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Sony Boss: All Your Sales Are Belong To Us, Nintendo

Posted by Damien McFerran

Says PS3 is picking up speed, Wii flagging

Sony Europe exec Andrew House has a history of mouthing off about his company's chances so his latest little outburst is hardly suprising.

In an interview with Games, House touched upon the current surge in PS3 sales and compared it with Nintendo's recent struggles with Wii hardware:

I think at a time when we're seeing one of the major competitors somewhat losing a sense of momentum - at least in many of the markets I've looked at - it's gratifying to see a platform that's always had a very significant share of sales go to third party publishers capture that momentum again.

When pressed on which "competitors" he was addressing, House duly elaborated:

From data that we're starting to see, in some of the publicly-released figures, we're seeing a significant year-on-year downturn for the Wii.

This kind of trash-talking is hardly new but House does has a point - the PS3 is certainly doing well at present, while Nintendo is experiencing something of a dip in sales, although we expect that situation to change as Christmas approaches.

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Rensch said:

New Super Mario Bros. Wii will probably fuel sales at christmas.

And some major first-party games are coming up next year.

The PS3 is still an awesome system though.



Hardy83 said:

I can't imagine the Wii will recover. Not just because I think the software is a little stale in comparison to some of the heavy hitters from 360 and PS3, but the simple fact that not everyone in the world is a gamer no matter how much Nintendo targets the blue ocean.
I think they're system sales have peaks simply because almost everyone that's even willing to play a video game already owns a Wii.
Sony on the other hand probably is no where NEAR the household penetration that Nintendo has now so it can only go up.

I personally think it's high time to introduce a new update on the Wii, not the next gen system but just a new version, a slim if you want to call it that.
Strong software next year will help yes, but again, I don't think it'll be like last year or when the Wii came out.



skywake said:

I couldn't disagree more Hardy83.

The Wii did hit a bit of a slump but even then they were above their competitors in all monthly charts. Maybe they were just below them in the months where the PS3 and 360 hit pricecuts but only for a very short period of time. Since then the Wii has had a pricecut and New SMB Wii has come out. Both of these things are huge positives for the Wii and there is data to prove that.

Looking in the paper today (they have game sales for the last week) New SMB Wii was the #1 game with Modern Warfare 2 taking the second and third spots. Sony saying the Wii is done for is just executive dribble in an attempt to look like the "more cool" company.... cool sells but unfortunately for Sony, they aren't the cool ones. Mario is.



lukyhunter said:

I agree with Hardy. Nintendo sold a butt load it's time for the Playstation to catch up. BUT you all now what...... the new NEW Playstation 3 slim is cheaper, but what does it do? It plays PS3 games and that's all! Oh yeah and movies? Since when does a gamer need a game console to play movies!! GAME CONSOLE right?



Amorous_Badger said:

It's quite handy to have a games console that plays films.

Means you don't have TWO pieces of pricey electronic kit cluttering up your living room with cables, etc.



SwerdMurd said:

I'm similarly confused on the lack of a hardware update for the Wii...especially since a new DS comes out every month...I honestly didn't read that as trash talking--especially considering some of Sony's previous blatant examples of trash-talking. Sounded like a simple statement of fact.

And yeah. Having movies on a console is amazing--so nice to have a single device, outputting excellent resolution, covering all my needs. It makes it that much easier to turn it on, and I know that's what Sony wants. Win-win.



Damo said:

I can't help but feel that everyone who wants a Wii now has one, and that for many casual gamers the console is probably sitting in a cupboard gathering dust right now.



Ryuuga said:

Well, New SMB Wii surely will give a boost, but I think it won't be enough. PS3 is getting nice games and its price reduction made it more accessible now. Wii did get a price reduction, but we know that Wii software library has tons of crap and shovelware. Also, motion controllers for PS3 and X360 are on the way, and when it happens, many casual gamers might consider these consoles (project natal is something that will indeed attract many casual gamers because of its interesting concept). I hope Nintendo will act soon with some strategy to beat them all.



strenny said:

just think about it: the wii lured due to its blue ocean strategy lots of people into first-gaming-experiences. The question is how many of those first time-video-gamers will experience gaming as something deep and rewarding apart from the casual stuff, so they stick with it. If these are not so many after all then ninty's future sales of whatever will come in the next generation will be lower
Good games for a nintendo console have to be easy to get into and hard to master with an overall production quality, bridges for casual gamer to become core gamer (how i hate these terms!).
The race is open.



