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Sega Rolls Out Super Monkey Ball: Step And Roll Minigame Video

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Will it have you rolling about in laughter?

Sega have released a new video for Super Monkey Ball: Step and Roll showing gameplay footage of the much-loved Monkey Ball minigames. The trailer confirms the return of fan-favourite Monkey Target, as well as glimpses of new minigames built around the use of the Balance Board.

It’s safe to say we can expect a lot of stamping, tip-toeing and most probably tilting at future Monkey Ball multiplayer gatherings; although whether these minigames capture the imagination as earlier titles did is a promise yet to be proved.

A hint towards a minigame possibly played by two people on a single Balance Board does show some sign of encouragement that they could be more than simple shoehorned afterthoughts. But memories of Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz will probably be a painful reminder to fans of the series to not get too excited just yet.

We won’t know until February, so in the meantime, you can read the official blog or check out the video below and ponder whether the news that the Balance Board might not be keeping you fit is a reason to pack it away under the stairs... or to start using it for fun instead!

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Crunc said:

The mini games in Banana Blitz were terrible, so I can't imagine this is going to be much better. Definitely will wait for reviews on this one.



Ricardo91 said:

Huuzah for the return of Monkey Race and Monkey Target! Now hopefully they won't f**k up the latter like they did in Banana Blitz. Whyd they bring back that Fruit Basket game, though? I hated that one...

Are they seriously putting in that butt battle minigame from Dead or Alive Extreme 2? LOL!



bro2dragons said:

that last one looks GREAT! haha... looks like you'd need 2 balance boards, though... can you even do that?



brandonbwii said:

I believe the number of minigames have been scaled back considerably, potentially allowing them to polish the ones they have.

that butt pushing minigame has a variant in FFCC as well I think.



Crunc said:

You can only have one balance board. I'm presuming that it's two people on one balance board. What is the weight limit on the balance board?



SmaMan said:

Yay, just what the Wii needs! Another mini-game collection!



Token_Girl said:

Balance board seems like it would be a great control mechanism for Monkey Ball. I may pick this up when I can find it for around $20 or less. No rush though.



SmaMan said:

Yes, I own the first one, the second one and SMB Deluxe. And I enjoy those.
I've tried Banana Blitz and half of it is... a mini game collection. Also check out Sonic and the Secret Rings, half of it is also a mini-game collection. Now, take a look at all the wii titles. Half of them are... (you guessed it) mini game collections! If Sega wants to go the 50 mini game route with this next title, they'll be beating a dead horse.



Reala said:

Hope this series can bounce back, 1 & 2 where great, Blitz was awful IMO, still very skeptical about Sega being able to get this series back on track, heres hoping.




The N-Gamer preview seem to say you could play the same levels with the wiimote but with more obstacles. There's also no jumping mechanic this time.

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