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Legend Of Zelda TV Series Hits Hulu

Posted by Karl Thomson

American fans get to stream 80's Zelda straight to their eyeballs

Remember the Eighties? The delightful era of one-hit wonders, atrociously awesome fashion and reams of bad videogame series? Well, Hulu has seen fit to stream The Legend of Zelda, a 13-part series, back into the 21st century so everyone can enjoy the "brilliance" of the Zelda cartoon series.

The eagle-eyed Zelda fans among you may question why Princess Zelda has a boomerang on the title screen - surely she can rescue herself if she's got a secret weapon? That would likely make for very short, simple adventure games, though. Maybe it's for the best.

Here's the blurb straight from Hulu:

The Legend Of Zelda is an animated fantasy-adventure based on the celebrated Nintendo videogame. Its two main stars are Link, a fifteen-year-old adventurer, and Zelda, a princess of the same age, who fight with monsters, ghosts, icky creatures and each other as they try to save the kingdom of Hyrule.

Yeah, that's right, icky creatures. Be careful!

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KarlThomson said:

Lurch, did you watch the vid? Its PAINFUL. Apparently, the phrase is said 29 times over the 13 episodes

James, its my pleasure .

Aviator, I wouldn't call watching this series a perk, but I have to agree. Australians, New Zealanders, and South Africans all get screwed when it comes to this kind of thing.



Rensch said:

At least this show is not as corny as the CD-i games.....

....but enough about those already!



Aviator said:

@4 Its not so much the series that I could easily watch on youtube, its the fact that day in day out we get the Americans complaining for various reasons when they have it better than others.

EDIT: Watched the video. No wonder Ganon wants to kill him.



SanderEvers said:

I got every single episode on my PC.. I watch them very often

And I must say, it is way cooler than that Pokémon show!



Hawker said:

Back when this was a new series, I liked this show much more then the Mario Bros cartoon, but I tried to watch it again a few years ago, & couldn't believe I thought this was good....



LztheQuack said:

Americans can whine if they want! If we didn't, we wouldn't be Americans!

This is one of those shows that is so bad, that it's funny. Another example of this is Captain N: The Game Master.



suburban_sensei said:

Part of me wanted to buy the series on dvd for nostalgic purposes, because I know it really isn't that great. Nice to see we get it for free on Hulu, though.



NintenFreak said:

i thought the video was pretty fun and i liked when link was falling down the water fall "EEXXCUUUUSE MEEE PRIINCESSSS"

EDIT: @ raphaelluik, the only good nintendo cartoon was "kirby:right back at ya" i loved that show "



JayArr said:

I used to wait with bated breath for every new episode.........what the hell was wrong with me as a kid?



jangonov said:

That show was so painful...I did not grow up in them, but the 80's seem terrible



primeris said:

Crap, shouldn't have watched that video right before bed... Can't get it out of my head now....



Nathan said:

LOL at the video...

I loved the Zelda games and I was always excited to watch the cartoon when it came on. Even if he did say that phrase at least once in every episode.



City_Of_Delusion said:

In the words of Strong Bad: Shut up, lady! Peaceful is not how I roll.

attempts to shoot the video, with on oversized shotgun



SuperJim64 said:

No wonder I skipped Friday's on the Super Mario Bros Super Show when they showed this... Wasn't Bud Bundy the host of the show? and OMG my eyes is right! Zelda has a camel toe



Ausden said:

Yes, the catch phrase was annoying. But this was just one of a hoard of awesome cartoon shows in the 80's. Glad to have the box set of this series already. Now lets get my favorite childhood series on there...M.A.S.K!!!

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