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DS XL Promo Footage Shows Off Generous Proportions, Family-friendly Nature

Posted by Damien McFerran

Fun for the entire family

The DS XL - known as the DS LL in Japan - is something of a monster. Want proof? Check out this official promotional video, which has been released by Nintendo to advertise the impending Japanese launch of the console.

The footage shows an almost unbearably happy Japanese family fawning over their new DS LL, and gives a good impression of just how chunky the new console is. It also shows the dimensions of the new stylus.

The new handheld comes out over there next week, so if you're planning to import then you'd better get your skates on. The Western release is expected early next year.

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y2josh said:

If I were to get a DSi it would be this one since I do have problems with my vision, but I still see no point in an upgrade.



Raylax said:

Good god it's even more enormous than it looked beforehand. I still don't understand the point of this.



TrueWiiMaster said:

My biggest worry is just its weight. Holding the original DS the wrong way has made my hands fall asleep, and this things even heavier.
Then there's the question of how old DS games will play on it. Does anyone know how that will work? Will it just stretch the picture like the GBA to GB games?



Villain said:

Old DS games...well, all DS games will be stretched to fit. New DS games won't be larger widescreen if that's what you ask.

It don't look too bad, though. A little more pixelated, but larger and nice...



CptRoboto said:

This will be something we remember 5 years later with phrases like, "Oh Yeah, I remember the XL. I forgot all about that thing."



edhe said:

Nachiyaru Houito. Huin Reddo. Daako Buraun. Such exciting colours.



firecookie29 said:

wow. it does like cooler, but my original DSi is better. LL has better battery life but portable game systems, in my opinion, should be "portable". Not a hunk of cheese in your pocket. not to be mean to anyone that likes it. it's still cool though. if I got one, it would be the brown one.



Ristar42 said:

Re: the promo itself, I dig the music and the family are no where near as creepily happy as the squeaky clean project Natal one in their conveniently cavernous living space...
I think this is a cool variation on the DS, if its easier for some older people to use (clearly the implication here) that's a good thing.
Much of Nintys new success has resulted from its focus on inclusive approaches to gaming, after all.



ioioi210 said:

Hm, i don't want this the same reason I don't want a psp, portability...
Plus..... I already have a dsi xD



LztheQuack said:

As long as it's not as big as the original game boy, it should fit into my pocket



Corbs said:

Then there's the question of how old DS games will play on it. Does anyone know how that will work? Will it just stretch the picture like the GBA to GB games?

They both use exactly the same resolution. There will be no stretching or letter-boxing. The pixels are just a tiny bit larger.



PHANTOM93 said:

Does anyone know if Ninty is going to give the people who go online with the XL within the first few months after its launch the free 1000 points for shop channel like with the regular DSi? If they do, i'll definetly be getting one because my DS Phat is literally falling apart! (seriously, the hinges broke off, so now it's being held together with an industrial strength paper clip and lots of super glue)



MarkyVigoroth said:

To quote Neku, "!?Estás zumbad[o]!?"% (or is the term "arrebatao"?) That thing is too big for my tastes!

% = What did Neku said after Shiki told Neku to take off his pants (in order to fix his button)?




My mom once grabbed my DSi to use the Internet channel, and told me she could not see well with the small screen.

Im pretty sure this is aimed at people with not so good eye sight, specifically the older ones. I wont be getting it, but its not a bad idea. Its an OPTION, just because Nintendo releases it, doesnt mean you HAVE to buy it



sonic_brawler95 said:

Oh, that must be the dictionary program they are playing. >_>

I like that Wine Red color, but I'm sticking with my DSi. Plus, is it just me or does it look like the LL has the glossy finish instead of the matte?

I read somewhere that Iwata said it was also for people crowded around the screen to be more part of the experience, or something like that. I mean, look at the trailer, they are all crowded around as a family. Its also most likely for older gamers, those with bad eyesight, people who want a bigger screen, and I guess so people have more options to choose from.



Ren said:

I'll get one sometime. I like the big screen but overall I don't think it's too big to annoy me. My big ol' clamshell is actually still fine but the oldest browser sucks, I don't use the GBA slot for anything and the shoulder buttons are starting to stick a little. This is a perfect upgrade for me.



JimLad said:

@17 hahaha that should totally be the colour name!
They should call them...
Red Wine
White Wine
Smart Shoes



Belgicario said:

Oh God, it's huge! I don't get the point of this... what's wrong with the original DSi? :S
@Angelic Lapras King
If it isn't to heavy for her...



Dred said:

It's like a netbook. This takes me back to the good old days of the phat DS, that thing was a frickin tank! Oh wait I still have it and i've dropped it at least 20 times.



Jacob said:

By the looks of it, it comes with The DSi web browser, Flipnote Studio, Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters, Brain Age: Math, and a Japan-only title, Meikyou Kokugo Rakubiki Jiten. But can you get the downloaded games from your DSi to the DSi XL? Other than that, I'm most likely still not buying it.

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