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Nintendo Download: 1-2 December 2009 (Japan)

Posted by Sean Aaron

A light download selection next week after this week's mega releases.

This week's update was full to bursting, so it's just as well that next week is a little on the light side with only a few downloads for both Wii and DSi.


Ponjan (1000pts - Tomy) -- The Wii counterpart to the DSiWare release of the kiddy version of mahjong (real mahjong -- not the matching game).

Virtual Console

King of Fighters '95 (900pts NEO GEO - SNK Playmore) -- Sequel to King of Fighters '94 (surprise!) the main change in this game is the ability to create your own team of fighters before the game starts properly. This game is also featured on the King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi Saga, released in 2008.

Ordyne (800pts Arcade - Namco) -- Namco's cutesy arcade shooter, featuring two-player co-op and the ability to buy upgrades in a floating shop a la Fantasy Zone. The PC Engine port has been out in Japan and North America since 2007, but you'll obviously want the arcade version because it's the best!

Rompers (800pts Arcade - Namco) -- Namco is arguably the king of maze-games so it should come as no surprise that Rompers is an excellent little game. Cutesy characters an interesting play mechanic, whereby your character's only means of attack is to push maze walls onto his enemies, tons of levels and a nice soundtrack make this a must have for arcade fans.


Ato Nannichi? Kazoeru Nintendo DSi Calendar (200pts - Nintendo) -- Someone at Nintendo really likes creating calendar programs. This one seems to be an event reminder, complete with virtual stickers to put on the days for easy recognition of event types when looking at the full month.

Kameni n Merchant! (200pts - Namco) -- This is a dungeon crawling RPG featuring randomly generated dungeons that you can run around in with up to three other friends via local wireless link-up.

Kai Illust Puzzle Guru Guru Logic (500pts - Nintendo) -- Another picross game, though in this one you're shown the figure and just need to replicate it on the play grid. Blocks are fired from the bottom edge and will stick to the opposite side of the playfield or other blocks. Your goal is to complete the picture in the least amount of time. You can remove blocks you don't need (handily filled in with red X's) by tapping them with the stylus and rotate the playfield to add a little strategy to your block placement exercise.

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Objection said:

Not too interesting IMO, with the arcade titles hitting the peak of interest.



Bass_X0 said:

This game is also featured on the King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi Saga, released in 2008.

Which barely got released. I've never seen a copy on the Wii and had to resort to buying the PS2 version. I think its a poor port though, I did quite miss the arranged soundtracks which are infinitely cooler. Will probably be tempted to download the NeoGeo games on the VC when they get here.



Jeroen1 said:

I have Kof 94 and aside from new backgrounds and 3 additional fighters, nothing seems to have changed in '95. Perhaps some slight tweaks in the gameplay mechanic, but that's not enough for me to spend another 900 points.



Adam said:

I really want Kameni n Merchant. Too bad there's only local play though. I don't know anyone else with a DSi.

Bass, I see copies of the Wii collection all the time here, usually dirt cheap. They certainly didn't barely release it in the US.



Sean_Aaron said:

KofF Collection and SNK Arcade Classics apparently only had distribution problems in the UK; you should be able to find it from other online purveyors in continental Europe.



Egg_miester said:

the snk games got screwed up in distribution in N/A also samurai showdown anthology only got 1 copy shipped to 2 gamestops out of 20 in my town, and most big company's didn't get it kotf and snk arcades got a little more love with around 10 out of 20 gamestops got 1 copy

not a bad week for japan its odd to see company's treat Japanese wii different they always get more vc then wiiware yet in n/a and eu its more wiiware then vc



outrun2sp said:

Kof collection was poor on wii anyway. The sound was badly out of sync.

Can anyone confirm are ignition finished in the UK. I believe this to be the case.



Atlantis1982 said:

Lite release would of been a mega-ton release in any other region.

Anyway, not sure if I want KoF '95 as I have the first one, but of course most of you would think I be nuts to think that.



Sean_Aaron said:

@outrun2sp: I didn't have a problem with the sound sync in KoF Collection on the Wii and thought it was quite good despite not caring about fighting games generally. Ignition Europe still has a site; I'm unaware of them folding.

@Starboy: Rompers is awesome. The only other compilation I'm aware of it appearing on is the Playstation Japanese import Namco Museum R (also has Rolling Thunder, Sky Kid, Dragon Saber, Motos and Wonder Momo on it). Never got a PC Engine port back when it was in the arcades, but it certainly should have!



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

Looks like a complete reverse for the WSC. North America starts getting big titles and exciting updates while Japan dwindles into mediocre releases. That'll show 'em.

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