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New Super Meat Boy Details

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Team Meat let loose a few new details.

I was fortunate enough to get the chance to speak to Edmund McMillen from Team Meat today and he let me in on some new information about their upcoming WiiWare platformer Super Meat Boy. So without further ado, let's get to it.

We mentioned in past news items that the game will feature quite a few hidden characters from other independent game titles. Some have already been announced, like Tim from Braid and Commander Video from the Bit.Trip series of games. Of course what we didn't know was that each character will have their own unique style of play control as well. One example I got the chance to see in action today was Commander Video and his very floaty jump that allows him to hover a short time in the air, sort of reminiscent of the way Princess Peach controls in the NES Super Mario Bros. 2 release. He also leaves a really cool rainbow trail as he runs around the level. Ed assures us that the other characters making a cameo appearance will also feature their own unique traits as well.

We've also reported in the past that the game will feature unique warp levels that resemble past eras of video gaming, like the 8-bit levels with their stripped down and very pixelated look. Now Team Meat has revealed that the game will also feature a very unique set of monochromatic 8-bit levels that resemble those of the classic Nintendo GameBoy system. If you thought the NES levels were cool, wait until you get a load of these in action. They look amazing, as does the little black & white version of Meat Boy you'll see running around the levels.

Edmund says he and the other guys are still hard at work putting the finishing touches on the game and look to have it completed and submitted to Nintendo sometime in the first quarter of 2010. He did give us a new screenshot showing off a brand new area in the game called the Salt Factory. You can see the various layers of parallax scrolling and the added detail of the level. It looks even better in motion.

Just from watching the newest videos of the game in action, it's clear that Super Meat Boy is shaping up to be one of the most exciting upcoming WiiWare titles of 2010. Edmund has told us that we should be getting a new preview build of the game in a couple of weeks, so we'll likely have more hands-on impressions of the game around that time. Stay tuned!

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Tsuchinoko said:

they're working so hard on this game, i can tell.
lets all support the indie guys!!



Nintendophile said:

I'm thinking maybe, just MAAAAYbe, one of the hidden characters might be Alien Hominid. It would fit with the indy-game theme they're going for with the hidden characters. (How cool would it be to see that lil' yellow guy again? )



odd69 said:

GAWD i cannot wait for this.It's going to be a long wait for me that's for sure.



bro2dragons said:

this really seems like it ought to be a retail release instead. this is shaping up to be SO cool.... i'd gladly spend a whole 2000 points on it if it turns out half as cool as it sounds.



Twilight_Crow said:

Yes, Commander Video FTW!
Can't wait to play this game, and with many characters with their own control twists... it's pure platforming awesomesauce!



Odnetnin said:

Corbie used emoticons!!!!1 How unprofessional!!!!1
But seriously, that Game Boy screen is cockawesome.



almostnacho said:

Looks interesting, but Super Meat Boy? How am I supposed to abbreviate that without any confusion? Also, I remember Tim! Great game, BTW.



JakobG said:

Salt Factory was in the Flash game, so it isn't that new.
The Gameboy-levels look awesome, remind me on Wario Land or Kirby.

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