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See in the New Year with Happy Hammerin'

Posted by James Newton

January 1st is the date for some sweet, sweet hammering

New Year's Day is traditionally the only day all year everyone truly commits to New Year's resolutions, and if your aim for 2010 is to play a WiiWare game featuring a squeaky hammer then it just might be your year.

Gamebridge has just let us know that the European release date for Happy Hammerin' is confirmed as being January 1st 2010, so you can kick off your New Year by hammering moles with your friends and family.

To get you in the merry mallet mood, here's the official trailer from Gamebridge:

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And, as with all good game announcements, there's a lovely press release to go with it too. Read it and relax, whilst thinking of how easy it'll be to commit to your hammer resolution in 2010.

GAMEBRIDGE Ltd., today announces that its “Happy Series” title Happy Hammerin’ will be available through the WiiWare™ channel across Europe on the 1st of January 2010 for 500 Wii Points.

Created by Japanese development studio Agenda, the team behind the hugely popular Nintendo DS game “Clubhouse Games “, Happy Hammerin’ is a fun-packed mole whacking party game with a variety of modes suitable for single players, friends and family alike.

  • Swing the Wii Remote™ like a hammer and sweat it out to compete against each other by bashing moles.
  • Choose your very own Mii and Hammer
  • Play as single player or go head to head with 3 friends.
  • Pick up bonus items throughout the gameplay to help you attack your opponents
  • Players can challenge themselves in three different modes, Mole adventure (1-2P), Mole
    Marathon (1P) and Party Battles (1-4P).
  • Mole Adventure consists of 4 themed stages (Horror, Japan, Jungle, Space) with 3
    difficulty levels.
  • View Statistics of your gameplay
  • Unlock various titles as you progress throughout the game
  • Register your scores online and compete in the world wide ranking to be crowned the
    world’s number one mole basher.

Whether or not you want to be crowned the "world's number one mole basher" is entirely your personal choice, of course. Be sure to check back for our Happy Hammerin' review in early January 2010, just after our Nintendo Life Game of the Year Awards!

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Objection said:

^Future inmate charged with animal abuse.
The music at the beginning is frighteningly catchy.



JamieO said:

I am such a divvy! When I clicked on the link from Nintendo Life's tweet I was all excited about the possibility of a new WiiWare edition of Irem's 1990 coin-op Hammerin' Harry. Doh, silly me!



SpaghettiToastBook said:

The controls look horrible. Using the pointer and motion controls at the the same time just doesn't work; you can tell by how jittery the hammers are in the video.



reborn said:

Looks very good this one. I probably give it a try!! It seems very funny xD



Porky said:

I like the mii and online leaderboard support. Can you vs. people online too?

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