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Jackal ReBirth - The Next Konami ReBirth Game?

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Prototype screenshots seem to say so.

Konami's been very busy making new versions of their classic games for WiiWare. With Gradius, Contra and Castlevania already done, and with Life Force apparently also on the way, they've picked some excellent series so far. Their fifth pick now seems to have been revealed as well.

If you head over to designer Eric Testroete's site, you'll find a page containing early screenshots of an "undisclosed Wii project." Hardcore Konami fans, however, will no doubt recognize this as a new version of the arcade/NES classic Jackal, an overhead run and gun game. One shot in particular looks very similar to a location in the arcade game - Compare the two in the image section below.

There's pretty much no doubt that this is supposed to be Jackal, but of course Konami hasn't actually announced anything yet - For all we know, the game could be scrapped completely. Let's hope that doesn't happen!

We'll keep you informed of any more news on the game, should it appear.


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AVahne said:

thats gotta be Jackal Rebirth, i'd recognize that top-down helicopter pad anywhere



Sean_Aaron said:

I loved that game in the arcade (where's the VCA love Konami?) so definitely this would be nice to see!

Now if they do a Jailbreak ReBirth, woooooo!



Terra said:

Wow, I was not expecting this for the next ReBirth. If it's true though, then I can't wait



Kirk said:

If this is a new version it looks more like it's for next gen consoles imo.



Egg_miester said:

very awesome if it is the next rebirth i also hope they finish the adventure story on rebirth



imapterodactyl said:

@ Kirk: Naw, the Wii can easily handle the graphics you see in those screenshots; The Wii could have a little trouble with all the trees if it was rendered on the fly maybe, but think the landscape is prerendered. And it's Jackal, so it can't very well be made to look cartoony.



Streakk said:

If Konami does this game right (they should, the other Rebirths were awesome) this could turn out to be an amazing game.



V8_Ninja said:

This sounds pretty interesting. I think I'll have to get another Wii Points card at this rate!



bro2dragons said:

this looks like a lot of fun. even though Jackal is a game i've never heard of before. the series had any more recent entries?



Sean_Aaron said:

@bro2dragons: Unlike many classic arcade games I don't think it spawned a franchise.

Green Beret/Rush 'n' Attack should get the treatment as well!



motang said:

I am sorry to say I haven't heard of this one, so it will be a whole new experience for me when it does come out.



Ren said:

Perfect! I loved Jackal. For those that haven't played or are too young, it's a Jeep run' n' gun. It doesn't actually mention it here, but it's worth noting since it's kinda odd and hard to see the jeep in the screens. They won't have to worry about competition with all the other jeep battle games.



Djungelurban said:

Detective work yeah... This was posted on Kotaku a few days ago already... But yeah, didn't see this coming... Jackal? It's a okish game I guess... But from my perspective, there are more suitable and worthy titles to "rebirth"... Like for example Salamander or Goemon... But ok, best of luck to you, hopefully it'll turn out great.



KeeperBvK said:

Doesn't look like a ReBirth title at all. It could very well be a next-gen sequel/remake just like the disgustingly ugly new Rocket Knight Adventures.



Tranguz said:

@ Corbie
That would be really cool... but we (in EU) are still waiting Axelay for the VC. I loved that game so much and its soundtrack was epic. Any chance for us to get it soon?



SwerdMurd said:

This game was the main inspiration behind something I made! Such a great game! This would be a nice one for VCA.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

This could work very well! Looking forward to more news on Konami's WiiWare efforts (in continuing with Corbie's thoughts, wake me when they decide to test the WiiWare waters with a DDR game).



Djungelurban said:

I asked about this about half a year ago and got a reply which essentially said "stop asking god dammit" (only in corp speak of course)... So no, don't think it'll happen. Personally I gave up waiting and bought a cart instead but if you want it, and don't have access to a SNES, next time you're down to 0 Wii points... Switch region temporarily to Australia, buy 1000 points, download it from there and then switch back. Sure, you'll end up losing 200 points (since the Wii points won't transfer between EU and AU) but the game is worth it.



deggs said:

parodius and twin bee rebirth would be awesome... even more awesome and even less likely, Goonies rebirth and TMNT rebirth...



CanisWolfred said:

I really need to get a Capcom Classics collection someday...

Anywho, this does interest me somewhat, if it turns out to be true.



Klatrymadon said:

I hope it controls the same way the arcade game did, with your machine gun firing in a fixed direction and your missiles in the direction your truck is facing. I think it'd lose its unique dynamics if it just went with the modern dual analogue setup.

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