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Miyamoto Unsure if Super Mario Galaxy 2 Will Include the Super Guide

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Remains a New Super Mario Bros. Wii only feature for now.

If you've been following (or have already purchased!) New Super Mario Bros. Wii, you should know that it includes a very helpful feature - the Super Guide will let the game demonstrate how to beat a particular level, so you can copy its tactics if you're having trouble.

Of course, thinking forward, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is also being released in a few months. Therefore, for the 50th issue of their magazine, ONM UK asked Shigeru Miyamoto if he knew anything about the inclusion of the Super Guide in the sequel to one of the best Wii games. Miyamoto had this to say:

"Well, as far as the challenge of Super Mario Galaxy 2 is concerned, I think it's going to be a really challenging game, but whether or not we are going to incorporate the Super Guide, I just cannot tell. In general, wherever and whenever appropriate, I think we will want to incorporate that kind of thing, but I cannot commit to anything specific right now."

Of course, most of us likely won't even use the Super Guide a single time even if it is included, but you can't deny it would be quite helpful for the younger, newer gamers out there. Would you like to see it included in Super Mario Galaxy 2?


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Roopa132 said:

Well I don't think we'll need the Super Guide in Super Mario Galaxy 2 but including it in a 3d platformer is way harder than including it in a 2d platformer like NSMBWii...



Bass_X0 said:

I say yes it should be included for the younger or inexperienced gamers. There have been times in the original where I got frustrated with it and gave up on a Star.



Roopa132 said:

@Bass that's the reason why you can complete the game with just half the stars you can actually collect.
So you can let out a few stars.



warioswoods said:

NSMB Wii has proven that the Super Guide gives Nintendo the confidence to ramp up the difficulty without worrying about less skilled players, so I hope they do include it in Galaxy 2, just to ensure that they don't scale anything back out of the usual cautions.

By the way, those are some fantastic screenshots that I'd never seen. This is a wonderful time to be a Mario fan; between Galaxy and NSMBWii, and now more Galaxy, the Wii is truly the home of a Mario Renaissance. I don't believe any past Nintendo console can boast such a wealth of fantastic platforming, combining all the best of the old with plenty of new ideas.



Bass_X0 said:

I have only two stars left on the counter to get. Been that way for ages. I barely touch the game now.



Objection said:

I agree with Wariowoods for pretty much the same reasons as him. Can't believe we're getting our third platforming Mario of the system next year.



Yosher said:

I think it'd be nice. My sister's having trouble with the relatively easy Mario Galaxy 1, and since she's planning to get Mario Galaxy 2 as well, I think a Super Guide in the game will be quite helpful for her. I say yes, unless Nintendo has to take out other stuff from the game just to unclude it...



Machu said:

Nah, if you aint good enough, then you don't deserve all the stars, that's the way I've always viewed it. Tis a reward, for your skills. I don't want everyone and their mum gettin' max stars, just cos they watched someone else do it. Lame!

It won't be as easy to implement in a 3D Mario anyway, as there is usually more than one way around a problem.



Percentful said:

I love hard games, and if theres a superguide, the game will probably be hard. I would not use it, I love games like the first SMG. I played it when I was 9 and I had no trouble at all. I hope this one is more challenging. Games aren't fun if they're too easy, but I guess they aren't fun if they are too hard. I like games that are hard because of an enemy or a hard stage. I don't like games that are hard because of a hard mini game or something like that. For example, on super mario 64 I don't like the slide things, but I love all the bosses.



Kirk said:

I'm far more interested in New Super Mario Bros Wii than this but if they fix some of the issues I had with the original, such as the crappy hub world and little things like the forced waggle to spin, then I'll certainly have a look.



Sean_Aaron said:

I definitely would have liked a superguide to get those shadow race stars in SMG; hopefully something like that will be in the sequel. And it's not that I'm too young (flatterers!) or inexperienced (how dare you!), but some of us just have a low tolerance for "repeat death syndrome" in platformers. If it's a choice between chucking it in and "cheating" I'd rather a bit of the latter, ta.

And why shouldn't I get a chance to play with Luigi just because I didn't get every last bloody star? I pre-ordered and paid my money, dammit!



skywake said:

I don't see how it would be harder to implement in a 3D Mario. In New SMB they only show one way to finish the level so if you get stuck you can keep going. There are multiple ways to finish levels New SMB Wii so there is no reason why they couldn't do the same with a 3D game.

