Phoenix Wright Series Coming To WiiWare

Courtroom drama will adopt an episodic format

The latest issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu has confirmed that Capcom's cult legal video gaming series Phoenix Wright is coming to Nintendo's WiiWare service, with the first instalment hitting the Japanese Wii Store next month.

The series, which is known in Japan as "Gyakuten Saiban", has previously been released on the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS, and has spawned spin-off titles as well as a Japanese live-action musical production.

According to Famitsu, the series will be split into chunks and released as follows:

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (Episodes 1~4)
900 Wii Points

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice For All
1,200 Wii Points

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials & Tribulations
1,200 Wii Points

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (Episode 5)
300 Wii Points

We'll have full reviews of all these titles as soon as they hit the Western WiiWare service.