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Space Invaders Extreme Z Hits Japanese DSiWare

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Remember: short, controlled bursts.

Taito shocked and awed Japanese DSiWare aficionados today with the release of a miniature entry of its bat****-crazy Space Invaders Extreme series: Space Invaders Extreme Z.

For 500 pointy points, Earth defenders get Fever and Bingo modes, whatever that means, from Extreme 2 playable over three courses. If you're feeling adventurous you can scope out Nintendo Japan's description page for the title. Good luck with that.

This is the first we've heard of this game so we can only hope Taito let other regions in on the alien genocide soon. If you don't kill them then bacteria will, and that is in no way as satisfying.


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JonWahlgren said:

It's the only thing on the back of the game box. Big huge letters too, don't know how you would've missed it.



Corbs said:

LOL. I need to bone up on the lingo it seems. I'll try to squeeze this one into my vocabulary soon.



Mik said:

@Corbie "I need to bone up on the lingo it seems" <-- That's "da bomb". Do kids still say that these days?

The latest outing for Space Invaders was quality on the DS, so this'll be great too!



motang said:

I heard it was a good game, hopefully it will come out worldwide soon.



warioswoods said:

Looks like a great fit for DSiWare; another case where it wouldn't be worth it for me to pick up a full retail game, but I'd be sure to get plenty of fun out of a stripped down version for $5.



kitroplious said:

The advantage of having a Third Party game on DSiWare than the retail version is that we get Club Nintendo coins!

I really hope SPACE INVADERS EXTREME Z comes to the rest of the world, it would kind of feel like I'm playing a Virtual [handheld] Console game.



iphys said:

Couldn't quite justify buying the retail releases of this, but I so want this!




I have Space Invaders Extreme 1 and 2 and its safe to say I'm a BIG fan. I consider them both to be the best shooters on the DS by a fair distance. I will lap this DSiWare game up if it ever came over here.



Sean_Aaron said:

No fair, they put it up on the list after the downloads article. That does look cool...I really wish they hadn't removed the GBA cart slot from the DSi...



Meffaliss said:

...I'mjealous.... very jealous of japan right now....let'S hope it comes out here soon...

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