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Nintendo Download: Ninja Gaiden, My Zoo, Rock N' Roll Climber and Nintendo Touch Golf (EU)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Things are a bit underwhelming this week.

There's no doubt that a lot of people are waiting for the European release of Excitebike: World Rally, but it looks like Nintendo is letting us down for now - This week offers us only four new games, and none of them are particularly interesting.

WiiWare's the only service with more than one game this time - My Zoo is Hudson Soft's "sequel" to My Aquarium, a game which has been consistently doing very well in terms of sales. As in Aquarium, you are given a selection of animals to put in an enclosure, after which you can feed and watch them. Over time, they might have babies, or they might die - Such is the way of life! This one seems a bit more interactive, so if that was an issue for you with the first game, it could be worth a look. We'll review it soon. It'll cost you only 500 Wii Points.

Rock N' Roll Climber was announced at the Game Developers Conference a long time ago, and immediately garnered interest when we learned it was being developed by Giles Goddard, a man who worked on many Nintendo 64 classics, such as Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time. News around the game then stayed completely silent until, out of nowhere, it was released in North America three months ago. Disappointingly, it wasn't a very good game - Read our thoughts here. It costs 800 Wii Points.

We still don't have Ninja Gaiden II and III, but that isn't stopping Tecmo from releasing the original arcade Ninja Gaiden. Developed at the exact same time as the NES game, it's pretty much completely different. Yes, it's still a sidescrolling platformer of sorts, but it plays more like a beat 'em up - Ryu Hayabusa has a whole arsenal of moves at his disposal, and enemies all take multiple hits to defeat. It's mildly amusing and by no means bad, but it pales when compared to its console counterpart, and at a whole 800 Wii Points it's hard to recommend. We'll have a full review soon.

DSiWare brings us yet another game in the "A Little Bit of..." line - The latest is A Little Bit of... Nintendo Touch Golf, which, you guessed it, is based on the retail DS game. Nintendo hasn't said anything about it, so we're unsure about its features, but you can probably just expect the original game with about 75% of the content cut out, like with most other DSiWare versions of retail games. It was a pretty competent golfing game though, so if you're in the mood for portable golf you'll probably enjoy it. A review will be up within a few days.

Just four new releases, a bit low compared to North America's eleven! Are you getting any of these?

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User Comments (45)



Porky said:

Finally delVlmon212 can now stop complainning about ninja gaiden not being released yet.
Also, Cue the whinning for nintendo not releasing Excitebike World Rally right noooow.



7th_lutz said:

The VCA version of Ninja Gaiden isn't as good as the Nes version.

I used to play the Arcade version of Ninja Gaiden in arcades in the early 90's.

It isn't a great a great beat'em up compare to Double Dragon, and Final Fight- Arcade version. This version of Ninja Gaiden was released on the Atari Lynx.



JamieO said:

Ninja Gaiden reminds me of a superb Southport summer in which me and my mates did nothing but skate a sweet concrete snake run and play multiplayer arcade games. Late '80s side-scrolling, co-op brawlers were the arcade fans 'tipple of the day' and I must be one of a crazy few who holds far more nostalgia for this version, than any of the later console iterations.
Hopefully it will find some new fans on VCA, therefore as always I look forward to reading the Nintendo Life Ninja Gaiden VCA review.



cheetahman91 said:

All Ninja Gaiden arcade was designed for was to be brutually difficult and practically suck the quarters right out of your pocket. The NES version blows it out of the water.



maka said:

Great! I've been waiting for Rock'n'Roll climber. I think I'm going to like it...



Cheezy said:

Sorry you dudes didn't get Excitebike But we still don't have SSB soooo...but you get Ninja Gaiden. The arcade version is really good, actually.



Synicle said:

Just like to add that Aussies received the second installment of Lost Winds today.



jhuhn said:

Looks like Nintendo UK gave us a bum steer on the release of UNO for DSiWare and another gave out a bum steer on the 3D Hidden Object Adventure



Sneaker13 said:

I really expected Excitebike: World Rally. I even bought a 1000 Points card for it.



Machu said:

Ha, I was born in Southport. Stupid place!

