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Hotel Dusk Is Getting A Sequel

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Goes by the name of Last Window

Hotel Dusk: Room 215 was a great little mystery game for the DS. Set in a hotel in 1979 Los Angeles, developer CING combined mystery text adventure with a graphic novel style while crafting a decidedly DS experience.

And now it's getting a sequel. Quietly announced by Nintendo, Last Window: Midnight Promise takes place yet again in LA one year after the first game.

It's got a release date of January 14 in Japan, and hopefully won't take too long to break out of the motherland.


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JonWahlgren said:

I keep seeing Hotel Dusk for cheap, maybe I should finally get around to playing it.



Zammy said:

Hotel Dusk, eh? Sweet, I loved that game. I don't care much for the murder-tasticly hard gameplay.



Objection said:

The original is great, a mix of PW and Myst. Although it does get a little slow in the middle, it's definately worth its low price of admission.



JayArr said:

Cool. I'll be getting this to wet my appetite for AA: Investigations.



Ren said:

awesome. Really a great game. I'm guessing these screens are from the first one, right? Can't wait to play it. The first is a must play classic.
@jave, yeah, he seemed to wear that over coat non-stop. Definitely a self-couscious over eater.



abe8812 said:

Hope this game doesn't meet the same fate like cing's other game, Another Code R for the wii, here in America.



Jacob said:

This was one of my favorite DS games, and I'm glad to see it have a sequel. I will definitely buy it if it comes in the states.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@abe8812: AGREED! I want Trace Memory 2 in America, Nintendo! On the plus side, though, this is on DS and can be imported as long as it's released in Europe (like I did with Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland). The Wii gives no such option.




The first game was pretty good but somewhere between an interactive novel and a game........and then ending up not being quite either. I still enjoyed it for the most part though parts of it were a real slog.

Another Code DS and Another Code R were great too.

These ppl know what they're doing with these kind of games.



WeeGee said:

Oh my god!! I had to sit down when I saw this news! I loved the original and can't wait for a sequel! I hope it uses the camera! Exclamation Points!!

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