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Christmas Clix Coming November 30th

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Christmas comes early!

You might remember that we recently reported that JV Games' new holiday puzzler Christmas Clix would be hitting the North American WiiWare service on December 7th. Well there's been a change of plans.

JV Games today announced that Nintendo has bumped up the release of Christmas Clix one week to November 30th in North America.

JV Games Inc. is pleased to announce that Christmas Clix, rated “E” for everyone, will be available on WiiWareTM Nov 30th.

Christmas doesn't have to be all work for Santa does it? Santa's having some fun and wants you to play along too! While Santa magically stacks the Christmas presents, it's your job to remove the presents and decorate the Christmas tree.

Christmas Clix is a casual family friendly game for the Nintendo WiiTM system.

The goal of Christmas Clix is to quickly remove the colored presents and ornaments that Santa stacks by clicking on the same colored presents. As you remove the presents, candy canes and gold coins will fall. Collect enough candy canes and Santa will send you a power-up to help you clear the level. Collect enough gold coins and Santa will send you a toy soldier that unlocks a mini-game.

Christmas Clix features 100 levels of fast-paced and progressive Christmas fun with 10 un-lockable mini games.

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We'll have more information on Christmas Clix as it becomes available, as well as a full review of the game when it hits the WiiWare service on November 30th. We'll also try to have an interview up with JV Games about the title as soon as possible.

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moomoo said:

If JV games fails at making a match-three puzzle game, they are the biggest failure of a company since data design interactive. They've already made some of the biggest abominations to the service, Incoming! and Pong Toss, so I'll keep my expectations really low.



Mario_maniac said:

Meanwhile, PAL gamers get to look forward to Happy Holidays: Christmas on December 4. That's what the Nintendo Channel is saying, anyway. What an awesome birthday release for me. >_>



argus said:

From the video, it looks like this game was put together reasonably well. I'm not really into holiday games, but they could do alright with this if it's 500 points.



Hardy83 said:

"they are the biggest failure of a company since data design interactiv"

Not even REMOTELY close. Even if this games are bad, they are budget games that are 10 bucks or less, they do not compare at all to games that were prices at 30 dollars for and hour or broken gaming.



Corbs said:

I think Christmas Clix looks really cool and I personally can't wait to try it out.



Strofan7 said:

i think it looks like $5, not $8. if its priced well then i will probably give this a shot. im a sucker for christmas haha



Bigby said:

I think this looks pretty cute, im going to give it shot. It's right up my family's ally
I wonder if it has Multi-player?



Sean_Aaron said:

I'm not a very xmassy person, but this actually might not be that Corbie volunteering for the review I hear?



vakama94 said:

well, this sure looks better than incoming!, and has a little more options, i might try this out but i think i wll need a review



Percentful said:

I won't get this, because after the holiday season, im not going to play a Christmas games-I'm going to play the games I got on Christmas. Besides, not my kinda game.



blockhead said:

i get offended when people say "X"mas (glares at TURKEY brutus and Sean)

ONTOPIC: I bet any body that this turns out worse than Pong Toss and Incoming! combined



Corbs said:

Some people do not celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday. We have to accommodate everyone.



cheetahman91 said:

With this and Copter Crisis coming out the same day, next weeks gonna suuuuuuck... Nicalis, please come in and save WW from disaster next week.



WiiCool said:

jeesh people..where's your Christmas spirit! This looks like a perfect game for the Holidaze. It's no Mario, but it looks very fun and all sugar coated. Assuming price is right, I'm all over this for the Holidays. I'll probably have this running right up to New Years. Bring on the flames, but I just purchased pong toss and it's not half as bad as some of you suggest. (ducking head..)



coolman2010 said:

im designing a bord game for christmas and i have a company who says if its any good they said they'd make it a game

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