Jon2 said:

The Wii has been having consistent sales figures since release. One can not say the same thing for the PS3. Sony was forced to release a slim model with a lower price tag to boost sales. Sure, the Wii has certainly reached it's peak but it still sales good.



V8_Ninja said:

Ya know, I love how company executives act like school bullies that aren't school bullies the first chance they get. It makes the people on interwebz look like scientists.



Hoffkage said:

Still the PS3 needs to more than double their current numbers to catch the Wii. And that within that time the Wii dont sell a single console more.



A-SWE said:

Well yeah, alot of people have a Wii so it feels like theres not many more that can buy one. But remember how much the Ps2 sold (sell), and you see that Wii still have some places left to go



Stevie said:

I don't understand why he is boasting about this, the Wii has out sold the PS3 by that much of a margin in the last 3-4 years that even if they stopped selling the Wii tomorrow, PS3 sales would still never catch up.

I do agree on the fact though that PS3 software sales should sustain longer, as Damo mentioned a lot of people who purchased the Wii will not invest in a lot of games, maybe just playing Wii Sports every now and again and thats it. It reminds of the slogan you see about people getting dogs at Christmas then abandoning them when the novelty factor wears off.

A Wii is for life, not just for Christmas!!!!



RyuZebian said:

The problem is that Wiis last for too long! Seriously, 2/3 people I know who've owned a PS3 got broken consoles in about 2 years... Now my Wii on the other hand may be sounding very loudly, but that's no big deal when you're immersed in the game, and it's only when it's reading discs - At least it works!
Anyway, I think it's good that Nintendo are being put under a little pressure, because then they'll probably perform better, say updating the Wii. Remember their bad post-gamecube economy? And what came next? The DS.



LztheQuack said:

Since when has Sony ever been right about this generation?

And in his last statement, did he really compare the PS2 to the N64?



Mahe said:

Ah, the good old third party argument - in the generation where PS3 has been lagging in outside game support. Hah!



Moco_Loco said:

What's actually most interesting to me is that Sony even considers Wii a competitor. Most fanboys try to negate the success of the Wii by saying that it isn't even playing in the same league as the PS3 and 360.

That said, I wish Sony the best as they really did create an outstanding system. I don't want one (not enough games I can play while my kids are awake) but it's a good system.



Mike1 said:

Even if the PS3 is catching up to the Wii, it's only because the PS3 is now $299. They are still millions and millions behind the Wii in sales.



brandonbwii said:

Sony makes too many slip ups and while they have some quality first party software, both the Wii and 360 are the go to machines for overall quality, especially if you consider the versatility of the latter.

Also Microsoft Natal has a bigger change of hurting Nintendo than the Sony Wand, and even then it's kinda an apples and oranges thing.



Slapshot said:

I did the Black Friday this morning and just got home. At Best Buy I only saw 1 Wii walk out the door and every PS3 in the store was gone within an hour because of the God of War Collection/Little Big Planet coming with it for FREE. New Super Mario Bros Wii at Target/Walmart and Best Buy had barely sold at all. I think its due to nothing but shovelware on Nintendo platforms being sold at sales prices. PS3 at Best Buy had Brutal Legend, Dragon Age, NCAA 2010, NHL 2010, Madden 2010 and a few more New Release titles for $35 USD compared to very few Nintendo titles being sold at sale prices. NSMBWii was being overlooked sadly. I think Wii might see a dissapointing holiday for sales, it looked so from what I saw today. DSi was gone quick though, it was selling like crazy as to be expected.



Mahe said:

"--360 are the go to machines for overall quality, especially if you consider the versatility of the latter."

I wouldn't say that. I have a 360, and it sucks. Versatility? Most limited of the three consoles. Most of the games are disappointing too.



TKOWL said:

the ONLY reason PS3 is selling is Corn on the CoD:Modern Warfare 2
The wii has much more variety than that. In my opinion, if you've played one FPS, youve played them all



liammiller18 said:

It's sickening that there are so many fanboys around here. According to the forums, I had thought the community was better then this.




The Wii has such HUGE sales figures compared to Sony in the fracking first place, they can only downturn whilst Sony can upturn. It all simple stat maths ffs. Its simple business man twist, spin and warp. Car salesman like talk. Sony has let the gaming world down by taking gaming full steam into hardcore, sweaty palmed isolationism. The Wii has too much in its locker to be written off. Didn't the arrogant Sony make that mistake before?

