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DS is the UK's Best-Selling Console Ever

Posted by James Newton

Handheld machine tops the 10 million mark in Britain

We all know that the DS is only rivalled in popularity by lollipops and puppies, but perhaps we underestimated its appeal until Nintendo announced it's sold over ten million units in the UK alone, making it the most-bought console these Sceptred Isles have ever seen.

Considering the population of the UK is estimated at 61 million that's a startlingly high purchase rate, and means it's outsold the previous record holder, Sony's PlayStation 2, in less than five years, another good achievement when you consider PS2 is getting on for ten years old now.

One final eye-opening statistic before the congratulatory press release: the DS console sells for around £100. It's sold over ten million units. You don't have to break out the calculators to realise that Nintendo is absolutely swimming in moolah. Here's the full press release from the Big N itself:


Unique and intuitive video game console helps to broaden appeal to new non-traditional audiences

10th December 2009: Figures released today courtesy of GfK Chart-Track, the UK’s leading music, video and software performance and sales tracking company, reveal Nintendo’s market leading handheld console, Nintendo DS, has now sold over ten million units in the UK, making it the best selling console of any kind in the territory’s history.*

Since its launch in the UK on 11th March 2005, almost one in six people now own a Nintendo DS system. It has now outsold the previous record holder, which has been on sale in the UK for over nine years in less than five!

Nintendo's Touch Generations range of software, which has been expanding the definition of video game, has resonated strongly with people of all ages, extending its appeal to a non-traditional gaming audience, which now sees people aged between five and 95 picking up and playing Nintendo DS consoles. The achievements of titles such as Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training: How Old Is You Brain? and More Brain Training alongside recent launches including 100 Classic Book Collection and 42 All-Time Classics, has seen the Nintendo DS system significantly expand the audience traditionally associated with videogames. As well as sons and daughters, mums, dads and even grandmas and granddads across the UK can be seen getting to grips with their Nintendo DS systems.

Top hole, Nintendo.

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Sneaker13 said:

Haha, take that Sony . But serious, well done Nintendo. And it's a great handheld which started the trend of reaching the new, casual, non-gamer audiences.



Damo said:

Amazing scenes. I still remember people saying it had no chance in the face of the PSP. TBH, both handhelds have sold well, which is incredible when you consider how many portable formats failed to dent Nintendo's market share.



Corbs said:

The PSP has been impressive. But the DS has just kicked tail. Wow. Congrats Nintendo.



Mayhem said:

I wonder how many R4 units are in those DS handhelds though heh...



Token_Girl said:

I doubt one in 6 people actually own a DSi, and it's really not as impressive as one things (in the sense of Sony pwnage anyway). Although the PS2 has been out for 9 years, it's console generation has been over for around 3 now, so it's sales would necessarily be less now than the DS. The DS also keeps having new iterations, so a fair proportion of the sales are probably people upgrading.

Still, it is a pretty impressive accomplishment overall. Playing my DSi right now actually. Now Ninty, please to invest some of that money into better online systems.



Raylax said:

Look at the woman. The woman feigns happiness. But she's hiding the fact that her other Nintendog is lying beaten and bruised in a cardboard box in the corner, having not been fed for days. That's the dog she kicks for fun because it can't win any medals. You sick, sick woman.

So... what was the story again?



Gavin_Rozee said:

I'd hardly call 42 All Time Classics (Clubhouse Games) recent...

Would be interesting to know how many of the ten million are original DS's, Lite's and i's.



Objection said:

@Raylax: "..."

This is kind of surprising...since the DS isn't really a "console" by its traditional gaming definition. Nonetheless, those numbers are impressive.



SuperMarioFan1995 said:

My 5 reasons why people should get a DS or a DS Lite if they don't have those:

  • You can play good DS games such as New Super Mario Bros., Super Mario 64 DS, The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, etc.
  • 2 screens and a stylus.
  • You can get an Action Replay for using cheat codes.
  • You can be able to draw something on the touch screen using the stylus.
  • It uses Wi-Fi Connection.

I recommend getting a DS Lite. Since that can play GBA games.



Clint_Eastwood said:

I think it must be my most played console by now, and I still have nothing but the grey old fat model. Time to upgrade, maybe.



Percentful said:

@redflicky ...the original DS can play Gameboy games also...
Anyways, I'm not suprised that DS is selling well. there's a couple reasons I think.
1) DSs have a large variety of games, for all ages.
2) DSs have things like Personal Trainer Walking, Cooking, Math, etc.
3) DSs are cheaper than some other portable consoles cough PSP cough
4) They come in a variety of colors
5) They have download play and Wifi for multiplayer.



Caliko said:

Just last week wasn't the Wii crowned Best Selling Console In UK History??

Damn You Nintendo!! Ur Systems Rock Too Much!



Ren said:

Still have the ol' clamshell myself and I do play it more than anything. I think it counts as a console, and has the best variety of games of any console out right now. That success should be telling of what people want. (though I did love my Lynx, and I think it'd still be here if not for the high pricetag)



JimLad said:

Best system of this generation imo, for one reason...
-it has the biggest variety of games

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