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Podcast: Episode 10 - Reviews Round-Up and Game of the Year Launch!

Posted by James Newton

Catch up on November's releases and get involved in our Game of the Year Awards!

Following on from last month's stunning episode - we interviewed the voice of Mario, y'know! - we've got a huge wealth of reviews to take you through in this month's episode. Helping our host James Newton cover all the major releases is female favourite Tom Bowskill, and Kim Wild is back to update us on her Wii Fit Plus progress.

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You can get involved in our upcoming Nintendo Life Game of the Year Awards coming up in January. We'll be handing out gongs to the best Wii, DS, WiiWare and DSiWare games of 2009, and we're also inviting you to email, Tweet or Skype us your nominations for the best overall Game of the Year on any Nintendo console.

Will it be the manic multiplayer Mario action of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, or perhaps the superbly terrifying Dead Space Extraction? Maybe you want to favour Reflect Missile, LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias, Bit.Trip BEAT or, of course, the marvellous Sexy Poker.

Whatever you want to choose, you can find us on Twitter, Skype us at the username NintendoLife or email it directly using the Contact form. Please do not put your nominations in a comment or forum post as these are likely to go unnoticed and can easily be edited too. Get involved and make your voice heard for our first ever Nintendo Life Game of the Year Awards! Remember - you can vote for any game released on any Nintendo console in 2009!

To avoid the gnashing of teeth that comes with missing podcast episodes, subscribe to our Podcast (using iTunes) or download it using this direct link here. You can also find us on iTunes, so show the podcast some love as there is plenty more good stuff lined up in the future.

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User Comments (23)



Damo said:

Sonic 3 better than every Mario game? James, you kill me.

Aside from that, this is good stuff! Mario is here again!



James said:

Sonic 3 is miles better than Super Mario World. It's just a fact of life.

Tom actually sent in a whole load of impressions I didn't have time to use - maybe next time!



Damo said:

OK, as they say on the X-Factor - it's deadlock, it's time for the public to decide.

Which is better - Sonic 3 or Super Mario World?



James said:

From the news post:

Please do not put your nominations in a comment or forum post as these are likely to go unnoticed and can easily be edited too.

Tweet, Skype or Contact Us to get them heard!



Nanaki said:

I prefer my Mario voice. Should've done it all in that!

Lovely hearding your voice, as always, Jim



Sean_Aaron said:

Nice stuff. The pronunciation of your handle was interesting Tom, I always thought it was Nana-Kee or Na-Nakkeeeeeeeeeeeeee!



JamieO said:

Perhaps I should have given Sonic 3 more time, of all the 2D Sonic games, I play Sonic 2 the most.
I've got to be honest, Sonic is great, but Super Mario World beats all of the 2D Sonics from where I'm sitting, my vote is for SMW.
***** Edit: Doh! SMW is not my vote for Game of the Year, it is my pick for Sonic 3 Vs Super Mario World. I've tweeted a possible WiiWare choice, but I picked Contra ReBirth, because I am a retro 'run and gun' dork! Thanks for the podcast James, Tom and Kim. *****



Timwario said:

Sonic 3 better than every Mario game? HAHAHAHAHA! What a funny joke I almost took that seriously for a second.



V8_Ninja said:

I'm probably not gonna vote due to the fact that I haven't played all of those games.



suburban_sensei said:

I thought the NLFM podcast was all we were getting for the month. This is exciting, will give it a listen after I study a bit.



WolfRamHeart said:

Great podcast Prosody! I am really excited about these Nintendo Life awards! I already sent in my vote for Little King's Story as Game of the Year. I have a feeling that New Super Mario Bros. Wii is going to win anyway but maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. Oh and I really hope that you keep all your clothes on in the next podcast Prosody!



James said:

V8 Ninja - you can vote for absolutely any game released in 2009, they are just suggestions.

Suburban_sensei - NLFM and the podcast now exist side-by-side, breathing in unison, so expect to see lots more. The next NLFM is going to be up within a few weeks!

WolfRamHeart - cheers for your vote, and don't worry, I'll be fully-dressed in the next show. Perhaps it could be a special video podcast, in fact. Now you've got me thinking...



KarlThomson said:

Nice try and swinging the vote to Little Kings Story James, but my watchful eye caught you and your shenanigans out . If it wins, I will hold you in contempt of (NL) court.



James said:

Little King's Story will win - if not, I'll personally fly to South African to shoot Karl in the face.

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