It doesn't matter what anyone anecdotally says. Anecdotally, I know gamers who have sold their PS3, disillusioned, and bought Wiis. I also know of many electrical and specialist games stores locally who have struggled to shift their PS3 stocks and have thereby given manager's specials inducements to tempt the sales. Anecdotally, ppl on this forum may be seeing the opposite, I don't know. All I know is that the Wii has been and is likely TO be >>> than the PS3.

I do respect the PS3's attributes to a point, but the library of the PS2 and PS1 were far superior, IMHO, to the PS3s.



djshep1973 said:

This sort of statement by a company boss is a bit sad at the best of times, even though there might be a smidge of truth to some of what he says; having said that I absolutely love my PS3, just as much as I love my Wii, and I do know a few people that have taken advantage of the recent price cuts of Sony's system.

I'd say there's plenty of room for all 3 current consoles to be fair, and for the hardcore, it wouldn't be crazy to expect that many of them own 2 of the 3 already.



Skrubber said:

I think it's time for Nintendo to realese Wii Slim, with a sleaker and more appealing design at a 199$ price tag. Due to the cheap hardware it shouldn't be to hard to shrink the size conciderably and still have a high profit.

Afterwards, Nintendo should really start pushing the software. Not only future games, but those games that didn't get enough attention when they first were released. This way, they hopefully could catch quite a few of those, who up till now decided to skip on Nintendo this generation, and further expand the market for serious games on the console.



Objection said:

It's true, at least for me. I already have a Wii and I plan to get a PS3 in a few months.



geek-master said:

sony should know this by now. games in the 1980's DID NOT have graphics like we do now but in that time the games HAD TO BE fun to make up for bad graphics. so would you like a game with good graphics and bad gameplay or a game with bad graphics and good gameplay?
wii has some of the best gameplay on the market! personaly im not a huge fan of the people who made the wii graphics called ATI.

simpily put gameplay is better than graphics!



Raylax said:

So, the Wii is running out of casual gamers without a Wii, and the PS3 is picking up more hardcore gamers who've lost interest in the Wii and 360. It makes sense.
PS3 isn't going to overtake the Wii this gen, and whichever way you look at it, Sony's had a pretty poor generation overall. They have a fantastic console, but at too high a price point. I'd buy one like a shot if it wasn't quite so pricey.
Of course, it doesn't make a tiny bit of difference to anyone. Neither company is in even vague danger of sinking, all this is is comparing digits.



Nintendork said:

It only makes sense. Everyone who wanted a Wii now has one at this point (hush, 12-year olds......). Only place the Wii can go now is down.



Ren said:

uh, I think the Wii is about as slim as it can get already. thats partly why it did so well in the first place. If anything it could use a fat version.
I'm a N Fanboy all the way, I'll be the first to admit it, but it's true lots of people already have it, and anyone not that into video games is probably letting it collect dust around now. The ps3 and Xbox probably are looking pretty neat right now at such prices, too.
I'd love to get netflix through my wii, I"m considering getting a roku, but it'd sure be nice to have it on my console instead. Netflix on Sony was a smart move and I think keeping the Blu-ray and price cut was smart. They just should have launched it this way and they would have started off in a better spot.
don't get how these comments by Sony are "trash talking". That's a pretty cheesy assertion.



MasterGraveheart said:

Dear PlayStation;

So it's come to this, has it? Are you so sick of second place for being second-rate that you're going to sick your mouthpeace on Nintendo? To what end? Media attention? Yeah, go ahead and attract whatever kind of media you want. In fact, get your own television station while you're at it. While you're piling on scruffy-looking angry guy with guns blazing after scruffy-looking angry guy with guns blazing when you should be pushing Ratchet, Sack Boy, and Kratos, let Nintendo continue to lead the way with innovation with the likes of Mario, Zelda, Samus, Little Mac, Pikachu, a thousand versions of Mega Man, whomever Castlevania is going to star, Amidaratsu, Travis Touchdown (even if you guys did steal him for a one-time appearance), the revived Klonoa, and many others. Speaking of that, have you taken a look at Microsoft? They're a firm second place in terms of character creation. They've got RareWare, for one, and that's single handedly got them toppling you in the character differentiation department.

Now I"m all about gameplay, PlayStation, but I'd also like my characters to be engaging as well. Doesn't always mean that you make your character some brooding hard-case (see Cloud Strife or anybody from Grand Theft Auto). It means, in this case, that the character has some sort of visual appeal (see Ratchet, or Sack Boy). Let it put a smile on people's faces just to see them and make them recognizable. Can you honestly tell me nobody will tell you that Nathan Drake or that guy from InFamous aren't Grand Theft Auto characters (if you took away the Electro powers)?

