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Ball Fighter Coming to DSiWare on Monday

Posted by Corbie Dillard

More puzzler action coming.

Teyon have just announced that their upcoming DSiWare title Ball Fighter will be coming to the North American DSiWare service on December 7th for 500 Nintendo Points.

You can check out the official press release below and we'll have a full review of the game next week.

Teyon announced that starting from Monday December 7 its Nintendo DSiWare™ title, Ball Fighter will be available in the Nintendo DSi™ Shop. Ball Fighter will be available for 500 Nintendo points.

In Ball Fighter your task is to destroy colorful spheres. Catch and throw them back before they reach the bottom of the well. Connect at least 3 of the same color vertically to make them explode and disappear. You can also encounter a few bonus types like rockets, bombs or brushes.

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geek-master said:

@KanrakusPizza you know uno wont come out dec 7th with all the already anounced games..... but maybe it will come on the dec 14th..... also why would you want to brake you wonderful 170$ dsi?!



Percentful said:

It PUZZLES me that DSiware developers aren't coming out with more battling games. I would FIGHT a developer just to get him to develop a battle game.
[yes, that was a lame pun [or two] but I couldn't think of anything else.]



WolfRamHeart said:

I always felt that DSiWare needed some games with balls but this isn't exactly what I had in mind.



blackknight77 said:

Looks like Magical Drop and that is not a bad thing. I'm waiting for Ball Fighter II' Champion edition



WAIW said:

Looks really nice. Probably going to get it, just because it's Teyon



leon809 said:

Uhhh it bothers me that we get another puzzle game each week
and now tired of this T_T



Morpheel said:

i hope teyon doesn't destroy their decent dsiware score with this one...



Noire said:

So lemme get this straight....two ugly girls fight each other with their balls?

Yeahno, I'll pass, thanksverymuch.



Marioman64 said:


put your mouth on the whole button and blow hard, then tap the button a few times, it blows the dust/dirt out that may be blocking the sensor thingy

works for dsPhat and dsLite, dunno about dsi but you could try it



WolfRamHeart said:

Judging by the video I just saw on the Nintendo Channel, this game doesn't look very good. Actually, it looks awful.



Buster13 said:

Ten dollars says they wanted to call it "Puzzle Fighter," but after learning that that name was already in use, this was the next best name they could come up with.

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