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Twilight Princess "Starting Point" for New Wii Zelda

Posted by James Newton

Aonuma continues cryptic discussion of new title

With all the secrecy surrounding the new Zelda title - for which we still don't have so much as a title or even anything other than a single piece of artwork - it wouldn't be a surprise to see it feature a minigame requiring you to get blood out of a stone.

Eiji Aonuma continues to talk in tongues about his upcoming project, with an interview with IGN producing a few interesting quotes:

With Twilight Princess, we challenged ourself to create the most vast and realistic world the series had ever seen, but we don't feel that we were able to fully complete this objective. With that as a starting point for our improvements to the series in the future, we are of course working on a new game for Wii.

For any game to be remembered for a long time, just like Ocarina of Time was, the game must give the strong impression that it has set a new starting point for future sequels to build upon. We are working to further improve upon the experiences found in Twilight Princess so that our future games can realize these innovations.

Whilst there's precious little new information in here, it does seem that Aonuma and his team are keen to improve on some of Twilight Princess's shortcomings, something we're more than happy to hear. Hopefully we'll see some solid news come from Nintendo soon - our hands are getting mighty sore trying to squeeze these stones Nintendo keep giving us.


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JayArr said:

I needs real info on this game! Anyway, "Impove upon TP"? How about a complete over-haul?



Machu said:

JayArr clocks another 1st, ching!

I can't wait for some kind of solid info either, my triforce is starting to itch. :/ I might as well put this out there, I'm sorry if I offend, but... I liked TP. Yeah I know, I'm in the minority. Oh well...



Morpheel said:

if they want a game to be in the mind of people like ocarina of time don't "improve" the engine used for a previous game, ask majoras mask~



Nintendokid said:

It's actual called Legend of Zelda Twighlight Princess 2 & Link will fly in this one also it comes with a Wii sattle acessorie that you put under your butt & ride like your on a real horse.That's all I know about the game.



bro2dragons said:

@5&6: I believe Nintendokid is purposefully mixing his news items to humorous effect. i chuckled, anyway. Aonuma did say a while back that after boats and trains, his kid thought Link was going to fly in the next game to which Aonuma basically said "no comment". mix that with the saddle patent, and all the stupid rumors of Ninty's next system being "Wii2/WiiHD", and you get LoZ: TP 2 with flight and a saddle peripheral.



RyuZebian said:

I love Twilight Princess. And I wonder about the FPS rumors... It would be different yes, but good? Well, taking a third-person game and making it first-person has actually proved being a good idea by Fallout 3. That game's great. A Zelda FPS would probably be the only place Zelda could go without threading on familiar ground!



bro2dragons said:

@RyuZebian: there are a number of places the series could go. i'd love to see it take a FAR more action-y approach (while still maintaining the sense of adventure and exploration). imagine a god of war type game with IMMENSE battles and incredible awesome, visceral action, but with an even more MASSIVE world to explore than previous zelda games. that's what i'm hoping for. that this will be the new definition of hardcore action/adventure gaming.



JayArr said:

@Machu - I liked TP too but you have to admit it felt way too familar. It's time to shake things up a bit don't you think? also how did you know I always say "Ching"



kevohki said:

I was hoping the new Zelda would have had nothing to do with Twilight Princess. Nintendo is capable of giving us more than just another Okami-Lite... I mean, another Twilight Princess.



Trevor_Fox said:

I enjoyed Twilight Princess as well. In fact I'm playing through it again right now. However, I would love to have a real Lost Woods. Sort of like in the beta trailer. That would be awesome, imo.



Machu said:

@JayArr: I had magical times playing Zelda on launch, so honestly don't understand why everyone else took issue with it. :/
I'm worried if they try to 'fix' something that doesn't really need fixing, we'll all be here in 2012 saying "zomg the new zelda sucks, why did they change my beloved franchise, waaah!" D:

I didn't know you say 'ching' btw, it must be a cool-dude thing, cos I say it lots too. ;P I blame wayne's world



mushroomer said:

Nintendo should take some notes from ICO and Shadow of the Colossus by TeamICO .. Those 2 games hit dead on what I'd expect as a complete overhaul.. Just go to youtube and watch any footage and you'll know what Im talking about. For TeamICO's PS3 title coming next year, search for Last Guardian. AMAZING!!!!



Xkhaoz said:

Will they just give us some real details about gameplay? I'm all for details about anything about the game, but still.



grenworthshero said:

@Machu, I liked TP as well. I thought it was an amazing game. If they follow those same lines for the next Zelda title, I will have no objections. Of course, I also have no objections if they try and revamp the series. Windwaker did it well.



TKOWL said:

the only thing wrong with Twilight Princess was the annoying Wolf parts. If they erase these parts, it would surpass Ocarina



BecomingTHE_MAN said:

I loved Twilight Princess a lot. Not the best Zelda game ever, but tons of fun to play. I just hope they raise the difficulty up some in the sequel, otherwise, I'm going to be very annoyed.



Starkiller said:

TP was good, but it didn't leave me feeling like "omg this is the best Zelda EVAR". It seemed like another standard Zelda adventure to me, which is good in some ways and bad in others.



blackknight77 said:

The people who complain about the series not changing will be first to complain about the changes they make for a new game The Windwaker was unfairly critized at E3 for taking to many leaps with the graphical and gameplay overhaul, so fans cried out to bring a darker Zelda similar to Ocarina of Time. Nintendo did just that very thing with Twilight Princess to hear fans say the series is stale and needs to move into another direction. This is one case where Nintendo does not need to listen to the fanboys.