Until the PS3 has outsold the Wii in both of their lifetimes and the PSP has outsold the DS in both of their lifetimes, I would think you would be well advised to stop talking about it and start being about it.

Random Nintendo Fan

PS: Notice the GameCube backwards compatability on Wii? Yeah, it was a big deal with the PS2, so why take it out for the PS3? Sounds like someone in marketing screwed up there. Making the poor fans have to buy all of their games again... for shame.



Alfred_ENG said:

I don't have a PS3 yet but look at the sales figures of PS2. I think PS3 will sell over 100 million machines in it's life time. Mostly because of Blu-Ray.



Mahe said:

"uh, I think the Wii is about as slim as it can get already. thats partly why it did so well in the first place. If anything it could use a fat version."

I'm imagining a slightly larger Wii 2 with a rounder form figure to house the next-gen tech. Wii can't be made much smaller without taking out parts like Cube controller / memory card ports or making the disc drive a lid design instead of auto-loading bay.



Percentful said:

I think that it's also because so many people have wiis, and not as many have PS3s.Every person I've met within 5 years of my age has a wii. Even my best friends, who hate video games, have one. I've never met someone with a PS3, so it's sales can only go up.



maka said:

Everyone talks about shovelware for the wii. With its success it's not surprising and it's not like it hasn't happened before with the succesful consoles in older generations. And anyway, there's plenty of shovelware in all the other consoles. The point is what good games there are... Wii has plenty of great titles and some amazing stuff is coming ( Sin&Punishment 2, Metroid, Zelda, etc...). I'm sure PS3 has great games too but I'm still not interested in it... so to each their own....



astarisborn94 said:

Although the Nintendo Wii will never reach it's peak again, it still has good sales. The Nintendo Wii will win this generation, regardless if the PS3 is no longer in 3rd by the end of this generation.

Of course I'm getting a PS3 next year thought.



Stuffgamer1 said:

"I'd say there's plenty of room for all 3 current consoles to be fair, and for the hardcore, it wouldn't be crazy to expect that many of them own 2 of the 3 already."

I know I have all three! Have had for a little over a year. To be honest, they all get quite a bit of use, for different reasons. I use my PS3 for web browsing quite a lot (typing this on my PS3, actually), as well as awesome games both retail and download. I stick with my 360 for Netflix (better interface than PS3 Netflix at current) and exclusive titles. My Wii is great for exclusive games and downloads. If I could only have two of them, I'd drop the 360, no question. But they all have use and I'm generally against the "one or the other" mentality.

I say Sony has plenty of great characters, too. More than Microsoft, anyway. Can't beat Nintendo, but then nobody can. It's freaking Nintendo!

The Wii does need some serious revitalization, though. I think it's time for an upgrade, preferably HD compatable with upconversion.



super-nintendo said:

I love Nintendo AND Sony. I buy both every generation. PS3 has GOTY with Uncharted 2 and Final Fantasy XIII will rule Japan. The Wii is doing awesome in the USA, but mediocre in Japan and southern European countries. The PS3 and Wii has great 2010 games with PS3 dominating with God Of War III, Gran Turismo 5, FFXIII, The Last Guardian, Rockstar's AGENT, and Heavy Rain. The Wii has Super Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid: Other M, and Sin & Punishment 2 with a hope for Zelda Wii. You guys need a PlayStation 3.



AVahne said:

hmmm lets see....
Sony: hey we're going to make a super strong system, that'll beat the other systems because it's so damn strong. we'll let the third parties make games for us because we're so damned lazy and people will buy the system and games so much because they're pretty and the gameplay will stay the same way....always

and looked what happened. you focused on making pretty graphics but Nintendo focused on whats more important, GAMEPLAY. sure theres a ton of flops but the smart people were able to do it right and show that motion control is the future of gameplay, and what do you know. Sony is going to try the same thing by FINALLY finishing that old ass project of theirs, but it's too late because Nintendo themselves already has plenty of experience developing games this way and they're just gonna get better with motion +



AVahne said:

but truthfully, i respect Sony for becoming a new rival for Nintendo after Sega dropped out of the console race. even though they're not like Nintendo or Sega who actually made consoles and memorable GAMES for their consoles, at least they still have good hardware....for letting third parties compete against the competition FOR them. at least this allows Nintendo to try newer things and makes them make better and better games, and new IPs too.

but as for this European Sony president, he's still a complete idiot.



Kid_A said:

I think the PS3 sales are growing because its library of games is getting more and more impressive. At its launch I thought the PS3 was a bit of a joke, but now I'm seriously considering buying one.



