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WiiWare Phoenix Wright Makes Most Of Wii Remote

Posted by Damien McFerran

Shouting "Objection" never felt so natural

While some might be grumbling about the fact that the upcoming WiiWare editions of Capcom's Phoenix Wright series are little more than straight ports of the DS/GBA originals, one element is likely to bring a smile to the face of pretty much every fan.

As this zany Japanese TV commercial illustrates, it's possible to use the Wii Remote to object to things. Genius.

On this alone, Capcom is pretty much assured of getting my money, at least.

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Aviator said:

After watching this, I feel sorry for the pride of all Japanese families who buy this game.



Sneaker13 said:

It's badly hilarious. I'll probably get the first one if it hits Europe, but by the looks of it, I'm really disappointed in Capcom for this lazy port.



Wiiman94 said:

Well that was dumb.... lol, cant wait though waving my wii-mote like an idiot.... more than usual....



JakobG said:

That was awesome.
But I want PW4, I've played through 1, 2 and 3 already....



Jonny said:

Til game 4, as much as I love Klavier he is nothing on the amazingness that was Godot.



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

Silly motion controls are the last thing I've wanted in the wii port. Graphical improvements would be much more welcome. Do the ports have at least a higher resolution or do we get the DS images only with borders?



Objection said:

I would so pick these up if I didn't have them already for DS. I do love the novelty of the motion controls added. Pretty amusing commercial, really.



Zammy said:

I wish Capcom would stop reading my mind.
Seriously, just yesterday I was thinking:
A. A Wiinix Wright/Phoenix Wiight/Ace Attornwii would be awesome
B. That I really need to replay the Phoenix Wright games. And now this news? Thieves! shot



Ren said:

love it. Just finishing up 3 right now. I can't say I need a really jaggy one on my Wii, though. I wish it was at least smoothed out somehow, then I'd be all about it. Don't they have the images at a higher res stored somewhere?



bro2dragons said:

i agree that ds to wiiware sounds great. though i am disappointed that there's not wiispeak functionality. looks like another dead peripheral...



BlueBandanaJake said:

Sweetness, I never got these games but always wanted to play them (Played some of Apollo Justice and LOVED it). Solves my problem of trying to get my hands on them!



Stuffgamer1 said:

Nice commercial. I already have the games on DS and am happy to play them (I've actually been replaying them recently in anticipation of the new game in February). I DO want to recommend this to some friends, though. I think they'd really enjoy it, and they only have a Wii anyway. Finally, a game that's not built around multiplayer I enjoy at home that they could get into as well!



Omenapoika said:

Awwwwwesome. I so feel like some Phoenix Wright after the commercial. But I already have all of the games on DS, so I won't be getting the WiiWare versions... But this is a great chance for those who've not attended the court sessions yet, everybody enjoy!



Noire said:

I cannot wait to yell out OBJECTON! in the most epic finger-pointing way I can next month. Finally get the chance to be Phoenix Wright, yayay!



Curt said:

Please let there be a way to object without any motion controls.



New_Age_Retro_Hippie said:

My reason to not buy it will always be the ways they DON'T use motion control. Why can't they emulate the DS' style and let you use the pointer to navigate menus and choose things?

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