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Online Mario Multiplayer May Happen Down the Line

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Miyamoto not ruling it out

A feature requested by fans and ultimately denied for New Super Mario Bros. Wii was online multiplayer, which would have been a potential new way to get angry at your friends for stealing all of the stupid Ice Flowers when they clearly don't need more than one.

Official Nintendo Magazine UK asked series creator Shigeru Miyamoto if online multiplayer was ever in the cards or if it maybe was held back for technical limitations, to which Miyamoto replied with a big verbal shrug:

Well, it's not for purely technological issues that it wasn't included. After all, as you know, we already have online play in Smash Bros., and technologically speaking, I don't think it's creating a high amount of lag. It's just a matter of our priorities when it comes to the creation of a game. We just prioritised on making a multiplayer mode where four players can sit together and play while seeing each other's faces.

While we don't typically stare at each other's faces while trying to focus on the chaos at hand in NSMBWii, Nintendo did a bang-up job with the local multiplayer. But what about sequels and such?

We thought that [local multiplayer] was more important as far as this New Super Mario Bros. was concerned, but we don't know about the future. Because network environments are getting better and better every day, it may be possible in a future edition to incorporate that type of multiplayer online mode for a real-time action game. But I am just talking about the technological aspect here. What's more important, of course, is if it's going to add to the fun aspect of the game.

Throwing in some Wii Speak support and Mario Kart Wii's online feature set spells "winner" to us.


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Chunky_Droid said:

This would only work with Wii Speak of course, otherwise you wouldn't have a clue what your friends are doing. I'm happy with the local multiplayer, I don't get on-line much with my games anyhow



Stargazer said:

Considering how fun New Super Mario is multi-player, I would love to see an online version.

Would've loved for this one to be online, but Nintendo doesn't need to add it because it sells without it.



Zammy said:

Meh, online multiplayer wouldn't work too well in my opinion. NSMBWii is a game where you have to be able to kill your friends in real life for killing you ingame. =P



even if had OL I wouldn't played it. The big deal about NSMBWii is being you with your friends laughing and agreeing to pass the level or even teasing each other. OL is ok for shooters or racing but not for platforms.



Objection said:

Online would be nice but it's not really necessary IMO so I wouldn't mind seeing it in future titles but it's not any bigger a priority with me than it seems to be with Miyamoto-san.



Starkiller said:

Obviously this'd be with friends only if they support wii speak, and it could probably work out. No chance for strangers, though.



KiroX777 said:

@ezekiel, nintendo needs to support everything more. we have online, wiispeak, classic control pro, double layered discs, ect... but ofcourse nintendo chooses the most non-fun ways playing the game. sure the game is fun without online, but how much more fun would it be to actually put effort into the game and ADD online and wiispeak. plus miis would have been a better addition than peach, i agree that peach would have to float. if she didnt i would be mad



KiroX777 said:


its not just any platformer, its MarioBros. were talking about. since we have played it for so many years it deserves a new feature. it should be online, and nintendo should get with the times. i think people are giving them too much credit for their mistakes. if you dont like something then speak up and complain so nintendo can make better games. iwata for example says people dont want online games, and that online is just a fad... cmon. since they make so much money for doing so little, why change it? unless they know we dont like it then they will change. i have a psp and so does myfriend. we would play old school snes games in two different rooms. you probably dont understand how fun it is to play donkeykong country and team up to beat the game with someone who isnt even next to you. now i have also played TMNT in time HD for 360 and its ofcourse, online. now if tmnt was by nintendo it would have never been in HD or online, and people would still be defending the game saying it doesnt need it. why? who knows. nintendo doesnt care and it pisses me off because i cant just switch to an HD console because it wont have any nintendo games obviously. and thats why i have nintendo stuff. so i say stop accepting there crap and start complaning



Zammy said:

@KiroX777, out of curiousity, why would you want to play Donkey Kong Country with your friend in different rooms? It doesn't make sense. :3



Alfred_ENG said:

Online multiplay is one of the most important things to me. Nintendo have done a poor job of online. Lack of support for WiiSpeak and the Wii Zapper and the Wii wheel. I hope Nintendo releases some big games in 2010. I didn't buy this Mario game because it had no online play. Online players will always be better then computer A.I players.

That's why one year ago i bought a Xbox 360. Online play is amazing. I have friends across the world. Don't be a fanbotboy try another console.