Even better, they could include the "Super Skills" thing. I'd be more than happy to see more Galaxy Speed runs and crazy tricks included as unlockables.



mushroomer said:

No!.. I'd rather them spend that energy on a Level Editor.
I'd say rather than doing these guides, just have different difficulty modes? less enemies, the pits might have a bounce back feature, so that if you fall into a pit, you just get sent back a few screens or something..



Machu said:

@skywake: OK, fair enough. I'm just against the idea tis all, and am clutching at straws. I want hard games, and I don't want the less able to get help achieving what I have managed on my own with hard work and yummy skills. They should keep trying till they get it, like I do. With anything in life, how do you ever get better, while someone is holding your hand.

But yeah, that doesn't make very good business sense, and Nintendo's newly found 'casual' market, need a game that doesn't kick them in the nuts from the off, as they will be put off in the future.

I, however, want games that push me, and test my patience. I sure hope NSMBW fits that bill, despite the kid-gloves. Can't wait!!! But have to.



Sean_Aaron said:

@Machu: That's crap. If I'm buying a game I should be able to play as Luigi even if I have to use a cheat to do so!



Machu said:

@Sean: Wow! That's surprising. I don't do cheats, i feel, y'know, like I've cheated, and therefore won't enjoy it as much. Games don't beat me, I beat them.

So yes, Nintendo needs to cater for both of us.



cpl1701 said:

If you want to see someone beat a level, you can usually find it on YouTube.



Hoofbites said:

Why are so many people raising a fuss about the Super Guide? If you don't want (or don't need) to use it, then don't use it.



Machu said:

Because it's time and money that could be spent on much cooler features.



super-nintendo said:

(releasing) "In a few months"

HELLO, am I the only Mario fanatic who caught that!? A few means "not many". Several means "an indefinite number more than two and fewer than many".

Is SMG2 coming before Spring? Or just a bad typo?

@bboy2970....thanks man, there are rumors from gametrailers about it being announced soon....



Trevor_Fox said:

It'd be pretty sweet to see it in SMG2. Seems that it would be a little harder to implement, though. So, if it's in, cool. If it's not, then that's fine, too.



pinta_vodki said:

Way no! It is a challenge - you versus the game. If you can't beat it, you can't beat it. It's like sports. Can you have a Super Guide in figure skating or in chess? No. You have to master the thing you do. The satisfaction from "fair play" would be much greater.



Ren said:

Don't see why it would take long to finish a second Galaxy, I'm sure there was just a lot of content from 1 that they threw into a new game and called it galaxy 2 (like the nes lost levels/ AKA: SMB2 we didn't get here on the original nes) It's a win-win for everyone even if it looks just like Galaxy 1 with new levels. Great idea on Nintendo's part (even though I'm sure reviewers will trash it that it's not "new and different enough", it'll get the hate that Sunshine got all over again)



NotEnoughGolds said:

Nah a Super Guide would take too much time and money to implement, which would delay the release.
I'll take it unguided asap please.



Masticore said:

No! People won't become skilled power-gamers as long as there are stupid helping guides showing everything. It's an experience just to find out things on your own and what also makes the fun of a game. If we are gonna get harder games, people have to get more skilled first so there is a market for the games



Sean_Aaron said:

The reality is that without the "super guides" the audience is more limited; "the casuals" in this case includes anyone who would otherwise pass up a Mario game, for example ME! It's a good decision to broaden the audience and I don't think it cheapens anything. Thankfully Nintendo seems to be catering to my desires for a change, which is nice.



invmat said:

Ninty should listen to the comments on the SG in NSMBWii. And then decide whether SMG2 should have SG or not.



V8_Ninja said:

I think this is actually a good idea, since if Nintendo do add the Super Guide, they will be able to make harder games to please the hardcore gaming crowd.



motang said:

I don't if I want the super Guide in Galaxy 2...but that being said, I could see it being helpful at times I guess.



aaronsullivan said:

Bring on the superguide. It is good for everyone. I love playing games with my young daughter and at times she just doesn't have the coordination yet. I'd rather her PLAY though, than just watch.

The best thing about it is that players don't WANT to get the superguide. They are sometimes surprised that they have "earned" it already. In other words, good play is still encouraged by the mechanism.

Most of all, as people have said, Nintendo gets a license to make their games harder without pushing away their new casual gamer base. This is great news for all of us.

Bring it.



Feld0 said:

@V8Ninja & aaronsullivan: Seconded.
@Chrono Cross: Seconded, too.
@Ren: When the game was announced, they said that about 95 % of the content in SMG2 is brand-new, and about 5 % is galaxies from the previous game with new levels added to them. Still remember that. And by the looks of the trailer, it's really true.



