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Easy Piano DS With Keyboard Peripheral Announced

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Pretend you're Beethoven on the bus next year

Publisher Valcon Games has announced that they'll be bringing Game Life's new music game Easy Piano to the DS, complete with a 13-key, full-octave keyboard peripheral.

The game hopes to be an introductory teaching tool for playing the real piano, similar to how Art Academy wants to teach you how to draw fruit bowls. There's also a mode that prompts you to hit certain keys "similar to other popular music games currently on the market that also have external peripherals."

DSi and DSi XL owners need not apply as the peripheral plugs into the GBA port, similar to Activision's guitar grip peripheral.

We are now officially one step closer to Rock Band: Little Richard and, more importantly, Keytar Hero. North America can look forward to plink-plonking on the go come early 2010; check out the press release below to tide you over in the meantime.


First‐Ever Nintendo DS™ Piano Game to Include Groundbreaking External Peripheral Keyboard

Redmond, WA (November 4, 2009) – VALCON GAMES today announced that it is the North American publisher and distributor for EASY PIANO. Created by the production company Game Life, Easy Piano is a new innovative piano music game for the Nintendo DS™ system that lets players enjoy a realistic piano experience, thanks to a 13‐note, full‐octave external keyboard peripheral that exponentially amps up the fun. With Easy Piano, players can learn how to play the piano, or simply play a quick game where the Easy Piano display prompts you to hit certain keys, similar to other popular music games currently on the market that also have external peripherals. This product will be available in North America in early 2010.

“No matter what age, Easy Piano makes playing and learning the piano a wildly fun experience, and Valcon Games is excited to bring it to the North American market.” said Glenn Halseth, CEO of Valcon Games. ”We truly believe in this exceptionally fun product, and once players get their fingers on the keyboard they will understand why.”

Would‐be pianists have the choice to play using a virtual 8‐octave, 13‐note keyboard on the Nintendo DS™ touchscreen, or using a real external 13‐note keyboard peripheral specially made to work with Nintendo DS™. Whether taking piano involving lessons or selecting a quick game, all players will be tutored in the correct finger movements and skills required to become a mobile virtuoso.

With 2 difficulty modes, everyone can have fun testing and improving their keyboard skills. The game’s track listing contains some of the world’s most famous songs, spanning time and genres, to offer something for everyone. A creation mode also allows players to record up to four 3‐minute‐long masterpieces. Players can choose from piano, or a number of other instruments included with the game, to create their musical opus.

Easy Piano’s lesson mode is specifically designed for people discovering the wonders of piano for the first time. With a series of 10 lessons and a host of mini‐games to teach the basics, any player, old or young, would learn and be entertained at the same time with this product.

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User Comments (28)



V8_Ninja said:

The Wii already has too many add-ons, so why do you have to do it to the DS? WHY???



Raylax said:

So, they make a tiny keyboard with tiny keys for a system which is now gradually moving out of the market and isn't compatible with the latest system.



derk711 said:

how do you get to Carnegie Hall? play your ds, play your ds, play your ds.... doubt it!



Zyzzybalubah said:

Oh boy, a WHOLE OCTAVE! Imagine what Chopin could have done if he had a whole octave back in his time.



Objection said:

Its a small keyboard but if this actually delivered, I am totally in its target audience as I've wanted to learn some piano for some time now. I pray that this title holds out and is worth the purchase.



Ark said:

To those who say there's no point since it's not for the DSi, keep in mind that there are approximately 85 million DS Lites and 20 million original DS sitting around, compared to the DSis 10 million. A fair amount of people who have a DSi also have one of the other models as well. At the end of the day, they aren't excluding a whole lot of users.

Also, to the previous poster previous poster, it is more like 1/10 switched to the DSi.



Token_Girl said:

Aww man, I buy a DSi only for DS Phat/Lite exclusive games to be released!

Not that I care about this game, but still...



JimLad said:

Keyboard + mario paint composer (updated) = win
but that won't happen...



mjc0961 said:

I'm glad I have a DSi so that it never has to look as stupid as the DS Lite featured in the picture.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Well this could work very well with my new DS Lite as I don't care about the stupid DSi.
The DSi is only a way to make a quick buck while all the money & devolopment time is spent on the DS successor including on a new custom. dual CPU chip



blank_user_1 said:

You know, I kind of wish that this would become the next craze, just to see Nintendo backpedal its promotions from the DSi.



Mendoza said:

Oh noes! Now activision has some competitors with their upcoming
Piano Hero :S



OldBoy said:

Actually if this turns out to be ok I could probably have a lot of fun with this.I love tinkering with little instruments. I play my toddlers little keyboard and ukulele all the time Lets face it any musical instruments fun with a bit of imagination. Not saying I would buy it full price though



BobberyFan98 said:

This is a bad boo-boo for nintendo. In my opinion, many ds lite owners and ds owners probably traded in their handheld for the dsi. It is stupid that they released it for the ds lite only. However, at the same time, since i do not have a dsi yet (and probably never will, but with the new XLL coming out, i may reconsider. BIG SCREEN FTW!) and still have my good ol' lite that i got last year, i think it is pretty awesome as well!

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