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Nintendo Shifted A Boatload Of Hardware Last Week In US

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Over 1.5 million units bought between bites of turkey

Last week was yet another good time to be Nintendo as the company reports on selling around a hojillion hardware units in the US.

According to the company's internal tracking numbers, over 1.5 million Wii and DS/i systems combined were sold during Thanksgiving Week. If you want to get all micro, that's more than 150 systems every minute for a week. Even more microscopic measurements put that at one sold every 2.5 seconds.

Of the 1.5 million-ish, Nintendo reckons more than 550,000 units were Wiis. The DS and DSi, then, shifted over a million units, likely helped by some neat-o bundles.

Did you snap up any Nintendo hardware last week?

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Caliko said:

Great. Seems like Nintendo is making all the money on their own console this generation. Console and software wise. If third parties step it up they too can have a slice of cake.

I wonder how third parties will approach the Wii 2? Will HD graphics finally be enough to convince them to develop? Or will they continue with the whiny excuses? For me personally I don't care. Nintendo is my favorite software developer. Gimme Zelda, Wii Fit, Mario, Wii Sports, Metroid and I'm sold!



Percentful said:

I want to find out Sony's sales so I can compare. Hopefully all the sales are belong to Nintendo so I can laugh in Sony's face. [I wouldn't be laughing if it weren't for Andrew House]



Caliko said:

and Wii Fit is a fad diet!

I remember arguing with a bunch of "hardcore" gamers back in 2007 how Wii Fit would outsell smash bros. (This was before both games were released) It was me vs. 10. They were like "but all gamers want Brawl. It has good graphics and Sonic and good gameplay."
My reply was "but EVERYONE wants to be fit, especially in America. It WILL outsell the incredible Smash Bros.Brawl.".... They thought I was crazy...



super-nintendo said:

Sony sold 440K Thanksgiving and Michael Pachter estimates 880K total for PS3 November North America!

Wii sold 550K and MP estimates 1.1m for the month in N.A.

Microsoft refused to comment..LMAO

Sony and Nintendo did awesome.



jkrguitar said:

Wii beating PS3 on reports I've seen
Wii over 550,000
PS3 440,000

Wii selling over a million ds(i) units
Pretty sure Nintendo beat Sony there too

Way to go Nintendo!!!.



Percentful said:

@jkrguitar/super-nintendo Hah HAH! Take that sony! Who deserves the right to trash talk now?! Heheheheheheheh [that makes me happy, not that I don't like Sony, but Andrew shouldn't talk like that, just embarrasses himself when he turns out wrong.]



motang said:

Yeah that's a lot, I also hear Sony did as well with PS3 but MS was the only one that didn't do so well.



HipsterDashie said:

And yet, life continues as normal here in Blighty.

When's our holiday for doing sod all and stuffing our faces with turkey?



vherub said:

not that it matters in the larger scheme of life and happiness, but I think the Sony numbers include the 29th, while the Nintendo numbers do not



TingLz said:

What's that? Sony of Europe's boss was wrong again? What a big surprise!!



WolfRamHeart said:

I imagine Walmart selling their DS systems for $98 was also a big contributor to those DS sales numbers.



AVahne said:

holy crap. in just one week? well....i intend to get a DSi for xmas lol



0-Watt said:

Allow me to put a little downer on the news here. Wii actually sold less this year than last. About 37% less, in fact. So, while the DS sold massive this past week, the Wii is still down YoY.



Rapadash6 said:

I think we should lay off Sony. 440,000 units is very good and Sony really stepped up their game this year, so they deserve it. Nintendo, however, is pretty much unbeatable at this point, at least in North America. As much as I love the Wii (probably my favorite system ever), I think it only has a couple viable years left in her though and Nintendo would be wise to have a new, high definition and fully backwards compatable, version ready in 2011.



Mik said:

"If you want to get all micro, that's more than 150 systems every minute for a week. Even more microscopic measurements put that at one sold every 2.5 seconds."

No, based on the figures given, that's 2.5 consoles per second, not the other way 'round.



Viper6391 said:

That ought teach Andrew to keep his big mouth shut. It's so funny when Sony is proven wrong. Then again, Sony does have a point that Wii sales are not as high as they once where, but judging by these numbers it seems that there's still people who are interested in getting a Wii. If you got titles such as New Super Mario Bros coming out then people are going want to buy. Speaking of New Super Mario Bros, the stores have been selling out on that game. I can't find a copy anywhere at least in my area!



MasterGraveheart said:

They're saving up the money they're making off of the Wii to establish a console that'll blow what Sony and Microsoft have up their sleeves next out of the water. Take one step back to take one leap forward. Nintendo is brilliant and this is helping promote the cause.



V8_Ninja said:

Is it even possible to sell more Wiis? Virtually every kid that isn't in desperate need of water and/or food and their mothers have one about now.



Percentful said:

@Rapadash the reason we are attacking Sony is just because of Andrew House. He was talking about how the PS3 was going to beat the wii and that the Wii was flagging. He ended up being wrong, and he is known for trash talking in the past. If he was silent and said something like good luck, I'm sure everyone would congratulate both sony and Nintendo. Poor MS though.



geek-master said:

how is the upgrade to wiifit selling called wiifit plus? just the disk version only that sells for 20$



MoFaJo said:

If Nintendo is making a new console by 2011 like the square enix boss said (cant remember his name off the top of my head) then I feel real sad for all the people who are FINALLY getting a wii, I've had mine ever sense they came out with the thing, and i still feel like it hasn't had nearly enough play time



astarisborn94 said:

Yay for more Nintendo fans! Nintendo is doing so well with the console, it's unbelievable.

However, we'll see a lot of sissy-fight about the Wii when it surpass the Nintendo Entertainment System in sales.



Token_Girl said:

If it's backwards compatible, I'll be ready for a new one by Xmas 2011, and I got mine Xmas 2008. If it's not, I'll wait a bit, since I won't be able to sell the Wii.

It would be interesting to see the breakdown between DSi vs. DS Lite consoles.

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