Kid_A said:

But then again the Wii's library is getting more and more impressive with each year as well.



Varoennauraa said:

I'm actually happy about Wii's library. Proud even! It is versatile and offers many experiences that cannot be found anywhere alese. The only, or the biggest problem is that the library does have certain reputation, partly it is deserved, but even if there were the games, that the HD(bubble)-lobbyists are after, the reputation would still be there. Ofcourse I could be even happier, without the irritating negative itch, but I know I will be in nirvana in the end, when Zelda and others come, no matter who is leading the media climate.

Theres slight frustration when I remember how many such great games appeared on GCube, while it was considered so much less succesful. But I couldn't live without Smash Bros Braw, Galaxyl and Wii's Mario Kart and two handfuls of others. If I could get just one as high quality FPS-game Wii could handle, I would be extatic, and Wii would be more complete, but MW-Reflex suffices for now, while waiting for the slight possibility of someone really taking Wii seriously to happen. Wiimotion+ should have been there from the start, but I'm happy that it came, and THAT is THE revolution, and the really good things are slowly only starting to happen. Things could be even better, but this is not too shabby situation either, and I know the coming Zelda alone would justify my Wii-get. And I already have gaming experiences, that I wouldn't change for anything, that can be found on HD-Ready-consoles. Gamer must have Wii, PS3 is not that much needed, as the premium of its sort is PC, with mouse and the real HD-power, more affordably than ever. Only system I regret buying is PS3, as I get everything it can offer from PC many times better, with mouse and Full-HD and other graphical whipped cream on top of it.



SwerdMurd said:

@Koto - second the European Sony pres being a massive dong. Seriously. The moronicness cannot be mentioned using conventional moron-scopes.



KanrakusPizza said:

I perfer Nintendo. Nintendo has awesome games that other consoles cant have, such as Mario, Kirby, Link, ect. This is my ranking for the three game consoles of this gaming generation (sorry if i spelled that wrong)

1. Wii
2. Xbox 360
3. Playstation 3

As you can see, SONY's PS3 is last, but this is ONLY because ive never really been into SONY's games and there consoles. 360 is in the middle, because it has TONS of cool features, but the games arnt that good. (Expect UNO and N+)



AVahne said:

well said

Wii not only just needs it's own great FPS,for the FPS fans out there, but we should also get an RTS! and normal RTS not a 2D one like Swords & Soldiers, which i do recommend people buying



greyelephant said:

Execs are dorks.

With that said, I was at Best Buy today and their was a skid of close to 60 Wiis sitting on the sales floor.

With that said, there were TONS of people buying Wii software.

End comment. The Wii will win this console war hands down. However, it has peaked.



Slapshot said:

@Damien..... I do get it that its a Nintendo Site, but recently Reggie made statement not much different than this about Sony, its business not trash talking.

There is a BIG kicker of the conference you pleasantly omitted from the article up there and that is that the PS3 is the ONLY system that 3rd Party Support is making their money back up to 75% of the time. The Wii has 3rd Party abandoning the system because they are loosing money on developing games for it. We just saw it happen with EA and their choice to not develop for the system anymore because the game will not sell on the system. This is one of the biggest reasons that the PS3 is where it is at right now. The Wii is a Giant of a system and of course the runner-up systems are going to be happy to finally get a lead on them. That is just business.



Gavin_Rozee said:

I wouldn't say he's trash talking. He's just doing his job, and telling the facts as they are.

Nintendo's sales declines can only be good for us gamers; it'll force them to put more effort in.



bestbuck said:

I have a PS3 and a Wii. The PS3 is one helluva console where the Wii has games made by Nintendo (my favourite developer). The quality of games on PS3 is ultra high far higher than PS2. I play the PS3 more than the Wii and I do think Nintendo need to try a little harder to please the core Gamer. As much as I hate to say it Sony are doing a far better job than Nintendo at the moment.



Wow. that's so stupid that is not even funny.

The last time I checked, the Wii sold like 300, 000 units while the PS3 less than the half. And the Wii has like 50% of the market while PS3 only less than 30%

Learn to lose, sony. Be a man! =P



Incognito_D said:

IMO it's only because everyone already has a Wii, and the new slim PS3 is attracting new buyers



Knux said:

I think the Wii has sold so well that most gamers already have a Wii. But due to a lot of shovelware, I think gamers are buying a PS3 also. I have all three consoles, and both the Wii and PS3 are awesome consoles. But the Xbox 360 has too many problems in order to win the console wars. I think Nintendo needs to concentrate on making and publishing more good first-party games (look how well NSMBW sold). Not to mention, SMG2 and Metroid:OM are going to be released next year. Still, the Wii needs a LOT more good third-party support, and not anyore shovelware. As for the Sony spokesman, he was just stating fact. The ultimate console will be Nintendo VS Sony, just like the previous generations. Microsoft does not even stand a chance.



