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Mighty Flip Champs Europe-Bound This Month!

Posted by James Newton

At long last...

It seems like European gamers have been waiting an absolute age to get their fingers on WayForward's really rather good Mighty Flip Champs, but the waiting is nearly over as WayForward has just told us the game will be releasing this month!

As yet we have no exact date, but with European releases going up on Friday it can really only be two options: Friday the 20th or the 27th. We're not sure which it is, so we're just going to flip a coin and see how the prediction holds.

Of course, we've already reviewed Mighty Flip Champs based on the US version, so if you want to know a little more why not check out our review? That should certainly tide you over until this Friday... or the next one. We don't trust the coin we just flipped.

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Corbs said:

This is great news for European gamers. I'm excited for them to get this wonderful title. Bout time!



KDR_11k said:

The release of Lit was IMO the signal that WayForward games would now start appearing in Europe too.



warioswoods said:

This and Pop+ Solo were by far the least entertaining titles I downloaded on DSiWare (and I've downloaded a whole lot) :/

Tastes may vary, though.



Percentful said:

I myself was never interested in this game-I prefered minis march again. Congrats to Europe, though! Hopefully you'll start getting a bunch of good DSiware games!



Grumble said:

Yay for EU! I've had this one for awhile now, but haven't picked it back up since I got stuck on a middle level. It gets very difficult about halfway through! Good luck!



rosemo said:

Enjoy. I am just starting world 5 and have S ranks on all but 2 stages. It gets pretty challenging, but the pick up and play value is so great that you just keep going.



Philip_J_Reed said:

"This [was among] the least entertaining titles I downloaded on DSiWare (and I've downloaded a whole lot) :/"

Let me just add this to the friendship graph and see where...

...oh. Oh wow. Look at this, warioswoods. You're below workmates. You're a stranger now. We're strangers.



Flandy said:

Wonder how many more ages us NA gamers are gonna have to wait for
Super Smash Bros on the vc



Slapshot said:

About time. You guys that are interested you def should buy this game, as its very creative and one of the best on the service. Wayforward hasn't gotten near the respect they deserve for creating this title. You guys will have a blast. I think Ill get some MFC on tonight myself.



Feld0 said:

Finally! You guys over on the other side of the pond will love this li'l gem!

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