Ren said:

I liked it, and don't really get what was wrong. They've all been pretty similar in some ways, but thats mostly what makes them fun; it's a great formula. they're fun; not too hard, not too easy, and hold the same mystical Zelda stories and music as always with usually new types of Bosses. Why do we still use the same 3-act dramatic structure and shooting-for-coverage conventions for every single film released the last 100 years? because it works and it's satisfying.
I wouldn't mind a new direction either but I can't complain about what makes all the others so predictably great.



RichieTheSignPainter said:

Twilight is my favourite Zelda game. I played it on Gamecube on release and i'm playing it on Wii now. You can tell it was developed for the GC then converted/ported but it's still great.
Looking forward to see what they do with it for the 1st Zelda developed for the Wii.
I'd like to see some more verticality. Some Assasins Creed style free running/climbing could fit quite well into a Zelda game. Open it up a bit.



Aviator said:

The people why they think TP and WW is bad, is because they like their 'conventional' ways of going to dungeon to dungeon to dungeon then to Ganon. What I liked about the two, was how they mixed it up, with the Great Sea and the wolf sections. I was disappointed with the style of the wolf levels, and I wanted something more out of it, and I really wished they didn't stop at only 3. WW is my favorite Zelda and I'm replaying it now.



Rensch said:

Well I hope they fix the biggest major flaw in Twilight Princess: The lack of innovation. While the two DS versions were full of cool gameplay twists, not much of that was present in TP. Off course the ones on the DS rely heavily on the touch screen unlike TP which wasn't intended to be a Wii game originally but rather a GC exclusive.

I hope they make use of the motion controls of the Wii as much as the touch screen in the DS versions. Miyamoto hinted at this when he said it is gonna be a Wii MotionPlus game, so I hope I can expect some cool twists. TP was cool, but rather uninspired as it was very similar to Ocarina of Time but with a much bigger overworld. Other console games like Majora's Mask and the Wind Waker did a much better job at pushing the series in new directions. I hope this new game does that through technological means like the DS ones did for the handheld versions.

I hope my expectations don't get too high or I may be slightly dissapointed again.



Twilight princess was ok and fun but the abuse of puzzles and the lack of excitement made it a bit dissapointing. the series needs to look back at their roots when it was about arcade gaming that puzzle solving quests and learn on what made people fall in love with the series. Mix it with the good points of the 3D ones and the WM+ accessory and they could make the ultimate bridge game.

@mushroomer - ICO games and pretty and very artistic but extremely boring. That's exactly THE LEAST thing the series needs to bring new audiences and keep older ones.



sega_nerd said:

TP was alright but I wish there were more stuff to do because you have all this open land and doesn't have much life to it. Innovation definately needs to be implemented on the next installment. I think the new Zelda game should be away from Hyrule including Princess Zelda and Ganondorf because it feels like the same old routine to me.

We need a new villain big time. How about adding a female villain? That would be cool. There should be ton of sidequests like Majora's Mask. More towns please. How about Link having a girlfriend like a dating simulation? That's alot of possibilities and I hope Nintendo try to do something different and it couldn't hurt staying true to the formula while having radical changes.



Ren said:

Um, Link having a girlfriend? What about the dang Zelda that he has to save on every freaking weekend? Why not have an adventure thats like "Zeldas quest" where Zelda has to save Link; Or where half the game has us play as a young hero that we think is the next link but then turns greedy and sour and begins to hunt the tiny creatures including hunting animals that turn out to be Ganons parents. Then we switch to controlling a righteous Zelda that has to fight a power hungry, domineering Link to save baby Ganon and other little starving creatures of Hyrule.



JimLad said:

Just don't have Ganon as the bad guy and you're set.
I'd like to see Twilight Princess meets Wind Waker type of thing, so you can have a horse AND a boat. Not so much sea and islands obviously. Couple of large islands and some big rivers/lakes should do it.



Varoennauraa said:

I want certain warm hearted familiriaty from my Zeldas, at the same time I'm not sure if Twilight was new enough though...But its real hinderance was that it was too easy to create feeling of adventure. There is no adventure, if someone is holding your hand. It wan't the greatest Zelda, but it is one of the greatest games at least and it gave me unforgettable memories.



brandonbwii said:

While I'm one the one's who felt that TP was overrated, I don't mine if this is the direction he goes from a visual standpoint. What I would like to see, though, is a game that truly exploits the hardware. Like the DS games, I want bombshell innovations. Whether that means motion plus, more use of IR, some sort of online functionality heck even the balance board, I don't care. I want this game to make me say, "Wow, I didn't know Nintendo had it in them to be THIS good."



Varoennauraa said:

And what ever they do, I hope they make it necessary, like if you don't have Balance Board, then you don't have magical snow board.



Nintendokid said:

I heard this off Nintendo Wii & DS news on twitter but maybe it's just a rumor but the Wii sattle accessorie I saw on the electricplayground show.



plankton88 said:

Normal expectations. I am perfectly fine with the same game and formula with just minor improvements and additions. This is just one of those games you don't overhaul and try to "re-invent."

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