If Nintendo read this i want 1080p HD online multiplayer/Leaderboards , DLC and a harddrive. Wii demos. I want to be able to play Japanese and American Wii/GC games on a PAL Wii. I want Nintendo to make far more games. Pay CAVE to make Shmups on the Wii. You have 12-24 months to please me or i am gone. Thank you.

I also want Gamertags like Xbox 360. I want wide screen. No more 4:3 like Nitrobike. I want 30 player online F-Zero. I want all VC games to work with component cables. 60hz only games. Stop Ripping off E.U and AUS NZ. Buy Sega.

No bikes in the next Mario KART.



bowsersenemy said:

the only problem is, what nintendo calls fun, most people don't anymore. it's unfortunate, but the only way people can have fun is if they're blowing something's head of with loads of blood, and preferably, online, with leaderboards to show off how good they are and get either loads of praise, or lots of people mad at them. nintendo may be lazy, but at least they still know how to make truly fun games, even if it is rare now.



aaronsullivan said:

Get friends play together in one room. Just sayin'.
No way you are going to replicate that feeling over the intarpipes. I guess with WiiSpeak there would be an approximation, but seriously, it's just not the same unless you can elbow the person sitting next to you.

With more verbosity, the kill-you-and-steal-from-you-now-cooperate-and-help-a-split-second later nature of the game works much better with the immediate verbal and non-verbal communications of a small group in a single room.

I'm not against online play for this particular type of game, but I don't really see much value in it compared to other types of games.



jbrodack said:

Nintendo does need to get with the times as far as online play goes. HD graphics aren't so important but online play is. More varied multiplayer modes in general would have been nice too. Its a lot of fun without online but online play done right would have made it amazing.



dings said:

Next game should be Mario/Luigi/Toad/Princess since it will be New Super Mario Bros. 2. It'd be fun it they make it where you can unlock your Mii when you beat it or something.

Also for the love of god, make a level editor!! That would be the most fun ever for a Mario game!



Percentful said:

@ALFRED-ENG Maybe, instead of demanding so much, you could try being thankful that nintendo makes any games or consoles at all. Also, some people can't get another console because they can't afford it, not because they are a fanboy.
I think everyone should be more thankful. Rather than thinkking, "this would be so much better if it had online multiplayer", think "I'm glad that this game has multiplayer at all."
Oh, and if you aren't pleased and you leave, I doubt nintendo will care. The same applies to anyone who has a wii or other nintendo console.



Deviant_Mugen said:

Amazing how whiny people can get over a triviality like online multi-player. Some games would benefit from it, sure, but NSMBWii is not one of those games. Hell, there's games out that include online, but no local multi-player, or only support two-player local--now THAT is an outrage...



Alfred_ENG said:

Hello 110percentful, I don't have to thank Nintendo for anythink. I am not asking for too much. You don't care about online gaming that's fine, But i do care. My money is as good as yours. Nintendo has let me down. As you said they don't care about what i want or what i think. I have some power. I can stop buying their goods. The future looks bad for Nintendo. I wonder if their next console will do as well as the Wii. Maybe i am just getting too old, Been gaming for ages. I can't play offline multiplayer. No one i know is a gamer. Anyway online is better.

Thank you for your post, I hope you enjoy all the great new Nintendo games coming out in 2010.



Alfred_ENG said:

I maybe whiny, I maybe wrong. Most of you don't want online functions. I am in the minority. I will shut up now.



Vinsanity said:

Alfred ENG has a point and I agree with that.
While I agree with them that local multiplayer with friends and family you actually know in person is BY FAR superior to the anonymous crap that goes on over, say, Xbox live, the OPTION for it in NSMB Wii would've been greatly appreciated. I would love to have gotten the chance to play this game with my buds from college, and now that we're all graduated, we're in completely different states. Nintendo is too Japan-focused sometimes; they gotta realize that other countries that buy their games are much, much bigger.
Though honestly, I would much prefer a level editor with online level sharing to make it into a Mario game. After LittleBigPlanet and Mega Man Powered Up, ALL sidescrollers should have those features. I don't care how much content you have Mario Wii; I can blow through it with my sister in a week, tops:) Meanwhile I'm STILL playing Powered Up on my PSP...



y2josh said:

@110percentful: Online in this day and age is starting to become a must with about any game that has multiplayer. But since Nintendo doesn't care and they make bookoos of money without it they don't care. I love Nintendo, but it does seem silly to not include the online feature for those who want it.



