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DSi XL Footage For Your Viewing Pleasure

Posted by Jamie Giggs

See the monster handheld rolling

The Nintendo DSi XL (known as the Nintendo DSi LL in Japan) is the newest edition in the DS family and is slated for release in Japan on November 21st 2009.

Europe and North America are to follow in the first quarter of 2010, with pricing still to be confirmed.

The new console - which is essentially a bigger version of the DSi - hasn't had the best of receptions, with some people questioning its rather large size, but now you can judge for yourself by seeing it in action:

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Golgo said:

Mods, there's a problem with the title of this article. The word 'pleasure' should be omitted.



0-Watt said:

Hey, I have larger hands, and I like bigger screens. Sounds like I might get my hands on this one.



deejrandom said:

I like the fact that Nintendo is actually bringing out a device that older people can play comfortably. I know that people are saying "Nintendo, double u Tee eff?" but they have older people as an audience. Plus I am not older, but I want one (My ds lite is...well I need a new ds.) It is cool, you know? This may be the console that grandma can play, but it is awesome someone is thinking of grandma.



Zyzzybalubah said:

Yeah, I wasn't fooled when they came out with the ds lite or the dsi... I still have my original ds, so until that dies or they come out with dsi exclusive games, I'm holding tight.



legochesser said:

Lol, how should TRackMAnia DS look like on the DSi XL, on the original DSi it already looked better!



King_Elemento said:

If it were coming out over here before Christmas, I'd consider getting one. The resolution doesn't actually look too terrible, but seeing as I prefer playing portable games in the car/bus/etc to resting it on a desk, or holding it just above one, and that I'd like a new DS ASAP, I doubt I'll bother waiting unless they announce some drastic new feature before December comes.



Shiryu said:

They already got our women, now Nintendo is going after our grandparents. This new DS is defintely not for me, but makes perfect sense for the elderly. Expanding even more the audience, I sense... the future will show if this was a good plan or not.



Machu said:

That's one chunky DS, woah. The stylus though, is pure fail, it doesn't even slot inside the DS.



JamieO said:

I'm sold by the massive screens and the anticipated drop in image quality does not look too bad, although it is hard to tell from a video. Thanks for the news and video Jamie.



Ren said:

You complainers are seriously just envious. I think it looks great and the resolution is fine. Also the suggestion that this is for "the elderly" is ridiculous. It's not like it's a large print version or something. It's really not that much bigger. There are just too many great/ long form games on DS to treat it as only a portable system, so for those who love to play it for it's games and the touchscreen functionality, but just want the option of taking it along somewhere this is perfect. I'm sold, and having the bigger screens really makes this a must have over the last two iterations for me. It's gonna be great to play some Grand Theft; Chinatown on this.



Machu said:

I'm not envious. I bought the phat, then the lite, then the i, but wont be getting this. I'd much rather see Wiiv2 than DSv4 tis all. Seems a bit unnecessary, unless you're an old git of course.

I look forward to the DS micro.



Noire said:

coughold peoplecough

Sorry, I have a cold, and this piece seemed the best place to let it out.



sonic_brawler95 said:

Eh, I'm definally not envious, I just see it as a bigger version for older people, or people who just want a bigger screen. I'm not getting one since I love my DSi since it first came out, all my Dsiware will be lost, don't have the money, and I'm not all that intrested in this. I'll only buy one if my DSi is absolutly nonplayable/broken. I'm not dissing the DSi XL because I admit it does look beautiful in that Wine Red color.




It actually looks quite good IMHO but I cant justify spending my money on that. Its advantages are not enough for me at all.



V8_Ninja said:

Looks like the screen doesn't add borders to normal DS games, so I'm in on the buying train (if Nintendo doesn't announce another DSi model in the next 3 months, which they might and probably will ).



motang said:

I saw the video last week, it looks like a bigger sumo brother of the smaller business DSi. Lame analogy yeah I know.



AVahne said:

looks perfect for me, less likely to slip in my hands and i just like bigger screens



Stuffgamer1 said:

Wow, that was a stupidly short and poorly filmed clip (for the purposes of seeing the machine in action, which I don't think was the original intent of the video in the first place). Anyway, I'm still perfectly happy with my regular DSi in sleek black.



BlueBandanaJake said:

Well, I've got big hands, maybe this is for me? I'll only get it if they atleast release it in a different color (navy please).



cheetahman91 said:

Dang that thing is huge! I wonder if it's bigger than the Game Gear. You talk about a real beast there.



Raylax said:

Envious? God no. I like my portable consoles to be, y'know, portable. Or maybe I'm just strange to not have giant clown-trouser pockets to put it in.
Nice of the trailer to put the DS at dumb angles so it's hard to see if the graphics look stretched. Or indeed much of the graphics at all. But that castle in the background does look rather pixel-y around the edges.



CH405K1N6 said:

Oh come on, I already have the DSi. Unless this one has a Virtual Handheld, I may consider it. Other than that, no.



