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UK Stars Catalogue Update: Game and Watch Collection and Animal Crossing KK Soundtrack

Posted by Rebecca Gunn

Also contains Pokemon Platinum t-shirts and waterballs

Nintendo Life readers may remember the Game and Watch Collection which made the rounds on the Japanese Club Nintendo and then the newly opened American Club last year. Well, now at long last it's available to European Club Nintendo members!

Game and Watch Collection was reviewed by Nintendo Life a while back and we didn't think it was too bad. There are only three games on the collection but all three (Oil Panic, Donkey Kong, Green House) are currently not part of the DSiWare Game and Watch releases. Therefore, seeing as it's only available through the Stars Catalogue, this is likely to become a collectible over time, though 5000 Stars may be a bit much to ask...

The other big new addition is the Animal Crossing CD, which includes the results of the K.K. song vote from the summer. With a total of 39 tracks, 24 of which were voted for by European citizens, this is another collector's item well worth consideration. It's currently up for 3000 Stars.

Interested? Head on over to the Stars Catalogue to grab some of these goodies before they all run out!


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Sean_Aaron said:

That's nice stuff. I cannot recall how many stars I have, but I think it'll take a few more Nintendo releases before I can get anything like that. I do wish we could get stars for non-Nintendo disc releases -- I'd clean up!



bboy2970 said:

I sure wish the US Club Nintendo would update. We have had one update since it's launch and that only had one new item. I would love to own that Animal Crossing soundtrack. This is just pathetic...........



Croz said:

The Game & Watch Collection is quite nice, but I swapped all my stars for nintendo points.



Drake said:

I've got enough for the CD, but I think I'll just wait a few months until I've got 5000 for Game & Watch Collection. The Mario Galaxy soundtrack has been in stock (in the Netherlands, at least) for over a year, so I think you've got plenty of time to get either!



maka said:

Yeah, Now I can't get the G&W games, but I'd love to get them eventually...

What happened with the G&W Gallery games? There were 3 for GB and 1 for GBA but none for DS. I really liked those collections and the DS is perfect for a next game in the series...



Klapaucius said:

Already picked up Game&Watch Collection in Japan. Can get KK's music online.
...Too expensive for me, anyway X_X
Trust the Stars Catalogue to get some good stuff in just after I blow all my stars on Wii Shop points.



Shmavey said:

Club nintendo america needs new rewards more than you guys do! We've had 2 new rewards since it launched last december.



King_Elemento said:

Needs more Tingle's Balloon Fight DS. The G&W Collections are far too overpriced for what they offer. Much better deal getting the collections for the Gameboy systems.



King_Elemento said:

Another thing that would be nice is posters. I believe North America had a Zelda poster once, and I don't think there's a single poster on our service. We get junk like Mii wallpapers for phones instead.



Percentful said:

I actually would want that Wii towel. The game and watch collection would be awesome also.



KDR_11k said:

5000 stars. One Wii game gives you 250 stars, DS games only 200. Third party games don't count. Stars expire after one year. Good luck.



AVahne said:

we need new stuff, the only new item we got was the Zelda posters, and as much as i want it, i REALLY want something that i know....hold in my hands



V8_Ninja said:

Great. The NOE Club Nintendo is officially better than the NOA Club Nintendo. Makes me feel so special sitting here in the US.



Machu said:

U haz Obama. Cheer up.

Stars = Points for me, but them prizes look nice.



almostnacho said:

This is the first I heard of NOE's rewards programme. I've been looking at all the items on that site, and they are pretty sweet. Oh, wait- did I type programme? Maybe I browsed through there for too long....



Kawaiipikachu said:

I wonder if the Australian has tyhe same crappy catalog as before .
If Club Nintedo Australia is failing then its because of the lame catalog .



Token_Girl said:

No way - Stars for points makes the EU club the best. Who cares about other prizes? (Unless you live in an unsupported country, that sucks then).



TKOWL said:

My points are starting to rot due to the shortage of things on our shop....



Fuzzy said:

At least one good thing for us is that the Game and Watch Collection is only 2500 points.



JimLad said:

I just trade mine for Nintendo points, 4000-something gives you 1000 points I think it is.



jangonov said:

Right there with you ryanknight717...They asked in a survey what we wanted inside the shop for NA. I told them I wanted variety of quality items. I have a DSi, What am I going to use a stylus set for DS lite for?



Starwolf_UK said:

Stars expire after one year.
Huh? I was aware it was 24 months and the registration codes for games expire after 3 and half years. So what you do is not register anything (maybe make an exception for stars bonus eligible games) until there is something you like.

I have about 5000 stars on the account and probably 5000 unregistered. If expiry comes up depending on amount I have I'll throw them on something in the shop (points being a last resort for me).

If you say 5 stars = 1 coin (Wii game gets 250 stars in EU and 50 coins in America) then the Game and Watch collection is 1000 coins.

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