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Zelda Producer Could Use More Crossbow Training Action

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Wanted to "intensify the multiplayer" in sequel

One of the upsides of buying a Wii Zapper, besides being a nice +1 to your collection of somewhat useless bits of plastic, was getting your hands on Link's Crossbow Training. We daresay that was the only reason a lot of people bought the peripheral [cough -Ed.] as Link is as powerful an endorsement to Nintendo fans as Billy Mays is/was to home shoppers.

Show of hands if you really want a sequel to it. Oh, look, it's Zelda producer Eiji Anouma.

Speaking to GamesTM, Anouma revealed that working on the next core entry in the series wasn't his top desire.

To tell you the truth, I actually wanted to create Link’s Crossbow Training 2. I thought that we should do something more and better in the field of the first person shooter, based on our experience of the first game.

What exactly does he consider "more and better?" Why, tell 'em, Anouma!

For example, I was thinking that maybe we could intensify the multiplayer mode. The original game was really just a solo game but I thought that we could add a true multiplayer mode with multiple users playing together, from remote areas, over the Wi-Fi Connection.

Unfortunately for Anouma, the people in charge of such things at Nintendo weren't too impressed with his ideas and insisted he get to work on a new Zelda game. Ah well, looks like we'll all just have to muscle through Spirit Tracks and whatever else is in store.


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Well thank god. LCT was fun and all but i would much rather have a new core zelda game than another spinoff in the form of LCT2.



Good said:

I'd like to see this as a WiiWare title! I'd downloaded it for 1500 points if it was any good!



Stevie said:

A Wiiware release would be good, or if there is the space for it they could include it as a bonus game in the next proper Zelda.



No_No_No_Wrong_Way said:

Why don't they just put the multiplayer Crossbow game in the new core Zelda? I'm sure it wouldn't take up that much space.



Kid_A said:

@No No No Wrong Way
That's what I'm thinking? Spirit Tracks has multiplayer, why can't the next Wii Zelda?

and nice avatar, btw



LinktotheFuture said:

I would love another Link's Crossbow Training, I love that game, and I would like to have another game to use my zapper with.



Adam said:

Who is Ed, and why is he coughing?

Also, I would love to see a sequel, especially along these lines. The game had promise if developed into more of a "full game" rather than the small pack-in it amounted to, not that it wasn't good in its own right for what it was. Sucks that the guy can't do what he wants and gets boxed in by Nintendo with yet another by the books sequel. They ought to merge the crossbow play in with the main series, but keep it third-person like in the free-moving levels, not make it a light gun or FPS game.



Objection said:

Here's a great idea: put that concept of multiplayer LCT2 and put in as a side mode in the next Zelda. There, everyone wins, even Anouma-san!



Sean_Aaron said:

I would think about the first game, but how well does it play without the Zapper? I really have no use for plastic gun shells, so the Zapper is a big turn-off for me.



Adam said:

The Zapper shell adds nothing to the experience, Sean. This is coming from someone who has played the game for about fifteen minutes, granted, but if I ever came across the disc used by itself, I'd snatch it up. I, too, loathe plastic shells.



RonF said:

I would buy LCT2, especially if he added some online component in it. In contrast to many posters, I do like the Zapper. It is true that it makes more difficult to shot, as it adds more bulkiness to the controls. However, it does seems I am actually holding a weapon of some sort, unlike the feeling I have with the Wii remote + nunchuck. That said, I would rather have a new game in the main series.



thewiirocks said:

Nonsense. The Zapper shell greatly stabilizes the remote and makes shooting far more accurate. The tommy-gun design feels weird at first (especially if you're used to the NES Zapper), but you get used to it.

Ghost Squad is another game that's much betta' with da Zappa'!



Lady_Gryphon said:

I actually didn't like using the zapper with Crossbow Training, but found it worked well with Ghost Squad.



