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Nintendo Trademarks "WiiRelax"

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Could this be the Vitality Sensor's first game?

There's a lot Nintendo still needs to explain about their upcoming Vitality Sensor peripheral, which was announced at E3 and then plunged into media darkness. Like how it'll be implemented in a game, or what upcoming games will even support the device.

During some European trademark probing, Siliconera discovered that Nintendo had secured the rights to "WiiRelax" for PAL territories. Which sounds like a pretty good fit for a vitality-sensing game.

Of course, this could just be an instance of Nintendo covering their bases as they've been known to do. But with titles like Wii Fit, Play and Sports, "Relax" seems like a logical introduction for the peripheral. It would certainly fit the naming convention.


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Bobpie said:

"WiiRelax - Do Absolutely Nothing While Wearing A Weird Thing On Your Finger!"



Percentful said:

I imagine it will involve some very soothing games of some sort, and it shows if you calm down.



Kid_A said:

I've supported Nintendo with games like Wii Fit and Wii Music--games most people bash to no end--but this WiiRelax business has me a little worried.



Mabbit said:

heaven help us...50 dollars put towards buying a video game to help you relax...



Stuffgamer1 said:

Don't knock it just yet...if anybody could pull this idea off, it's Nintendo. Who knows? This just might turn out to be THE game to pop in after a really crappy day at work. Y'know, the kind of day where you come home and don't feel up to playing ANYTHING with ANY semblence of challenge WHATSOEVER. Kinda like I felt a few hours ago...



Caliko said:

I remember hundreds of "hardcore" gamers bashing me when I said Wii Fit would become more popular than Brawl.

Like the above poster said, only Nintendo could pull this off. It's funny how in an industry cluttered in FPS and "M Rated" clones, gamers still want Nintendo to play copy cat. If Nintendo made a Gears of War clone would that make you happier???



JTC-Pingas said:

I will agree though that it seems like EVERY game these days has to be an FPS. Those are very fun to a point but sometimes it seems like there are too many.



Caliko said:

Whether FPS games are fun or not is besides the point.

I truly believe artistic individualism should be critical in ANY industry. Playing copy cat dramatically decreases artistic value.
How many times do we see this happen in the music and movie industry?



brandonbwii said:

"Could this be the Vitality Sensor's first game?"

Could it be the Vitality Sensor's ONLY game? (by Nintendo at least)



JimLad said:

Wii Deathbed - For the latest demographic, known as: 'last chance gamers'

...yeah that was sick, but honestly I have no idea what to think about this until they officially announce an application.



TKOWL said:

The Sensor looks it like it could cut off the circulation to my finger...



JTC-Pingas said:

@my #14 post. Seriously though. Nintendo could be developing an F-Zero or Starfox but NO.



blank_user_1 said:

I doubt the validity of any piece of news from Siliconera, so I discourage further reposting of it. Regarding the vitality sensor, now, that is not what I bought my Wii for.



BlueBandanaJake said:

"We'll see", (Wii'll See?) is all I really have to say. It's very difficult to imagine how Nintendo plans to use the Vitality Sensor for games, but until they explain it to us we really cant complain. I guess I'm just really curious as to the things they're cooking up with this thing, and hopefully they wont turn out to be lame.



Viral said:

It'd be cool if they could send shock pulses from it to your hand if you get a question wrong in a game.



TKOWL said:

Well we were optimistic about the Wii Controller at first and it turned out to be awesome so maybe this will be good...................



NoSeriously said:

Hmm. Someone hacked a finger pulse oximeter and plugged it into a Wii Remote. Never thought medical equipment would be made into game console accesories (not counting the balance board even though it can act as a scale).



Wolfo said:

I don't have idea of any use for this device, i hope nintendo surprise us

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