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Christmas-themed Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing Trailer

Posted by Luke Westaway

It's SEGA's festive gift to you this winter

Set in Billy Hatcher's Blizzard Castle level, this trailer not only showcases an entire level, but gives away a few of the racer power-ups we can expect to see in the final game. Check it out for yourself below, but expect to see Aiai doling out punishment in his signature Monkey Ball er... ball - and of course Sonic becoming Super Sonic and tearing up the course.

Thanks to SEGA for putting this together - we especially like the Christmas lights adorning the famous logo at the beginning.

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Jazzem said:

Surely the could have kept the "five golden rings" line?

Definitely liking the look of it, count me as cautiously optimistic.



pixelman said:

Saw this on IGN yesterday. The song was terrible, but I like the looks of the gameplay footage. If the Wii version's framerate can hold up (and of course if it has online) then I'll definitely be checking it out.



mikejonesuk said:

"As a little gift for Christmas,
Sega gives to you..."

As, presumably money will have to change hands before I can get a copy, it's neither a gift nor is Sega giving it to us.

At least they didn't say they are gifting it to us. "Gift" is a noun, not a verb. "Give" is a verb.


Pedantix the Small-minded



JamieO said:

I wonder how Billy Hatcher's festive themed track will work its way into a game with a 2010 release date. It may simply be a snow swept course and not completely Christmas based, or even better there might be a Christmas Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing late in 2010, just like Christmas Nights. Still, I am getting way ahead of myself there and it is not that likely, but however it turns out this short vid and a shot of Billy Hatcher's reckless driving, put a Chrimbo smile on my face. He is the egg man, coo coo ka choo!



Stuffgamer1 said:

It seems Ulala was mentioned as a playable character in an article in Nintendo Power, but has not otherwise been confirmed.

Man, this game has a LOT of weird character-releated news floating around. While checking up on Ulala, I stumbled across the fact that Banjo & Kazooie are going to be in the Xbox 360 version of the game! Other exclusive characters are a possibility for other platforms, so I wouldn't be surprised if Mario butts his way into this one. Rachet & Clank have my vote for PS3! EDIT: Oh, I forgot...the leaked minutes from that meeting in September said that exclusive characters are possible, but NOT Rachet & Clank. Well, who, then? Nathan Drake?

Also, Toejam & Earl MIGHT be released as DLC for the game. The talks between SEGA and the game's creator ran too long to get them into the final retail product, but DLC is not out of the question at current. Only reason it got THIS far was apparently fan demand. If only such demand had been present for Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection...




Banjo K and avatars are playbale in the xbox versio. Hopefully Banjo and Miis are in the Wii version (PLEASE)!

Looks great, pls don't frack it up Sega!



RaviC said:

Sorry, Rare have already said that Banjo is an Xbox 360 exclusive. That now leads the question to me: Which platform should I get this game for?

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