Percentful said:

To be honest, I just hope that the game is hard. If there is a superguide, then I will never use it, if there isn't a superguide, fine by me. I just don't want it as easy as SMG 1. There were only a few levels that challenged me [mostly the ones where you do things rolling on balls]



Moco_Loco said:

I want 50% of the stars to be as hard as Luigi's Purple Coins. It took me 3 days to conquer it (and, yes, I did look at YouTube videos; I would have given up in disgust otherwise) but I was on top of the world when I finally did it. Unfortunately, it took me only a few tries to get it right when I played through it as Luigi. Not nearly as satisfying.

Even so, all of SMG was easy compared to trying to survive the older SMB games. Not so much because of level design, but because it was harder to get extra lives.

As for the Super Guide, I could care less. I watch YouTube videos when I'm really stuck so I wouldn't mind, and those videos will be there whether there is a Super Guide or not. I would still prefer that you not be able to get stars just by watching the guide, though.



zemulii said:

I think it's pathetic the people thinking it should be left out just because it caters to "casuals". Why should it bother you if you're so great and hardcore that you'll likely never see it? What difference does it make if some lesser skilled gamers get a chance to make it through the game? It's just being selfish.

I'm sure there are other reasons that the game shouldn't include the feature but that one is just poor. Some "hardcore" players really need to get over themselves...

Personally I play sport for the competition, and games for the entertainment. They're two very different things. If you want to play for the challenge (I do) then great! If you just want to have some fun... regardless of whether you win or lose, cheat or not, there's nothing wrong with that either. It's a game.



Machu said:

Yup, it's selfish, and I don't care. The game is already sufficiently handicapped in that you only need to collect 60/70% of the stars to stand a chance of seeing the end (if I had my way it would be 100%). I have no sympathy for those who struggle, it's a game, it's supposed to be challenging.

Fortunately though, Nintendo is more forgiving than I.



feng said:

Spot on Machu I agree 100% with those thoughts. Games are made too easy these days, if your not good enough to put some hard graft in to beating a game, tough!



she_gamer said:

@feng & Machu:
Haven't you been listening? The game guide allows Nintendo to make the games HARDER!! This should be good news for hardcore gamers. Then you can brag all you want about how you did it without using game guide, just like you can brag now about not using youtube.



feng said:

Who said anything about bragging about not using youtube or the game guide, I was merely agreeing with machu about having to complete games to 100% to see the ending as I too like games to give me a challenge. This is only my opinion mind you and I have nothing against people who want to use guides just dont expect me to feel sorry for others who find games too tough.
By all means put these guides in if it proves games are made more challenging as long as it doesn't cost too much and add to production time.



Machu said:

I don't brag, I just feel a warm sense of satisfaction inside. I'm sorry if I came over all 'hardcore hates teh noobs, grrr', cos that aint me.

With a 3D Mario, it's all about experimentation and finding ways to do things outside the box. That's where it's starts getting fun for me. Having a path laid out for someone could remove a lot of skills gained from a bit of good old fashioned trial and error.



Machu said:


So yeah Sean, now you have the silver shield of destiny, I completely agree with everything you say, mmkay. Super guide ftw!!



LightSamus said:


I think agree with you, seriously. "Oh zomg don't complain, it allows nintendo to make gamers harder" No it doesn't. They shouldn't need some damn excuse like "but it's okay guys we including a video replay walk-through - just copy us!". I won't feel any satisfaction on fully completing (with 100%) SMG2 if a 4 year old or a 45 year old soccer mum can beat it just as quickly with her little Super Guide. You can go ahead and say "but you don't have to use it" or "but people can already do that with the internet" but that's completely missing the point and you know it.



NazoZakk said:

I'd Say No, You Don't Deserve Stars if You Suck.
Even if They DID Try To put SG In, It'd probaly Take Up half The Game's Max Data Storage Space. Thus Making The Game Much Shorter.
I Mean with All The 3D Moving Around, Luigi Glitching And Making A Jump Into A Pit, Heck, if They Included It, It Might Even Be Delayed For A Couple Of Months.



Shadow_Sonic said:

I really hope they bring back a tropical world like in SMG1.
They HAVE to, or else it's not a mario game.




Not bothered either way.

I bet you get a silver star with super guide, not a gold, if it exists.

Apparantly the map dot doesn't change colour in NSMB Wii if you use super guide to say you completely

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