Big_A2 said:

I'm more disapointed that there isn't more levels with Yoshi than about freakin' online multiplayer.



JimLad said:

"It's just a matter of our priorities when it comes to the creation of a game."

That's hilarious, as it's the exact reason FPS developers give for having online but NOT a local multiplayer.
The preference seems to be split among different studios, but I can't see why it's so much work to modify what you have to cover both modes.
I swear it's just laziness on both sides, as he said: it wasn't technological issues.
I'm going to guess there wouldn't have been enough time to meet the christmas deadline, and that's the reason.



JakobG said:

I second Miyamoto's opinion.
If you're not face to face to your partners, NSMBW is a mess.



DarkEdi said:

Miyamoto thinks online exagerated lag in smash bros is ok.

A want no more stupid friend codes. An account for play like xbox it´s ok.



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

Not including online multiplayer was just lazy by Nintendo. Why does Wii support online multiplayer at all if not for games like this? Thanks to decisions like this I lose all my faith in Nintendo and Miyamoto developing great games and consoles in the future.



chris3116 said:

Online gaming for me is overrated. If I want to play online, it's on PC. Most of time I don't give a crap on online gaming. For me, Xbox Live killed the superior online PC gaming. I don't play Nintendo games for online and I play them to have fun.



Magicpegasus said:

Wii games I want to play online: Call of Duty WaW and Reflex. Not mario, not kart, not smash, not anything else. NSMBW was made to get generations of gamers into the same room to play Mario together and make some noise. Try that out. Then go turn on your xbox, put on the little headset, log in, and listen to a 12 year call you a homosexual for about five hours. Which experience was more fun?



Kid_A said:


I totally agree with you (although I do love Kart and Smash online). NSMBW was just meant to be a local multiplayer game. Online multiplayer is fun, but it lacks that personal touch that you get with local. When we look back at the great multiplayer experiences in history, we see Goldeneye, Mario Kart, Perfect Dark, Smash Bros Melee, Wii Sports--the thing that those games have in common? Local multiplayer only (with the exception of the latest mario kart). Local multiplayer is a way to bond with your friends and create lasting memories. Online is, in my opinion, a last resort.



jbrodack said:

Not everyone has a chance to play local multiplayer often. Though .Nintendo likes to make it hard the best way to play online is with people you know, which can be easier than getting friends from different areas into one room. You say it doesn't need online mutliplayer but if it had robust online features you'd all be going crazy over it.



RowdyRodimus said:

That the Wii doesn't have the online MP of say the 360 doesn't bother me in the least. Why? Because to often the developers spend too much time making online maps and game types and the offline game suffers because of it. We pay 50-70 bucks for a game and we should exect more than a three hour single player campaign because they want to make the Fratcore players happy with the ability to teabag online opponents.

I know Matt from IGN said Nintendo is lazy and we don't care, but the truth is MOST developers are lazy now and we don't care. We allow them to put out the same game year after year adding nothing but new maps and a number behind the title and if the graphics are good it's a game of the year candidate. The developers do this because they know they can. We've allowed them to become lazy because the titles sell and why try if they can do a half assed port of an already made game and add a few new rifle skins and maps? The only voice any of us have is with our wallet, support the games you like and if you want certain features buy the games that have those features. I prefer single player games so that's pretty much all I buy but if Nintendo makes a Mario game with online MP I'd buy it, as long as the single player game didn't suffer because of it.



DoubleAIV said:

Replay value is the most important aspect of a game to me, and adding online modes to a game doesnt nessicarily add replay value in a big way. I would prefer that Nintendo add more additional modes to games once the story's done, just look at Mario&Luigi Bowser inside story, once youve comleted the story what are you to do?



StarDust4Ever said:

Online multiplayer is perfect for competitive games, but New Super Mario Brothers Wii is more about teamwork, which requires communication between players. It's no fun when immature players join an online game just to reek havoc on their teammates. Too many Xbox live games have been ruined by players sabotaging missions, say for example by assassinating their comrads in a war combat game. Then there's the potty-mouthed fratboys and teens yelling obscenities and hurling insults back and fourth through the headsets. That wouldn't work very well for family-oriented games. MarioKart and Smash Brothers are every player for him/herself, with everybody attacking everybody, a formula which works very well in this situation. But when you've got multiple players working to achieve a common goal, as is the case in New Mario Wii, it only takes one bad apple to spoil the barrel.

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