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Zelda Tin Switches Tracks to GAME

Posted by James Newton

Limited preorder bonus still available

You may remember a few weeks ago we reported that Gamestation was stocking a limited edition figurine and tin set for Zelda: Spirit Tracks, but that they quickly sold out. Well, it seems they sold out because all the rest of the stock went to their parent company GAME.

Yes, the pink-hued retailer are offering the figurines of Link and the Phantom as well as the tin to anyone who preorders Spirit Tracks before its anticipated release date in just one month's time. This offer is available online as well as in-store, but you'll have to be quick - judging from the heavyweight TV advertising behind it the goodies may disappear even more quickly than the Gamestation ones did.

Sadly it still looks like this is a UK-only preorder incentive, but you'll undoubtedly be able to grab them from eBay in time for Christmas.

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jpcicno6 said:

I preordered this the other day - hope I wont have to wait too long for it



Token_Girl said:

Does GAME ship to China I wonder. They're so beautiful, and it doesn't really make any difference if I order the American one or the UK one from here.

Edit: No they do not, Jerky McJerkfaces. Guess I'm buying from playasia or from a US retailer. It's so much cheaper that way too.



Kidner said:

Got mine preordered from game the other day for £34.99 for them to e-mail me the next day to say it came down a tenner. Bargain!



hero-of-time said:

I cant wait the for this game, the last one was so tricky im hoping for this to be equally as challenging



taffy said:

@ jpcicno6

i wouldn't worry, i pre-ordered sam & max from them and it got here in two days. Just pray that maltapost don't dent the tin cause i've had a few things damaged thanks to them



Gavin_Rozee said:

I bought those exact figurines, along with two Goron's, Linebeck and Zelda, as well as a TriForce piece, a green Rupee, a Heart Container and an Hourglass about a year ago from eBay for less than a tenner.



Starwolf_UK said:

Sadly it still looks like this is a UK-only preorder incentive, but you'll undoubtedly be able to grab them from eBay in time for Christmas.
I'd like to point out here will ship the game to most places in the world so you don't need to bother with another middleman.

As for the figurines. They're not quite the same as the previous set. Link has a different shield design and the phantom is also slightly different.



SilentJ said:

I would've preordered if it was available in the US but that's cool. I guess Nintendo doesn't want my money.



Incognito_D said:

Gamestation died when Game bought it over. It used to be awesome before that with all the random merchandise, retro stock and dirt cheap 4 for £20 offers.



mjc0961 said:

I'm with Egg miester on this one: if it ends up being a lot like Phantom Hourglass, I'll pass on this.



RooF said:

I have preordered it and i can see it in my orders but the link for the game @ doesnt exist any more. They havent send me any email about any problem and i dont know what's wrong.

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