Hyper Luigi: what are you talking about? The Xbox is winning over the PS3 and the Wii is winning over the two of them!

and the shovelware argument is absurd. Is like saying that people bought more N64s because the PSOne had lots of shovelware. Or that people bought more Gamecubes because the PS2 hd lots of shovelware.

And why everybody here are ignoring the last wii sales? it was more than the double of the PS3!!!

Stick to the facts damn it!



BecomingTHE_MAN said:

Nice reference to Zero Wing, Damien.

Anyways, even though Wii sales are down and PS3 sales are up, it will be a long time before the ps3 can come close to reaching the wii's position. Plus, the Wii is still selling well, even at this moment.



AVahne said:

@ bestbuck

well if you actually remember, Sony barely does anything. all they do is make the console and present the games at press conferences and conventions. Nintendo could work a little harder by advertising their games more like how they did that wonderful Spirit Tracks US commercial, but if you think about Nintendo does far more work than the other companies when it comes to gaming. they have make the consoles and continue more research and development for the next consoles, they gotta make the games for the consoles using the many franchises they created and accumulated over the past 20 years, and they gotta present and announce their games at press conferences and conventions like E3. plus they gotta get their commercials and advertisements out. all Sony does in the gaming business is promote the games the other companies make for them, they don't need to be the ones who make up great ideas. Nintendo also have 3rd parties doing that for them but they also create awesome ideas and make those ideas into awesome, and actually MEMORABLE games.



zemulii said:

Well personally I've owned a Wii since release (in NZ) and I think, now I've got an HDTV, it's about time I bought a PS3. Far better off with a PS3 than a Blu-Ray player of pretty much the same price... besides, I've got loads of games to catch up on (about half the console's lifetime worth).

Anyway obviously the Wii has to lose momentum eventually. Not EVERYONE in the world is going to buy one, and so many have sold already. This guy's just trying to make a story out of nothing.



AVahne said:

plus since Nintendo also has to cater to newcomers to gaming as well as their old hard core audience(that they haven't F***ing forgotten goddamnit) they gotta change consoles that work better for more audiences,which is probably why the DSi XL was created. and they gotta put up with all the whining Westerners who keep talking about how Nintendo has abandoned them for a new audience who can't be patient and don't realize that games take a long time to make these days and that Nintendo has a tendency to only reveal their games until the games are almost finished.



Thomas_Joseph said:

I'm going to buy a new PS2 before I buy a PS3. I've invested so much into my PS/PS2 collection I'd be a fool to let a last PS2 slip through my fingers, leaving me unable to play any of my games because Sony decided they'd like to reissue their entire PS/PS2 catalog through their PSN at some point.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Thomas Joseph: Let's stick to the facts, please. If Sony ever gets PS2 games running properly on the PS3, they will most certainly start releasing them for download on PSN as they are currently doing with PS1 games. Like with the PS1 games, YOUR OLD DISCS WILL WORK AS WELL! It is a common (and, to be blunt, very stupid) misconception that they won't, but that doesn't make it true.



JimLad said:

Fact is they have double the install base and are still outselling them three years in. PS3 has had to dramatically slash its price and release a re-design.
But of course he has to sound like he's in control, that's part of his job.



Viral said:

To be honest, I'm not thinking this is a big deal. The Nintendo Wii will still sell and so will the PS3. Nintendo clearly won this generations console sales and Playstation is finding that a bit hard to digest. Now, in the future, when PS4 comes out, they may correct their mistakes and the Nintendo's new console should in fact, keep up by adding more hardware to their newer system compared to this generation. As long as they expand and not remain the Gamecube graphics generation, things should be pretty even for next generation. Why don't Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo collaborate and make a system that's similar in all aspects? I mean, Sony would never have a Mario game obviously. And Nintendo would never have Joanna Dark back. Things like that make it hard to choose a system for games other than the major first party titles.



