

Wish they'd come out with some MP3's. Zip files are a hassle for technologically inept people like myself.



StarBoy91 said:

I'm sorry about my earlier comment (which I deleted). I guess I got that from the fact I usually buy music CDs from stores.
Although, I've considered listening to these mp3s. I'll bet it sounds good.



CanisWolfred said:

Looks like I got another soundtrack to add to my new ipod! And it's free! Wow!


I'm pretty sure when you unzip them they become MP3's.



Tsuchinoko said:

I appreciate what they've done, and the point of their work was always to share this collaborative effort to remake the songs for pure enjoyment, not profit.

Sadly, this soundtrack suffers from the same problems that actual official Zelda orchestra soundtracks have suffered with (not that there are that many). These songs are pure reproductions, down to almost the very last sound. I'm sure the point of this project was to have the soundtrack sound like real instruments, but without a true arrangement it can lose interest fast.

Thats one of the big things that the Zelda franchise has been missing for all these years. Even though the music from the game is amazing in its own right, Zelda soundstracks have not been a staple of the series, unlike Final Fantasy, or even Mario now that a fully orchestrated soundtrack was released for Mario Galaxy.

So many soundtracks exist for Final Fantasy games, remaking the songs for choir, orchestra, and even piano, that projects like this aren't needed at all. With Squaresoft backing the FF series CDs, the level of professionalism that is reached with those recordings is something that keeps the music fresh.

I only wish that the music from the Zelda series would be appreciated half as much.



grenworthshero said:

So, did they change any of the old files, or just add new ones? I downloaded pretty much everything on ZREO way back when, but I haven't been there in forever.



Kid_A said:

Good lord. I'm listening to it now. This is truly beautiful stuff.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Wow, sweet! I don't think Nintendo is going to "ask" them to pull it, though. Nothing illegal (or at least, prosecutable) about sharing music for free! Plus, they already have way too many Zelda soundtracks up. Nintendo would've shut them down long ago if they were going to at all. So we're free to download, listen, and enjoy!



Infernape1000 said:

Ummm....What's this? It's a secret that I found on the website....anyone know what it is?




Kid_A said:

The subtle electronic beat in the background of Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly alone made it worth installing WinZip.



Caliko said:

Makes me hope Zelda's next Wii game is fully orchestrated. After hearing Brawls music, I was in awe and still am...



Capnking said:

It seems every few months I'm overcome with nostalgia and feel the need to hear all these tunes again. Gerudo valley and the zora's domain have to be my favourites, but don't quote me on that because I'll just remember one I like better two seconds later...

oh! Epona's song!!



JebbyDeringer said:

What the heck does "Orchestrated" mean? The only difference between this and the original soundtrack is higher quality samples that were used and the ton of reverb. It does sound good but I'm not blown away. Most of the sound is coming from the bags of reverb (too much, it should really be more selectively applied). I don't mean to be negative, It's still a good effort.

There's really no reason why Nintendo couldn't do this other than the cost of licensing the use of better samples. If Nintendo wanted they could hire a real orchestra to do the best sounding soundtrack ever but then they become limited by streaming sound files rather than having music which can evolve based on what's happening in the game. Whatever the case I think they should invest some money into creating a quality soundtrack for the next game. OOT was pretty good but I found A Link to the Past was truly groundbreaking and even listening to it now the SNES pulls of a more convincing realistic orchestral sound.

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