SmaMan said:

What is everyone talking about? It looks about the same size of the DS Phat. (of which I am still a proud owner of) I still think this is a little too soon bring out. It's almost what SEGA did with the 32X and the Saturn, because now I know not to pick up a DSi this Christmas and instead wait for the bigger and (in my opinion) better console.



Pastry said:

I was hoping that they would add Gameboy compatibility back on. I'll stick w/ my original DSi.



CH405K1N6 said:

@SmaMan: Very good observation... the same stupid mistake SEGA made. Ninty thinks everyone's going to buy this right after buying a DSi. Besides, the stylus is too large and PORTABLE CONSOLES SHOULD BE PORTABLE. * angry emoticon RAGE *



SmaMan said:

I for one am all for large styluses. I used one that was ballpoint pen sized with my DS Phat. And as I mentioned before, it just looks bigger since we're used to seeing the DS Lite and DSi. To me, it looks about the same size as the original DS, and thus I shouldn't have to buy a new carrying case.
That being said, I would like to see a size comparison of all four to be sure.



mjc0961 said:

Still not interested Nintendo.

Also, lol at whoever touted this as being a better solution for on the go gaming than a regular DSi. This thing is going to take as much flak as the PSP X000 series for being so bulky. It's a "play at home" machine.



Teodoro said:

I see no purpose for a bigger DSi. The small one works just fine for me. Also like stated in another post, A bigger screen might mean chunky graphics. You already see pixels in games like call of duty 4 and 5 in the explosions.



g-silent007 said:

I agree, this is not enough for me to upgrade my DS. I still have not gotten a DSi yet, butI will just get the normal one. I konw this is for older people but I can't help but say this is to combat the PSP Go



Ren said:

Thanks Toddr, that shows some better pics.
It really does seem about the same size as the phat clamshell, which is what I still have and is very much portable, just a lot more ugly. perfect for me. I'm sold.
(though I can see the appeal of the other very dinky ones that fit in any pocket, the phat one is hefty for most slacks, but fine for a winter coat)



Token_Girl said:

That is way to big for me. The video quality doesn't look that bad, but it's hard to tell for sure with a youtube video. Definitely not bad enough to make it not worth it for someone who has any trouble with smaller screens though. Not for me, but certainly good for some.



SmaMan said:

Perhaps this is the DS upgrade meant for all those who still have the DS Phat like me. I still don't see what's wrong with its size, and that's probably because I still have one and am used to it.

And yes, the DS Phat is very portable, so should this be.




No problem with the size for me, its justifying the purchase. Why didn't they do all this with the original DSi or at least have it as one of the options back when it was released? (ie. XL and regular)



JimLad said:

It sucks how they didn't plan two versions earlier, but that's them trying to stay ahead of the curve for you.
There are people who will find use in this though. I don't really travel with my DS, so the extra size doesn't put me off that much. Even so, it's still pretty portable, remember how big the Game Gear was? or the original Game Boy for that matter? people still took them everywhere.
I'm still waiting for DSiware to really grab my attention before I trade up my lite anyway, by then the DS2 might have been announced. If not, I'll be grabbing one of these as it'll be easier on my eyes.
(I just hope they change the colour)



SmaMan said:

I don't remember where I read this, but I think a few colors have been announced, the one pictured is caled wine-red or something. I predict we'll see a white/gray-ish one as well. (Vodka-white perhaps? lol)

Sure, as portable systems go its a step back in portability, but I think this would still work out in that regard. Now if only they would have waited a bit longer... that is the main problem they'll have to deal with.



Ren said:

JimLad makes a good point.
I'm not bothered by the size; I mean let be realistic; The advent of the portable gaming boom was never really much about the size of the systems that are portable, at least not for us gamers. How many of you same whiners packed up your Wii and took it to peoples houses when you first got it? The point of portable is having a fully self contained system; screens/audio/LONG BATTERY LIFE/long, full games all that you can take along easily somewhere, even if not neccessarily in your shirt breast pocket. We're not eagerly waiting for the next Zelda game on DS because we can pass the time on the bus with it for 15 minutes, it because it's the next FREAKING ZELDA! We want to sit at home and pour over every castle for hours. I'm very happy I can do that in pajamas in bed with hot chocolate, and soon with good sized screens.

Anyway I'm just defensive, since I still have a Phat DS and this looks the same size; I've been so happy with it and never considered it too big to take anywhere, but always wished for bigger screens.



Toddr said:


Just so you know, they have this reddish colour, brown and white so far. Not just this ugly colour. I just hope they release it in blue like the DSi.



nintendo_kid said:

*yawn*i meen come on its just the same thing as nintendo did with dsphat to dslite.unless the browser can support flash and sound then i mite consider getting it.or maybe they could bring back the gba slot atleast.



robbob88 said:

Just a little to big for my liking. I think that DSi is the perfect size and this XL version should probably be the last re design before the succesor to the DS platform.

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