EdEN said:

The Wii has over a 30 million consoles-sold lead over the PS3... so good luck catching up to that Sony. I just got a PS3 last week but I've owned a Wii since launch. Same thing happened with the N64 and the PS1 and the GC and the PS2. Sony has been my second system of choice 3 years after a launch Nintendo purchase for three generations and THAT is why I don't see Sony going 1st place. Now they COULD get to 2nd place this gen since the 360 isn't that far ahead of them, but unless Nintendo stops selling the Wii RIGHT NOW, the other two don't have a chance.



Varoennauraa said:

Lets just wait and see if PS3(GameCube of this generation?) even manages to catch the XBox360 some day. After that, even if Wii stopped selling consoles completely and right this minute, PS3 would "only" have to double its sales with a magical trick, which might be increasingly difficult to perform, when the real HD-consoles has been unveiled. But the hurdless to the second place is almost equally exciting to follow. PS3 might have edge on Japan, but XBox360 has much stronger base on US, where the games are coming, which then sells the consoles. Japan sales didn't help the GameCube(not entirely comparable situation ofcourse though) in its initially even struggle against 1st XBox.

I'm not anymore in the market for the HD-Ready -games, as I get my HD-kicks in its full form in PC, but I have noticed that large amount of possibly interesting games arrives on XBox360 and PC, skipping the hard to program PS3 entirely in this knotty economical climate. Sony has always been skillfull in twisting numbers and percentages into their advantage, but these figures must be bitter figures to twist for a former leader:



Ristar42 said:

Wow, execs make games sound fun!
I'm personally expecting to see a 'shift in momentum' towards the C64, yeah I recieved some data that the ZX Spectrum was seeing a 'significant year on year downturn' as well...



M00se said:

the ps3 wont catch up to the wii but lets take a look: ps3 is marketed as a game system, wii is marketed as a casual system for every one! casual always overtakes the hardcore audience. but lets see. ps3 drops more titles that sony fans like where as nintendo releases wii sport wii music and wii fit and dosent give two craps about the fans. these titles have overtaken the oldies like star fox, f-zero, donkey kong and kirby! we need nintenod to do what they did in the next gen!



mellowshipslinky said:

Seriously Sony? Talking **** about hardware sales, less than 3 years before the next gen rolls in? LMAO. Take a look at the numbers:

57 million+ Wiis( 1st place) to 27 million+ PS3s (last place) (

The reason Wiis arent selling as well? Yeah, that's called "Market Saturation". That means EVERYBODY ALREADY HAS ONE.

Good luck next time, Sony.



bro2dragons said:

wow.... that's a lot of comments. i'm just going to a) echo mellowshipslinky, and b) say that i don't think it's a bad thing, even if the ps3 were to start becoming more popular. the Wii was a fad from the beginning. i'm it's biggest supporter, and even i knew that. that's why there're so many cheap cash-in titles. it's the same as the atari 2600 and the NES. but if the mass market began to lose interest in the Wii, the sales of crap games would plummet as only the real fans are left. this forces companies who want to make money to actually make GGOD games by making the most of the hardware and coming up with original ideas. this is the glory of capitalism. as one competitor rises, the other is forced to step up its game, or fall down the hill. so in essence... i rather like this piece of news.



aaronsullivan said:

Wii is great. PS3 is great. XBox360 is great. Awesome game console generation for consumers, only to get better next year as they all duke it out with motion controls.

I like watching the contenders duke it out. It's a long protracted sports game, but why hate on any of the consoles? They each have their strengths. Why must we wade through all this useless boasting and hating if that strength doesn't match up with what some people want?

Some people just can't see past their own nose, I guess.



StarDust4Ever said:

It's simple, really: everyone who wants Wii already owns one
To be fair, I'm considering buying a PS3 in the near future. Actually, change that to "will be", as I've already bought one game, "Little Big Planet." I bought my first PS2 just last Spring when the price dropped to $99. Now I've got several PS1, PS2 games to play on it. Mostly, I've been enjoying Spyro II.




@aaronsullivan fair points for your opinion mate, but we're discussing a Sony boss' arrogant statement here. I wouldn't say PS3's games library is "great" compared to the PS2's anyway. There isn't much hating on here just generally fair criticisms of respective gaming philosphies of each companies. One is to INclude and onw is to EXclude and isolate



LztheQuack said:

The PS3 flopped at launch, and that will cost it the victory this generation even though Sony is finally realizing their big mistakes.



New_Age_Retro_Hippie said:

Nintendo can't sustain itself if they don't change their game plan. They basically reduced their video game output to make extra money off of its evergreen theory, which failed miserably to the extent that games like Brawl, Mario Kart, and Mario Party did not do much more than keep selling copies, but not systems. They need to devote more resources to video game development, and NoA, NoE, and NoAu need to be more accommodating of games and take more chances. Honestly, when Nintendo's in trouble, we see a lot more games that you probably wouldn't see. I mean, Drill Dozer's not exactly a game I would see Nintendo releasing today.

