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Rare Pokémon Found at US Toys 'R' Us Stores

Posted by Brad Long

Get your Arceus down there!

Those of you Pokémon Platinum owners in the US who can haul off to a Toys 'R' Us before November 14th can snag themselves the ultimate Pokemon of all: Arceus. Those who receive this rare beast will discover it has already been levelled up to lvl.100, and has some pretty unique stats that can only be found on this version.

This Arceus will come with a Classic Ribbon, live in a Cherish Ball, and hold a Rowap berry, as well as knowing the moves Judgment, Roar of Time, Spacial Rend and Shadow Force, some of which it can't obtain normally.

While this Arceus does little different to your Platinum game, once transferred to a copy of Heart Gold or Soul Silver, things look a little more interesting! Take them to a certain area in the game, and you'll get an opportunity to have Arceus create a lvl.1 Palkia, Dialga or Giratina, all with a unique move!

So go and get that Arceus on, it's one of the most unpredictable Pokemon in the game and will definitely be popular among the battling community!

Australian fans get their chance to snag one soon, at selected Kmart and EBGames stores from November 5th to the 16th. Check out the Australian site here.

European gamers - sorry, no announcements on Arceus for you just yet. Stay tuned, though.


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skywake said:

From Nintendo Australia

It has already been announced for Nov 5th to 16th. I was really considering going down to the shops to get it but I am (stupidly) not sure if the possibly mild humiliation and shame of walking into a public space with a DS and Pokemans at 22 is worth the reward.



Token_Girl said:

Maybe you can get the wifi signal from the parking lot, and download it from your car for discreet adult poke-fanaticism.

Wow, that sounds even more sketchy. Still, I'd probably be hiding in my car hoping to pick up a wireless signal pretending it's like my blackberry or something.



Chunky_Droid said:

Thanks skywake and Chibi, I had not heard anything for Australia, but will definitely be picking mine up! First time this has worked for Diamond and Pearl too (since Platinum came out anyway)

EDIT: Sitting outside your local EB Games, facing away from them, casually playing a DS Lite or DSi, doesn't raise anywhere near as many suspicions. However, people looked at me funny when I used my DSi to get Darkrai in the women's clothing section of my local Target!



Mario_maniac said:

It's unfortunate for many then that the staff need to activate the event by you going up to one of them at the counter -- that's how it's worked in my past experiences with the Mystery Event, anyway.



wanderlustwarrior said:

I'mma let you finish, skywake, and no offense to you, but I'd already posted that a week ago in a forum that corbie elected to lock before either understanding or read fully, it seems. has a running list of all pokemon game special events, as well as releases for the consoles and games needed to play them.



Objection said:

I wonder if it applies to Diamond as well. But I probably won't bother anyway.



Oh great and I have to live in the other FAR side of the river



HipsterDashie said:

I picked one up from someone kind enough to trade me one when they went to see the 12th Movie in Japan.



MarkyVigoroth said:

To Mr. buffalobob:
I am not sure if Puerto Rico (which does not even appear in the GTS, by the way) would be getting this...
I would lend you mine if I ever get one.



chadthegamer said:

I personally would rather have had Nintendo release the flute via wi-fi with the Mystery Gift. That way I could acutally fight Arceus and catch him myself. It'd be more of a reward to me



Feld0 said:

Noooo!!! What about us Canadian folk? Don't we deserve an Arceus, too? If someone knows anything about Arceus events in Canada, please tell me!



Chunky_Droid said:

@chadthegamer: Me too

@Feld0: My mistake there, sorry, North America, not just the US, so you should be fine, just head to TRU and ask

I really wanted to report on this one but I was out of town (with no internet access) when the promo started, hence the slight lateness, I will keep checking up on all things Pokemon, as it's by far my most favoured series



DarkEdi said:

toy r us are only in USA, not in all north america (i don´t know if it existes in Canada but in Mexico it doesn´t)

The good thing i connected yesterday to wifi and i have now the Oak Ticket to get Shaymin



Mario_maniac said:

So yeah, turns out that at my local EB Games store they had the event activated already for anyone to download it at any time, so I guess I should kinda eat my words. o^_^o Methinks you'll be able to download it at any EB without having to ask at the counter.



mjc0961 said:

This actually applies to all three games that have been released (Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum). And in the US, it goes to the 15th, not the 14th.

Really starting to wonder why I come here. Every article that interests me ends up having some kind of inaccuracy in it lately.



Ricardo91 said:

Normally I would just say "I'll just wait and use Action Replay", but this looks like something I can;t miss! Plus it gives me an excuse to pick up Soul Bubbles...



MarkyVigoroth said:

I got mine on the last day! (I also got this neat bag that can carry my DSi AND GameBoy Micro WITH games of either type!)

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