Slapshot said:

How about THIS. Make a true Zelda game that implements the incredible Archery that uses the WiiMote + Motion Plus attachment that was in Wii Resort??????? That would be freakin AWESOME. Riding the horse while tryin to shoot arrows and enemies while getting the ups and downs movent of horseback riding. Give up on plastic periphial casual garbage to cash in on a AAA Franchise. Add incredible motion control to a AAA franchise with the new attachments you just released. THAT my friends at Nintendo is something us fans that have ABANDONED your Wii would come back for. NOT periphial cash ins, that is why I sold the dang thing in the first place.



Objection said:

As someone who has played through both RE's, both HOTD's, Wild West Guns, and Dead Space Extraction, I don't think the Wii Zapper is at all necessary.



Sean_Aaron said:

@slapshot82: That sounds like a pretty good idea, maybe a CTA2 isn't such a bad idea after all...

@Adam: Cheers, I'll see if I can find one on Ebay then -- shouldn't be too hard I imagine...



JimLad said:

Hell yes, include it in the next Zelda!
but why stop at crossbows? I think they should have a selection of vs modes including sword duels, horseback sword deathmatch (with lock-on disabled) dungeon race: where you are given 2 or 3 hearts and double clawshots and have to run, jump and climb through dangerous obstacle courses.



Machu said:

Machu Could Use More Crossbow Training Action.

@Sean: Zapper sucks, it's much better without imo, more accurate.



blackknight77 said:

If they redesigned the Wii Zapper more like the NES Zapper I would be interested. I don't like the the tommy gun style. As mentioned earlier a Link's Crossbow 2 sequel would be good for Wii Ware to compliment the Eco Shooter game.



aaronsullivan said:

I thought it was general knowledge (Miyamoto and Anouma hinted at it) that Link would integrate some of the game styles from Wii Sports Resort. It was most strongly hinted with the sword fighting, but I always assumed the excellent archery would be included as well.

Personally, I want a gesture based mechanism for opening treasure chests. They could even be trapped so you have to open them carefully and peek around for the mechanism just in case. Totally possible with the motion plus.

In fact... sigh... these are the types of thing most of us instantly imagine when the Wii launched. The fine motion sensing wasn't up to par back then, but with the Motion Plus it is. I also wanted the resident evil games to make you push the door open slowly so it didn't produce a loud creak (or maybe some doors are better to open quickly). The list goes on and on and Zelda has the ability to usher it in for the hardcore games (as Wii Sports Resort has been a proof of concept for the casual).

Fortunately, it seems like Red Steel 2 (remember that game?) is going to do a bunch of this as well.



Vinsanity said:

A wiiware spinoff would be a great place to experiment with some more Crossbow-ing. Hell, expand Four Swords for Wiiware too - a "Four bows" would be a neat game, with 4 links co-opting through levels shooting arrows all over the place:) Would totally be a great time, and a must play download for Wiiware...



Sean_Aaron said:

Well, I'm high bid on a "game only" ebay auction. Fingers crossed I'll get this one in the new year!




The first game plays very well with the Zapper. The games are designed generally nicely to be used with the peripheral...IMHO. I'd also put the game firmly in my top 25-30 Wii games and that's saying something.

It didn't quite have enough content, but its quality

I would love a Links Crossbow Training 2. It would be a dream. But it looks like that's not going to happen. Wiiware release Ninty?



RowdyRodimus said:

Sean, if you don't win it I can get it for you for 2 US dollars.

As an aside, how cool would it be to combine Hogan's Alley with Smash Bros. in like a Nintendo Paint Ball game?



StarBoy91 said:

Hogan's Alley. Now that's a fun light gun game for the NES. And Duck Hunt, and Wild Gunman, and Gumshoe (<- which for some reason never got released in Japan).



Sean_Aaron said:

I got it in the post yesterday and have shared my thoughts in my newest blog post.

Nice game, I definitely like the whole Zelda-meets-Resident Evil "chronicles" feel and think a sequel would be brilliant.



SilverBaretta said:

You know what's funny? I bought LCT game-only for like, 4 bucks. To compromise the Zapper, I just bought some third-party shotgun-like thing at ROSS. But on topic, a WiiWare title is a great idea. I'd buy that.

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