I'm personally buying a PS3 at the beginning of the year. Using Goozex trade-ins to keep it from burning too much money. The combination of free online + traded games will definitely satisfy me.



fortius54 said:

More than one analyst have given this round of he console wars to the Wii whether the companies or the "hardcore" gaming sites want to admit it. The PS3 didn' even beat the PS2 in sales this round. How can this guys open his mouth?

I do ecoh what most people here have said. The Wii is on the downside of sales because everyone has got one that remotely wants one. As much as I hate it, it is time for some sort of announcement about the next gen Wii. That is the only way I can see Nintendo keeping some of this momentum. That or throw a very big surprise with a firmware update that means something (which is not out of the realm of possibilities).

All this being said, Sony should remember one main thing. They've sold half of the units Nintendo has, and they reportedly sold those at a loss on the hardware. The Wii on the other hand made Nintendo in some estimates as much as $14 per system sold. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out who the real winner is.



Varoennauraa said:

I repeat my self. I don't think Nintendo needs to do anything:
There's continuously coming great gaming experiences and at an increasing rate and quality even. Experiences that cannot be replaced with anything found in HD-Ready-consoles. Only downside is that Nintendo is almost alone making the quality games, while other publishers are just concentrating on the easy money on the top of the Wii. Luckily there finally starts to be few promising exceptions...well how long does it take to make a quality game...and how long Wii's succes has been obvious? Yes, thats why others are a little late. But better now than never I guess.

Publishers has missed the bus big time, and I guess EA and other big wigs suffering from big cuts must feel like asses now. If I was hiring analysts now into my big publishing company, I'd kick these idiots out of my sight and start wooing Nintendo's analysts.



CDavis said:

Nintendo need GTA on Wii with TV adverts and it gets sales!

GTA Wii needs Cube/Classic support too and superb Wii graphics (best it can do)



Varoennauraa said:

GTA needs Wiimote for aiming! Lets have smooth gunplay in GTA for once! It should also use motion+ obviously.

Classic controller support would be the surest way to stop the sales of the GTA Wii, as anything that would make it interesting is in the Wiimote. Cellphone(loudspeaker), steering wheel, shooting for your self...even while driving(!!!), and bashing every one/thing into a smithereens with a baseball bat...and a nunchuck.

Perhaps, if it would be too demanding for Wii to handle a big city, it could use several smaller towns instead and connect them via freeways, where you could stop by a remote redneck infested gas stations and stuff. Perhaps the game protagonist could be a red neck!



Ian_Daemon said:

I find it amusing that Sony launches the "it does everything" ads at the exact same time it decides to strip functionality out of the PS3. Everything? Um, not in your wildest dreams. It doesn't even do things it did yesterday!



blackknight77 said:

I will say even though I don't care much for Sony's retail games they do have a good selection on PSN. Its not enough for me to purchase the system but still I give them credit for a good lineup of downloadable games. Of course I still prefer Wii Ware and the Virtual Console



peanut64 said:

There is one point I have to mention about the current console wars. I own the trilogy of consoles and I must admit IMO Xbox is the best. Don't get me wrong, I love my Wii but Xbox live is by far better than PSN or Wii Shop. Being able to compare high scores on the fly, achievements in every game (not only the recent ones like on PSN), and the quality of the DLC's makes for a great service. Yes you have to pay for it but it doesn't cost an arm or a leg so I'm fine with that.

When I enter a game store with money in hand I always walk to the Wii games first, only to realize I already own the +/- 15 good games on the Wii and I end up buying an Xbox game instead. I only buy ps3 games when they are exclusives and good, which is few and far between.

My point is Nintendo NEED an achievement system and they must include achievements for the games currently available. Plus they have to start developing more good games, this mainly includes making deals with third party developers to make more hard-core games. The Wii is starved for good games and when Nintendo finally bring out something new everyone jumps on it like it'll be the consoles saving grace.

I hardly play my Wii anymore which I'm sad about. I'll never sell it but seeing as Nintendo only bring out a new game every 6 months or so I don't really have any reason to play it half the time. This seams to have been the norm since the N64 and Nintendo really need to change this.



EagleSoul said:

The only reason sales for the Wii are dropping is because ALMOST EVERYONE WHO WANTS ONE ALREADY BOUGHT ONE.

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