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Old Cart on the Block Has the Right Stuff

Posted by James Newton

Rare prototype NES box surfaces on eBay

Every now and then, eBay turns up a real find, something you never thought you'd see in your natural life: a rare console edition, a forgotten classic, a badly beaten prototype box for an unreleased NES game.

If you're a fan of the latter, you'll be thrilled by this story that a scuffed box for the sadly canned New Kids on the Block NES game has surfaced on the auction site. What's most interesting - if you're that way inclined - is that the box is only a prototype, made up to show unimaginative executives what a NKOTB NES box would look like.

The first auction ended a few weeks ago with a sky-high final bid of nearly $600, but it seems the generous final bidder decided not to pay the money as the game is now up for auction on the site again, currently going for a much more reasonable $51 at the time of writing. If you have the overwhelming desire to drop some hard-earned money on a beaten-up box featuring a photo of a long-forgotten boyband, this must be the happiest day of your life.


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FuzzyYellowBalls said:

if only i could find the long forgotten Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch game too!
feel it, feel it!



V8_Ninja said:

A prototype box? Why do I get the feeling that the seller just pasted a picture to an NES cartridge box and called it a day?



Mayhem said:

The original winner had some unexpected bills to pay that used up the money he was going to use to buy the box, hence why he had to decline paying and it's back up for sale...



Devil_Hunter_Dante said:

I remember the New Kids on the Block. Thats all the girls talked about when I was a kid. I will give the guy $1.00 if he burns the box and wipes one more thing of the New Kids on the Block off the face of th EARTH.



JayArr said:

O_o Further proof that you should never throw out or trade in any of your video games.



Stevie said:

The sarcasm ouzing from this article amused me no end.

I do fail to see how a box that never actually contained a game has got so damaged, I can understand a little wear and tear if somebody has been taking the game out of the box and back in for the last 15 or more years. I'll just assume it has been treated like the piece of garbage it is for the last 15-20 year



Machu said:

I'm with Dante. Burn it!

Maybe we could all chip in, and have a ceremony.



Orgone said:

just like the tv i got off ebay, one can only imagine what the velcro for for, some kind of game maybe



Ricardo91 said:

Let's just thank the stars that this game was never released, and laugh at the guy who wasted $600 on this. XD



thewiirocks said:

@Orgone - That's easy. People put velcro on their TVs to attach the remote control when it's not in use. Especially if the TV was from some sort of public area. The remote control was probably tethered to keep people from stealing it. The velcro is so that people wouldn't leave it hanging. (Quite literally.)



StarDust4Ever said:

@thewiirocks: I placed Velcro on the bottom of my Flat Panel's stand, to attach the remote sensor bar to the television set. The kitties were constantly knocking it down by batting at the wires, oftentimes while I was gaming, so it quickly became a real nuisance. I stuck it on and left it, and never had to adjust the darned thing again!

On the topic of the box carton, whomever wins the auction needs to light the frikken cart on fire, and post video of the event on youtube! I still have nightmares about the N.K.O.T.B Christmas cassette tape my mom got me when I was a teenager. Yuck!

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