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DSiWare Dragon's Lair Hits US Next Week

Posted by James Newton

Dirk still as daring after over twenty years

You can't keep a good animated game down, as Digital Leisure proves with its upcoming release of the genre-defining Dragon's Lair, out on DSiWare in North America on December 21st.

A handheld port of the arcade game, Dragon's Lair promises to be a faithful translation of the knight's original escapade before all that 3D nonsense took over.

We'll have a full review of Dragon's Lair shortly after its release on the US service. We haven't forgotten about you European gamers, though - you can look forward to downloading it from the DSiWare shop on January 1st, 2010.

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Hardy83 said:

How will they fit all the video in? That's gotta be some crazy compression if they do.



Reala said:

Thought we saw the last of FMV games ages ago, oh well it seems to have its fans, but I'm steering well clear, learned all about FMV gaming with Mega CD, apart from Road Avenger they where all awful.



motang said:

Dammit they have to stop doing this, I just bought Rayman. Oh well, another game won't hurt.



Objection said:

It really surprises me that this FMV game is coming to DSiware. I'll be curious to see how well it played out.



RyuZebian said:

Considering the resolution of the DS's screens, compressing it to a format that would look good on those wouldn't be a problem... And if people doubt the DS capabilities, then just check out Ninokuni. If there is anywhere to be doubting about DS capabilities it's for this game! If it would the game would look as good as in the trailers then it might just be the best looking DS title ever. So yeah, Dragons Lair would be a breeze for the DS compared to that.



blackknight77 said:

Yessssssssssss!!!!! I will download it ASAP. Thanks Digital Leisure

This will be my first must own DSi title.



Corbs said:

Even after 25 years, I bet I could still sit down with this game and blow through it having played it so much in arcades. Kids in junior high school used to pay me to play through it so they could see the whole story unfold. Ah good times.



WolfRamHeart said:

I'm a bit cautious about getting this after Digital Leisure's last game, Copter Crisis. I think I'll just wait for the review.



Hardy83 said:


I don't doubt the DSi's graphics capabilities, I questions them being able to fit in all the video with Nintendo's size restrictions for DSiWare, which to my knowledge, is 20MB.



Sneaker13 said:

You guys knew this was also in the GBC. Saw a movie yesterday and was really, really impressed.



warioswoods said:

I'm mostly curious about saving features... I'd rather not replay the opening scenes every time I launch it on the DSi.



cheetahman91 said:

The pictures remind me of those old '80's cartoons. Never played this before since my MAME lists it as non-working.



odd69 said:

Why couldn't they release a remake on Wiiware? or the VC atleast.The dsi? Really? Oh well i guess, it's going to fail anyways.



blackknight77 said:

The iphone version of Dragon's Lair was reviewed on IGN recently and received and impressive score. I think the DSi version will as well.



RyuZebian said:


I thought so. But I honestly don't know how long this game is... o' 10 minutes? Half an hour? Anything bigger than 20 minutes I could definitely imagine compression as an issue!



thewiirocks said:

@warioswoods - iPhone is an even better answer. Space Ace, Cobra Command, and Dragon's Lair are all available and inexpensive. (I snagged Cobra Command for only $0.99!) More LaserDisc games are expected to make the trek to the phone in the future, so it's a good time to be an iPhone owner.

As for the DSi version, I'm suspicious. I don't care how much they compress the video, they're not going to manage quality in 20MB. My fear is that the imagery will be of poor quality (e.g. pixelated, low color count, dithered, etc.) and that the frame rate will be something atrocious like 5 frames per second.

I'm looking forward to being proven wrong, but I'm not exactly hopeful that this will end well. Especially with such high powered names like Digital Leisure behind the title...



Sylverstone said:

Wow, another remake.

(It would be normal for a random dude to blurt out why there isn't a DSi VC yet right now, but no.)



bob12345 said:

i like it sorta but the way u gotta play it isnt really the types of games i like

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