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Golden Wii An Exercise In Excess

Posted by Karl Thomson

Apparently consoles made of plastic just aren't enough

Stuart Hughes, a gentleman from Liverpool, happened to become rather bored with his white plastic Wii. Rather than sitting at home whining about it, he decided to put his skills as a jeweller to work and create something rather different.

The results of his labours? This rather fine golden Wii, or Wii SUPREME as Stuart calls it. Crafted with over two-and-a-half kilos of 22ct gold, a total of 19.5ct diamonds, six months of tireless precision and literally limitless quantities of poor taste, the Wii SUPREME will be limited to just three units for fine purveyors of videogaming bling. We at Nintendo Life have no doubt that rappers will happily shoot their rivals to get one of these. Please note your controllers will still be in boring old plastic as Mr Hughes is presumably too busy admiring his console handiwork to cover those fiddle buttons in the same golden treatment.

This fine piece of 'art' will set you, or your neighbourhood rockstar, back 300,000 of your finest Pounds Sterling. Stuart proudly boasts the Wii SUPREME (we aren't joking, supreme is in all caps) is the world's most expensive console. Apparently Stuart hasn't tried to find a Neo Geo MVS with its full ROM set.

Ben Heck, eat your heart out.


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Nintendokid said:

Nintendo will be bringing new Wii console colour's but you would have to be a millionair to get a Wii supreme.Queen Elizebeth has a golden Wii Supreme lucky.



RyuZebian said:

Nice. But why not just buy a normal Wii and tons of jewelry? That you could show off anywhere you go!



Objection said:

300,000 pounds? No thanks, I'd rather get every console and every decent game possible for that price.



Percentful said:

It looks more like something that would go in a video game museum or something....
I would just spend the money on accessories and games for my real wii, kind of like what OB said.



TingLz said:

This is nothing. I have a PS3 made from nothing BUT gold! Haha, and you all thought the original PS3 was expensive



pixelman said:

Worthless trash. I'll be impressed when they craft an entire working Wii out of pixels.



AVahne said:

impressive, but i would rather use that money to buy all the accessories and all the games that i've been dying to get



Snipes said:

Does it play golden games? And does it have a golden t.v. to play it on?



Big_A2 said:

@13.lz2009: You obviously must not play it much if it hasn't already melted.



Token_Girl said:

Whatever, you can get golden triforce cases for your DS Lite for like 5 dollars on ebay. i'll just bling that up.



Steamboat_Willie said:

lol at the Neo Geo joke. Man those games were expensive back in the day. Oh, and the Wii looks great. It would be cool if Nintendo would release some gold colored ones.



JimLad said:

It'll turn up on MTV Cribs no doubt.
I like it, wouldn't buy one even if I was rich but kudos to the guy anyway.
Good thing he didn't make the controllers golden, imagine how tiring it would be to do motions or hold a steady aim.
Also, love the shouted name. wii... SUPREME!!!!!!1



Viral said:

I think this is definitely a waste of time, effort, and money. This guy could've probably produced more jewelry out of the gold than paint a Wii with it.



NoSeriously said:

My first comment on this website and it's about a golden Wii. Don't drop it. It'd probably go right through the floor.
6 months to make that thing. I wonder if he has/ever would consider spending that much time doing something to make the world a better place.



Blue_Protoman said:

Mr. Hughes, Goldfinger would like to have a word with you.

I, personally, would love to be...
raises sunglasses
The Man With The Golden Gun, err, Wii.




thewiirocks said:

@Bulbasaurus - Pure gold is extremely soft and would not hold its shape very well. Alloying the gold is more effective at preserving the shape and look of the object.

I suspect the key reason why the Wii Remote didn't get jeweled the same way is that it would be completely impractical. The console at least just sits there, but the remote is subject to a number of stresses that would be guaranteed to cause dents, scratches, warping, lost stones, and other undesirable wear and tear.



OldBoy said:

A golden Wii....Nah no thanks...give me a golden shower though.....then I'd be a happy man.

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