As for this weeks downloads, meh! Not very Exciting, at all!



JamieO said:

@BassX0 Snap, mate! I've got loads of good memories of Southport's fairground and its arcades. It was the first place I ever played a 4 player co-op beat 'em up game, with the original TMNT arcade machine.
It has obviously all changed now, the video games arcade boom sadly died, although I actually found Namco's Lucky & Wild there this Summer.
**** Edit. @Machu Cool, I don't know if you're as old as me, but did you ever go to a slide park, with a helter skelter and vertical drop slide? I'm talking around about '89 to '90. That is where they had the super smooth, '70s throwback, skateboard snake run! ****



skywake said:

can't complain about this update too much... we got New SMB Wii yesterday. It got harder than New SMB on DS by about World 3 and now at World 5 its starting to get nuts.

I'm quite sure we got that last week.... well, I finished it last week and it wasn't available the week before.



Stevie said:

Well as all the other Brits are claiming to be from Southport I will too,
I am from south of the port at Newcastle.

Nothing that interests me this week, I was hoping for Excitement of the two wheeled variety but ah well, maybe next week/month/year.



JamieO said:

It is worth addding that as well as the Lynx port, the Amiga received a decent conversion of arcade Ninja Gaiden (Shadow Warriors in Europe). The arcade was tough enough, even with its checkpoints, but the Amiga version sent failing players back to the start of the level. To get the most out of Ninja Gaiden's challenge, make sure you play it alongside a mate, on either arcade or Amiga (... or even the Atari ST).



Machu said:

@JamieO: By the beach, yup, I remember it. The pleasure beach was destroyed once Blackpool bought it, now it's just a ruins, tis a real shame, and an eyesore. I'm actually typing from Southport beleive it or not, we'll have to have a beer next time your in town. Assuming I haven't escaped from this horrible place by then.

Yup, talking about a crappy seaside town is more interesting than this weeks downloads, oh well.



LinktotheFuture said:

It is really weird to me considering how well Excitebike sold this week in the US that it wouldn't be released in Europe. Nintendo should take advantage of all the positive reviews while the game is still fresh in people's minds.



dangermouseuk78 said:

Guess be stupid to think in the age of digital downloads that still have region based releases and not worldwide release



JamieO said:

@Machu I'm based in Birkenhead, so me and my girlfriend head over to Southport every now and then, mainly during the Summer. I'd be up for a bevvie the next time I was there, it would be cool to meet one of the sound Nintendo Life gamers in person. I reckon we could find an Outrun 2 coin-op for a quick race, too. I'm sure my girlfriend would have a fine time... she just loves gaming! lol.



Machu said:

@JamieO: Woah, you aren't far at all. I was near there the other day for an interview. Couple o' pints and some racing sound good. See you in the summer, maybe.



JamieO said:

@Machu I hope the interview went well, mate. Good luck.
Regarding the article, if Tecmo are backing VCA with late '80s arcade games, Rygar and Ninja Gaiden, am I completely nuts for having my fingers crossed that they release 1988's horizontal scrolling shooter, Silkworm?
I have loads of fond memories of the Amiga port of it, co-op was inventive in that it was split between a jeep and a helicopter, with two different play mechanics. This is probably wishful thinking, I reckon!



StarBoy91 said:

:3 ROLF [sigh] =') I'm sorry, but there's something about Ryu's profile that cracks me up! I just don't know what...



Djrr-ific said:

The Nintendo site still sais today for UNO

Why can't they just release it, I don't want albo golf...



outrun2sp said:

Ninja Gaiden has such a small window. Picture cannot be stretched.

Still decent game.



Fuzzy said:

Ah well. I'm busy with Mario at the moment. But Excitebike will come out eventually, then I will eventually buy it!



JoeDiddley said:

Seems that I'm the only one who is sad there is no Electroplankton
Oh ... and Excitebike obviously.



maka said:

Rock'n'Roll Climber is actually quite good. The controls with the balance board are very cool but sometimes have some problems. The games is quite challenging, still, once you start getting the controls, it flows better and is quite fun although playing with the balance board which requires you to lean forward all the time, is tiring after a while... but that makes the game more immersive

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