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Nintendo to Introduce New Touch Screen Kiosks in Japan

Posted by Rebecca Gunn

Ignorance no longer an excuse when buying games

Nintendo has revealed new kiosks for display in major retail outlets in Japan. They come in two flavours: flat screen devices for counters and retail kiosks for floor display. Both come with wonderfully hi-tech touch screens and cameras.

Customers will be able to pick up any DS or Wii game and flash them (cheeky!) at the kiosk's camera, which will scan the cover and dig for information on the game and a trailer. In addition, it'll automatically list the upcoming two weeks of software release dates, and users can also check Nintendo Channel recommendations and Media Create sales data. So, a bit of something for everyone!

These will be highly useful to shoppers, especially those less acquainted with video games and brands and will surely help the sometimes tough process of knowing what games are big and which are clunkers. However, it remains to be seen if these kiosks will see the light of day outside of Japan just yet.


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pixelman said:

Weird, haha. Looks cool. It'd be a good idea to have in the states where a lot of people just pick up random crap that "looks cool".



astarisborn94 said:

I really hope it does come up here. There would be more inform purchases and higher standards for the Wii.



Snipes said:

A neat idea and concept, but it might now reach too far out of Japan for a long time.



Mabbit said:

wow, on the latest news column, it says that this was posted -135 seconds ago



skywake said:

Nintendo are on the ball with the Nintendo Channel data. This is exactly what the Nintendo Channel data needed to be used for. Even better when put in places where people can't ignore it.

Pity that we probably will never see stuff like this in Australia....



bro2dragons said:

very good idea. if it brings up review scores, that could do wonders for the quality of games. as shoppers scan the games and weed out the crappy ones, poorly made games decline in sales, and good ones rise. this forces developers to do things right... or go into another line of business. love hotel chains, maybe?



Vander said:

Please bring this to the US Nintendo! Keep the crap away from the kids who deserve quality games not Hannah Montana!



AVahne said:

if this comes out in America, hopefully it'll slow down the sales of crappy shovelware games



Token_Girl said:

I dunno, it doesn't actually show reviews or anything. Just links to a trailer and synopsis. It will only weed out games SO BAD they can't find 30 seconds of stuff that looks fun, and possibly would be except for the fact the controls are broken, there's nothing else to do, etc. Plus, people would actually have to walk over to it and use it. I don't think this will weed out crappy games effectively.



Good said:

I hope North America and Europe get these too becasue I want to know if I'm buying a good game or not!



JimLad said:

It may not kill off shovelware, but it's a start for clueless shoppers at least.

Also: Rebecca Gunn... what a cool name. That's someone who never goes out without a revolver and a pack of cards.



yoshdude64 said:

I would sure appreciate this in BestBuy and FutureShop so I can show my parents that it IS a good game! Just let me buy it! PLEASE!



RyuZebian said:

Nintendo - The mother of innovation. And some crazy poo as well. This seems like a little bit of both, but in time we will probably learn that it was actually just the first!



HipsterDashie said:

They already have something similar here in the UK - in my local HMV store, they have small (~7inch) touchscreen displays that let you browse for information and trailers onl the latest releases and other popular titles, but I think it only gave info for Wii games.



blank_user_1 said:

It's been said a thousand times before by Americans, but why does Japan always get the coolest stuff?



RebeccaGunn said:

@VGM and @JimLad Yes I'm new. Sort of working my way around and getting settled in! (Still need an avatar, working on that) but thanks for the kind welcomes : )

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