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NASCAR Gets A Mario Makeover

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

New Super Mario Bros. Wii car competing on Saturday

The world's of NASCAR and Nintendo fans alike will mesh together on November 14 (a.k.a. this Saturday, a.k.a. New Super Mario Bros. Wii Eve) thanks to a decked-out stock car co-sponsored by Gamestop and Nintendo of America.

The car, and its driver, Denny Hamlin, will be competing in the Able Body Labor 200 at Phoenix International Raceway.

Best of luck to Mr. Hamlin; wouldn't want to disappoint Nintendo and their, fans!

UPDATE: That mock-up is nice and all, but we've got a shot of the real deal below.


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Sylverstone said:

Lol Hitmen.

He better win it!

The WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2010 car won the other week, so I hope this dude can match up to that other guy's skill!



TKOWL said:

Gamestop doesnt even have a midnight launch for this game
why are they endorsing it so much



Popyman said:

Sweet, I guess I'll watch a little of the race with my dad, for once. Very cool.



StarDust4Ever said:

Well, anybody who was skeptical about Nintendo's ability to target a large audience, this has got to be the boldest marketing move by Nintendo I have ever seen 50+ million views = WOW!!!

I need to go to Gamestop ASAP to reserve my copy by Friday, because once the nation sees Mario's face plastered on that car, it will be a guaranteed sell-out...



nix said:

Anybody know if it's the same car for the 500 chase for the cup, because that seems to be the only one shown on channel 5 uk on monday/tuesday morning.



KrazyKain said:

if he comes last... anti wii fanboys are going to go crazy with it... he better get a good position




I'd drive that to work....... and I'd make sure I'd drive past the ps3 and xbox fanboys' houses on the way.

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